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Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy 3S is a GSM phone that is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G Networks. It can operate on GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 2G networks, HSDPA 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 3G networks and on LTE 700 / 1700 4G networks. Here are the complete Samsung Galaxy 3S specs.

Hardware and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy 3S weighs about 133 grams or 4.69 oz. It measures 136.6 mm by 70.6 mm by 8.6 mm. It sports a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch-screen with support for 16M colors. The 4.8 inches display has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, pegging its pixel density at 306 ppi. The display supports multi-touch and has a protective casing of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Applications and Software

Samsung Galaxy 3S offers vibration alerts, MP3 and WAV ringtones, a loudspeaker, a universal 3.5 mm jack, has a memory card slot offering a capacity of up to 64 GB. There is an internal memory of 32 GB and 2 GB RAM. You get Class 12 GPRS (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps, and Class 12 EDGE. On HSDPA connections, you can get a speed of up to 42 Mbps. You also get WLAN connectivity, Bluetooth v4.0, a microUSB v2.0 port and NFC.

Features and Functionality

Samsung Galaxy 3S has a primary 8 MP camera with autofocus, geo tagging, LED flash, touch focus, image stabilization and face and smile detection. The camera can record videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second. The camera is capable of simultaneous HD video and image recording. There is also a secondary 1.9 MP camera as well that can record videos too at 720p at 30 frames per second.

Samsung Galaxy 3S is powered by Android OS, v4.3. Inside, there is a Samsung Exynos 4 chipset, a quad core 1400 MHz Cortex-A9 processor and an ARM Mali-400/MP4 graphics accelerator. The phone has gyro sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, a barometer and a compass. You get all forms of messaging and mails, HTML browsing, Adobe Flash, GPS and JAVA but no radio.

Samsung Galaxy 3S supports all formats of audio and video playbacks, organizer tools and accessories. Samsung Galaxy 3S has a Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery that offers up to 830 hours of standby on 2G and 22.50 hours of talk-time on 2G connections. It offers up to 770 hours of standby and 11.60 hours of talk-time on 3G. Samsung Galaxy 3S comes with the option of wireless charging facility.

Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 is also known as Samsung SGH-I747 and Samsung Galaxy S III. Announced in June 2012, the phone was released in July 2012 and is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G Networks. Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 can operate on GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 2G Networks, HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 3G Networks and on LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 2100 4G Networks. Here are the complete Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 specs.

Hardware and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 weighs about 134 grams or 4.73 oz and measures 136.6 mm by 70.6 mm by 8.6 mm. It sports a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch-screen with support for 16M colours. The 4.8 inches display has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, pegging its pixel density at 306 ppi. The display supports multi-touch and has a protective casing of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 offers vibration alerts, MP3 and WAV ringtones, a loudspeaker, a universal 3.5 mm jack, has a memory card slot offering a capacity of up to 64 GB. There is an internal memory of 16 GB and 2 GB RAM. You get Class 12 GPRS (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps, and Class 12 EDGE. On HSDPA connections, you can get a speed of up to 21 Mbps and on HSUPA connections you would get about 5.76 Mbps. You also get WLAN connectivity, Bluetooth v4.0, a microUSB v2.0 port and NFC.


Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 has a primary 8 MP camera with autofocus, geo tagging, LED flash, touch focus, image stabilisation and face and smile detection. The camera can record videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second. The camera is capable of simultaneous HD video and image recording. There is also a secondary 1.9 MP camera as well that can record videos too at 720p at 30 frames per second.

Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 is powered by Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which you can upgrade from and get Android v4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Inside, there is a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset, a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and an Adreno 225 graphics accelerator. The phone has gyro sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, a barometer and a compass. You get all forms of messaging and mails, HTML browsing, Adobe Flash, GPS and JAVA but no radio.

Available in garnet red, pebble blue and marble white, Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 supports all formats of audio and video playbacks, has S-Voice natural language commands and dictation, smart stay eye tracking and 50 GB of Dropbox cloud storage.

Samsung Galaxy S3 I747 has a Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery that offers up to 300 hours of standby on 3G, up to 8 hours of talk-time on 2G and 3G.

