How to Unfreeze Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most useful inventions is the mobile phone. The development of useful and productive mobile phones is a part of the continuous innovation of the modern technology. Modern technology serves as the best way so that many people can enjoy all the good things and a comfortable life. Many people use mobile phones for communication purposes and many more. Mobile phones play a vital role in the lives of the people.

Samsung is one the most popular brands of mobile phones. Many people love Samsung phones because of its good features and efficiency. To buy a Samsung phone is a very smart choice that you can take. It is important that you make sure that the phone that you will buy can meet and satisfy your demand. Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed one of the most popular Samsung models. Looking for the best mobile phone is very important so that you can obtain the best mobile phone suitable for your needs and wants.

Some Samsung S3 users want to unfreeze it because of some circumstances. You can relatively unfreeze your phone through using some ways. Unfreezing your Samsung Galaxy S3 is very easy as ling you know how to do it. If you do not know how to unfreeze it then you can consult your service provider to help you unfreeze Galaxy S3. Here are the 3 methods that you can do to unfreeze it.

Method 1

1. Contact or consult your Network provider and request for the unfreeze code. There are some network providers who do not give unfreezing code until the contract is over or until a certain period of time. If your network provider cannot give you the unfreeze code then you can use this method to be able to unfreeze your phone. Some carriers and network providers might to unfreeze your phone if you are planning to go abroad.
2. Insert or enter a SIM card from a network that does not work with your Samsung Galaxy S3.
3. Switch on or power on your Galaxy S3. After opening it will ask for the unfreeze code of your phone.
4. Enter the unfreeze code. Once you enter the unfreeze code your device will begin to obtain service for your new provider. If you currently do not have service yet you can contact your provider and you must check the reception of your current area.

Method 2: Unfreezing without Approval of Carrier

1. Update your Samsung Galaxy 3- Probably your phone is running Android 4.1.1. It is important that your phone is