If you’re looking over the Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 review, you’re going to notice something very interesting. Regardless of which provider you’re dealing with, it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent phone overall.

Exploring the Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

However, as anyone who has used this phone in the past will tell you, it’s simply not enough to call the device excellent and leave the matter at that. You’re going to want to know absolutely everything there is to know about a device that has gotten a number of strong reviews, a few middle-of-the-road reviews, and a small number of extremely negative reviews. The Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 review can give you a pretty strong indication of what you can expect.

A Look At The Samsung Galaxy S3

Engadget gives you the ability to read up on the particulars of the Samsung Galaxy S3 for each provider offering the device. Even so, if you’re looking at an overall review of the device, here are some of the facts you’re going to come across:

1. The AMOLED display for this particular device is absolutely stunning. Whether you’re simply texting a friend, watching a video on YouTube, or getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix, you’re going to get a crisp, beautifully vivid display every single time.

2. The processor for this thing is an absolute powerhouse. Android 4 technologies ensure you’re going to be able to do just about anything you need this phone to do. Surfing the internet is going to be a joy, uploading content from your phone to the internet will be a breeze, and taking advantage of the various apps that are available for the device isn’t going to be a problem in the least. It’s true that there is a ton of competition on the Android market, but if you’re someone who is obsessed with processors, then this is still worth a serious look.

3. The MicroSD slot gives you a definitive level of flexibility with the use of this device. The odds of having to ever worry about always having the storage capabilities you need to be comfortable are extremely slim.

4. The battery is pretty darn impressive. Long battery life is generally at the top of the list (or near to the top of the list) for anyone who finds themselves in the position of having to shop around for a new smartphone. On that front, regardless of which provider you’re purchasing the phone from, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a winner. You can of course optimize your battery potential by making sure you’re not running too many apps in the background, but if you’re someone for whom that is impossible, the Galaxy S3 from Samsung seems to understand your position. Even when it’s running a few different apps at once, this device is still going to have the ability to maintain its charge for an impressively long time. Keep a wireless charger and AC charger around all the same.

It’s easy to see why the majority of the reviews for this product have been extremely encouraging. There are going to be a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind though:

1. The camera has been getting a good deal of positive attention from critics and users on Engadget and elsewhere. The reason for that is simple, and all you have to do is look through some of the sample pictures that were taken with the device. The quality of the shots is truly going to take your breath away. With considerable storage space to back you up, you’ll be able to hold on to tons and tons of photos. The videos you’re going to be able to make are going to be extremely impressive, as well.

2. Lightweight and thin, this smartphone is easy to hold, easy to carry, and quite easy to use. Even first-time smartphone users have been raving about the ease-of-use that comes with this product.

3. Is the design too safe? Engadget seems to think so. When compared with similar devices that are currently on the market right now, the consensus from this publication seems to be that Samsung made a serious mistake by sticking to something that’s been proven to work in the past. You may find as you use the phone that you disagree. However, if you’re the kind of person who craves a change of scenery, then you may want to look elsewhere.

4. Some people absolutely can’t stand the TouchWiz interface. They find that it adds a lot of unnecessary touches to something that has a lot of promising features. If you’re a newcomer to this sort of phone, then you’re going to be fine. If you’ve had mixed feelings about TouchWiz in the past, then you’ll want to move on.

In Conclusion

Is this the best device of its kind on the market? No, but it’s good.

More and more units of mobile phones are being introduced these days. While increasing in number, many of the newly introduced contain more advanced features that will surely interest everyone wanting to have a handy innovative device at hand. Preferably, one of these devices may include the ever advanced Samsung Galaxy S3.

Through the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has once again done it. For the 3rd consecutive year, the flagship of Galaxy phone is the tidy package for top-flights specifications, steady performance, compelling pricing, and approachable design. Starting its sales introduction with 5 carriers, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, the US Cellular, Sprint, and Verizon, enables the Galaxy S3 almost ubiquitous. The aggressive distribution approach of Samsung provides it the leg up against its major Android rival, which is the HTC One X. With all of these, Samsung S III became a huge item among many users.

However, even with such a huge debut in the market, there are some users who are making some complaints about the battery life of the unit. This has been the recent issue you might have heard involving the much shorter life of battery as compared to what users have expected. Even though Samsung has already promised to make an update for fixing the issue, there are still some users who are suffering and searching for a way to fix the battery problems of their Galaxy S3.

With this arising issue, there are more and more users who are asking the same question of, why does the battery drain fast? If you feel really intimidated for seeing the fast draining of your Samsung Galaxy S3, it could be due to the entire applications that you have installed. It is true that the applications you have installed on your phone can be the same reason for the fast draining of your phone even the ones you are not using.

The Explanation

Apps turn on certain parts of your phone. These parts may include the camera, the processor, or the GPS. They normally turn on when the phone need them, which is just normal. However, through digging into the apps’ code, it has been found out that they involve the so called “no sleep energy bugs. These are the mistakes within the program, which fail to have the components turned off once they are through. Different from computers that are usually plugged in at most times “awake”, a Smartphone like the Galaxy S3 try to be in the “sleep” mode, whenever possible, so as to save quality battery life. However, those buggy applications fall short the purpose.

The different applications that you have downloaded are not just the culprits. There are many of them that are being a part of the operating system that may be overtaxing your hardware. These known culprits may include the usual email program, the backup service of Android, Google Maps and, sardonically, the power manager, which is meant to save its battery life. Even the pre-installed Facebook application has also been considered to overuse the battery life of the phone.

Few of your downloads on the phone can also be the culprits to the dwindling battery life. For example, the K9Mail, a well known option to the integrated email client, may also overuse the battery. Anecdotally, it has been evident that such Android devices normally drain more life of their battery because of the issues mentioned above. Further than bugs, a lot of users are not aware when manifold programs or apps are running. Hence, they are having their phones drained.

You may find out this pretty easily. You only need to go to your Android phone’s home screen, click on the menu button and then go to the Settings. From its Menu, click on Applications and then Manage Applications. Lastly, click on the Running button that is located at the top part of the screen. You will view what is running and the ones you probably do not require. You may kill the application by clicking on it and by choosing Force Stop.

Other Ways to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S3’s Battery Life Issues

Another main cause for fast draining on your battery is the continuous utilization of Location Services feature on the phone. These location services allow particular Samsung apps such as Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weather, and more for tracking down your present location through accessing the phone’s GPS. The utilization of GPS needs a bit level of power. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the feature only for the Location Services to selected applications that you really use.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also be the other reasons for the fast draining of your Samsung S3. Similar with the GPS feature, both of the features also consume a significant amount of power so as to properly function. That is why it is suggested to turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi each time you are through using them to save more battery for your phone.

The brightness of the phone’s screen can also be another reason you may want to consider. If you are setting the brightness of your phone’s screen at its maximum all the time, you are then in a big problem with your battery life. The phone’s primary touchscreen panel is also the primary consumer of the battery of your device. Therefore, if you have set the brightness of your screen manually, you will then need to set it in the mid-level brightness once possible. More suggestively, you may also apply the integrated “Auto Brightness” feature of your phone. This feature adjusts the brightness of your screen automatically depending on the light source of the surrounding. For turning it on, simply go to Settings, go to Brightness and Wallpaper, and then turn on the option for “Auto Brightness”.

By considering these tips, you should be able to make the most of your phone’s battery life. Actually, the life of your phone’s battery greatly depends on the way you use it. This is also true with your Samsung Galaxy S3, so make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 provides advanced 4 layers protection to your mobile device. According to Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 review, the product has reinforced corners protection and button and integrated port covers. It includes a lay-on-table feature that protects the screen from touching the surface when laid on a flat surface such as on a table. In addition, the rigid screen protection protects your mobile device from impact and is replaceable.

Design and Features

The Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 features an irreplaceable screen that protects the phone that sits inside it. Also, there is an inner soft silicone skin that provides protection to your phone from shock and vibration. It absorbs shock and vibration to keep your phone safe. The outer exoskeleton of the case is made with a polycarbonate, holding everything in one piece.

The soft silicon skin inside the case has large bumpers placed on the corners protecting your precious phone from damage due to the hard impacts. Even if you drop your phone from the highest place, it will not break. In fact, Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 review claims that the case offers the best protection for a mobile phone available. The case does not have angles that would harm your phone when you have accidentally dropped it with the case Ballistic case installed.

The case is designed to provide protection to the ports of your phone, keeping them covered and away from dust and dirt. But, not all openings of your phone are protected. The camera and home button are left open. The makers of the case left these ports open for easy access of such features of your phone.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Installation

Installation of Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 is a breeze. You can install in on your phone is just a couple of minutes. Before you install it, see to it that you clean your phone particularly the screen. To install it, you have to place the replaceable silicon skin on top of your phone’s screen first. After the silicone skin has been installed properly, place the polycarbonate exoskeleton at the top of it, and you’re done.

During your installation, you will discover that the front of Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 has a slight ridge. This design is for the purpose of protecting your phone’s screen against the surface that would otherwise scratch your phone from placing it on surface face down.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review: Pros

The Ballistic case Galaxy S3 is the latest smartphone protection that offers four layers of impact protection to extend the life of your mobile device. The biggest issue these days is that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger and putting a case in your precious phone can make it look even bigger. Another issue is the cost of your phone is the cost. Basically, you would not want to left your phone uncovered and exposed to risk of scratch, especially if it’s made with a plastic material that could break easily even from the slightest drop. This situation leaves you no choice but to have your phone protected with a case.

Based on Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review, the product is not the prettiest cell phone case that you can find for your phone. However, the product is designed provides premier protection to your precious phone and gives you the end of comfort when you drop your phone. No matter how hard you drop your phone, it will remain unharmed.

Although the Ballistic case may make your phone a lot bigger, it can add beauty to your already pleasing to look at Samsung S3 mobile phone. Besides, the case is available in five different colors including black, hot pink, cobalt, white, and charcoal. These color choices offer you the opportunity to choose the case that you feel best suits you.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Cons

If you read Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review, you will discover that the device has slight imperfections. This is quite normal as there is no product that is 100% perfect. The edges of the phone tend to become shiny quickly or wear easily. However, this has nothing to do with the protection that it can provide to your precious mobile phone.

Also, the case has left some ports of your phone exposed. This means that the Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 is not waterproof, so do not try to use your phone in rain.


People may think that their mobile phones are safe in their pockets, but that’s not actually the case. At some instances, the screen of your phone might break if you accidentally sit on it, or pressed it. The ballistic case will provide your phone with optimum protection against breakage due to hard impact and pressure. This smartphone case is the latest in the line of Samsun case that is not just durable, but also affordable.

One of the most useful inventions is the mobile phone. The development of useful and productive mobile phones is a part of the continuous innovation of the modern technology. Modern technology serves as the best way so that many people can enjoy all the good things and a comfortable life. Many people use mobile phones for communication purposes and many more. Mobile phones play a vital role in the lives of the people.

Samsung is one the most popular brands of mobile phones. Many people love Samsung phones because of its good features and efficiency. To buy a Samsung phone is a very smart choice that you can take. It is important that you make sure that the phone that you will buy can meet and satisfy your demand. Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed one of the most popular Samsung models. Looking for the best mobile phone is very important so that you can obtain the best mobile phone suitable for your needs and wants.

Some Samsung S3 users want to unfreeze it because of some circumstances. You can relatively unfreeze your phone through using some ways. Unfreezing your Samsung Galaxy S3 is very easy as ling you know how to do it. If you do not know how to unfreeze it then you can consult your service provider to help you unfreeze Galaxy S3. Here are the 3 methods that you can do to unfreeze it.

Method 1

1. Contact or consult your Network provider and request for the unfreeze code. There are some network providers who do not give unfreezing code until the contract is over or until a certain period of time. If your network provider cannot give you the unfreeze code then you can use this method to be able to unfreeze your phone. Some carriers and network providers might to unfreeze your phone if you are planning to go abroad.
2. Insert or enter a SIM card from a network that does not work with your Samsung Galaxy S3.
3. Switch on or power on your Galaxy S3. After opening it will ask for the unfreeze code of your phone.
4. Enter the unfreeze code. Once you enter the unfreeze code your device will begin to obtain service for your new provider. If you currently do not have service yet you can contact your provider and you must check the reception of your current area.

Method 2: Unfreezing without Approval of Carrier

1. Update your Samsung Galaxy 3- Probably your phone is running Android 4.1.1. It is important that your phone is running with Android 4.1.1 so that this method will work. You can view or check your device’s version by means of opening the Settings, scrolling the bottom and selecting About Device. You can also look for the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy S3 to find the version of your phone. To update the version of your phone, you need open the settings and scroll down the About Device. Choose the updates of the system and then check for it. Samsung Galaxy S3 will attempt to update through the network.
2. The next step is the opening of dialer. To open the dialer you need to obtain the code in the dialer to open the menu. Once the dialer is ready you can now enter the following code.
3. Choose the UMTS. Once you open the code, your phone Samsung Galaxy will automatically open the menu of the Service. Tap the selection of the menu of your screen to choose.
4. Opening the DEBUG Menu. To open the Debug, you need to choose the Debug screen. Choose the phone control and then select the network freeze.
5. Choose to off the Perso
6. Wait for the reboot system of your phone.
7. Insert the new sim card. You need to make sure that the card is not from your ole network and carrier.

Method 3: Unfreezing using the Paid Website

1. Obtain the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S3 by means of dialing into your keypad. After you obtain the IMEI number something will appear in the screen of your phone. Make sure that you take note the number.
2. Look for the paid unfreeze service. There are many available online sites that offer unfreezing Samsung Galaxy S3 for free. You can also read some reviews from other customers so that you can obtain some ideas about the efficiency of the service.
3. The next step is looking for the unfreezing code to arrive. In accordance to the service, this process could take for few hours or few days. You can obtain the code through text, phone call or email.

Why Many People Love To Use Samsung Galaxy S3?

Many people love to have Samsung Galaxy because of its efficiency and functionality. Samsung is also a popular brand that is why many people love to use this mobile brand. Here are the features of Samsung Galaxy S3.

• 1GB of RAM
• NFC with S Beam
• 8MP camera without shutter lag
• Android 4.0.4 with the new version
• 1.9 front camera with face tracking system
• 136.6 x 70.6 x 133 g

Who Can Buy/Benefit From This Product?

To buy Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed a must have item that many people can use. Samsung Galaxy S3 contains features that can definitely meet and satisfy the need of the people for a useful cellular phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 is also a versatile phone that many people can use not just for communication purposes but as well for other purposes. People who love gadgets can also buy Samsung Galaxy S3. Gadget and devices lovers can also buy this item.

It is also a good item as a gift. Given all the features and good quality of Samsung Galaxy S3, many people would definitely love to have this type of device. People who are also looking for the best gift that they buy then Samsung Galaxy S3 can relatively be a perfect gift that you can buy for people who also love gadgets and devices.

People today love to do things in the easiest way to make use of their time wisely. Cellular phone has been the most important invention of humanity; communicating with other people is being done efficiently without any hustle about time constraints. The quality and the features of the cellular phone to be purchase should be taken into consideration since the use of this can be best satisfied with how effective the product is.

Samsung has been the favorite brand of cellular phone to all parts of the globe. The quality and features of the product has been proven of becoming the best. The selection of the product to be acquired is the most important thing that should never be disregarded if the person wanted to make the most of it. It is always the feature of the phone unit to tell how effective and efficient it will be.


Samsung Galaxy s111 has a dimension of 136.6 x 70 x 8.6 mm. the total weight of this unit is n133 grams. It has been released to the commercial market and being sold to the customers since May 2012. It has 2G Network that comes from 850/900/1800/1900 global system for mobile communication. As a modernized phone unit of Samsung it has 850/900/1900/2100 high speed downlink packet access because of its 3G Network. It has a micro-Sim slot. One of its best features is its Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen that displays 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches or 306 ppi pixel densities. To ensure maximum satisfaction of the phone owner there is a 3.5 mm jack that enables them to listen to their favorite music. With it’s built in speaker and alerts types like for MP3 and WAV ringtones. There is also a card slot for micro SD which can be up to 64 gigabytes and with an internal memory of 1 gigabyte random access memory. The data speed is 21 Mbps for HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps for HSUPA. WLAN connectivity is to be enjoyed because of the WI-FI connection and WI-FI hotspot application. The GPRS is never a thing to be worried of because it is at the class 12 with 32 – 48 kbps. With its ready to use Bluetooth application one is able to connect with other phones and made the transfer or receiving of files and applications easier. There is also a USB hub on the phone so that it can be directly connected to computers is needed.


The available colors of Samsung Galaxy S111 are pebble blue, marble white, amber brown, garnet brown, garnet red, sapphire black, titanium gray and la fleur. The lithium ion battery of Samsung Galaxy S111 is able to last up to 21 hours and 40 minutes talk time for 2G and 11 hours and 40 minutes for 3G Network.


The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S111 has 8 mega pixels with auto focus, LED flash and check quality to ensure that every photo to be taken will be considered as the best shoot. Photos and videos to be taken will be ensured of a high quality definition and screen resolutions. It is an android OS of v4.0.4 known as Ice Cream and 4.3 being known as Jelly Bean. One can also enjoy listening to their favorite radio stations.

Many gadgets are considered as manifestations of the modern technology. The development in the modern technology serves as a way for many manufacturers and businessmen obtain great business ideas. The demand of the people for excellent gadgets and devices triggered many manufactures and businessmen to develop products that can satisfy the wants and needs of the people for modern gadgets. The demand of the people for new devices and gadgets are constantly changing that is why many manufacturers are continually better gadgets and devices.

Most gadgets and devices used by many people are battery operated. Batteries play a vital role to ensure the efficiency and better performance of many gadgets and devices. Battery malfunction of your Galaxy S III can relatively bring annoying experience to you while using your Samsung Galaxy S III. To optimize the performance of your Samsung S III you need to make sure that the battery of your Samsung S III is performing well. It is important that you get the best battery for your Samsung S III. Many people now prefer to use the Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy S III 7000MAH Extended Battery.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

Those people who are having problem regarding their Samsung battery S III can buy this item. The use of this extended battery is indeed a best relief for those people who want to have a better battery for their Samsung Galaxy S III unit. Those people who are looking for best gifts to buy for people who love Samsung galaxy S III this product can relatively be the best gift that you can buy.

Product Description

The Zerolemon Battery is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III 7000MAH. The Zerolemon battery is also considered as one of the highest capacity of battery. The overall component and features of Zerolemon Extended Battery are intended to provide comfort and good performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery to all the users of the item. The Zerolemon Extended Battery is full edge color Black with TPU case in one built construction to ensure the protection of the phone. The battery performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery is excellent. It can also perform 3 times better than the other extended batteries available in the market.

Product Features

1. 100% charging may take 2-3 hours

2. Excellent battery performance

3. Full edge phone’s wrap case

4. Best digital energy

5. It can fit in the case

6. Light weight extended battery


The Zerolemon Extended Battery is compatible with other devices such as Samsung S III, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, U.S Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 R530 and many more. The lightweight and heavy duty performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery can relatively allow users of phone feel comfortable while using the phone with Zerolemon Extended Battery. Two to three hours of charging can lead you to have 100% full of charge.


The only weakness of this product is that it might take you 2 to three hours before you attain 100% full charge. Before, you use your phone you must charge it 2 to three hours before using your phone.

Customer Reviews and Scorer

The Zerolemon Extended Battery obtained positive and negative feedbacks from many people who bought this item.


In general, the Zerolemon Extended Battery is a must have item for many users of Samsung phones. If you want to optimize the high performance of your phone you must see to it that the battery of your phone is heavy duty.

Net10 APN Setting is one of the best upgrades or modifications that the consumers of Samsung should apply in the features of their galaxy S3 mobile phones. This APN setting has several surprises to offer to those consumers who are interested to boost the performance of their Samsung galaxy S3 in a very efficient way. The android phone that was stated is one of the most popular Samsung devices in the market nowadays. And if the excellent features and performance of such product were successfully enhanced with the use of Net10, its consumers will never regret in the end.

Why You Should Utilize APN Settings

This APN Setting will never fail the expectations of those individuals who do not want to stick on the original factory settings of the Samsung galaxy S3 while enjoying the uses and benefits of its features. This APN setting can make such device more powerful and enjoyable to use. Its installation will be the best way to make the Samsung galaxy S3 far better than the world class mobile phones in this world at the present time. Several consumers have already tried to use this APN setting before. And all of them were very happy with the benefits that it has successfully brought in their lives.

Net10 APN Setting will be the best answer to the needs of the users of Samsung galaxy S3 who want to try something new on their mobiles phones as the time goes by. It’s very amazing and it can bring a lot of great changes in the original settings of the android device that was stated. This APN setting will never disappoint those individuals who love to change the performance of their mobile devices in a very excellent way without spending a lot of efforts and important investments.

Net10 APN Advantage

The best example of this APN Setting that the consumers of the famous Samsung galaxy S3 should try to install in their mobile phones to achieve a more excellent result is the tfdata. This Net10 APN is highly recommended to those individuals who want to transfer and share several examples of high definition photos or images on their Samsung galaxy S3 mobile phones. This APN setting has an ability to provide great entertainment and maximum satisfaction to the users of the android device from Samsung that was stated in this article. Try it now and see what makes it totally different from the other examples of APN settings that are available in the internet nowadays.

This APN Setting is one of the most popular types of APN settings in the online market nowadays. Some of its great versions are downloadable and free of charge. And its additional examples of can be downloaded also at affordable prices. The tfdata APN setting from Net10 is the best among the available options in the internet at the present. And it can never be compared to its other versions since its performance is always at the best level and far better than the other examples of this APN Setting for Samsung galaxy S3 users.

Samsung introduced in the market its latest products these past few days. And such products include the new galaxy S3 otterbox and the galaxy S3 ballistic. The stated android phones have cool designs and amazing features that can truly satisfy the demands of those individuals who do not want to waste their moneys on the products that are not quality tested. And in this article, the stated android phones will be compared for the benefit of the consumers who are interested to purchase one of it in the market these coming days and weeks.

Basic Features

The comparison between galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic can be created only with the use of its basic features. In terms of design, both android phones have excellent ratings due to the high quality materials that Samsung has successfully integrated in the production of the cases of such products. These android phones have similar colors and features which can never be found in the other brands of android phones in the market nowadays. However, some of the things that are present in the physical appearance and composition of these android phones have complicated issues that are not acceptable in the eyes of those individuals who have already tried to use it in the past.


One of the best characteristics of these products of Samsung that the consumers can compare is the size. The size of these products can be measure with the use of its dimensions: the width and the length. In terms of width, the Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is wider with its exact width measurement of 3.1 inches. The measurement of the width of galaxy S3 otterbox is only 3.0. In terms of length, the Samsung galaxy S3 otterbox is longer since it has an exact length measurement of 5.65 inches compared to the length of ballistic which is only 5.59 inches.


Some consumers claimed that these android phones are incomparable to each other in terms of quality. But what’s the main reason why the other consumers are not interested to compare galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic? According to some individuals who have already tried to purchase these two models of android phones from Samsung, both products are good yet there’s a big different in the quality of the covers. Maybe the difference is in the composition and durability.

Most of the consumers said that Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is more reliable compared to the otterbox due to its high quality cover and stylistic design. The android phone is not only reliable in terms of performance. But also, it can stay durable for several years because of its high quality case or cover which is highly resistant to scratches and damages. Some consumers gave negative feedbacks on the cover of galaxy S3 otterbox because it is very flexible and its original design can never be restore once its flexible cover has been stretched. So these are the things that the consumers need to remember always while comparing the android phones that were stated in this article. Use this set of information while reviewing the stated products to attain much better conclusions.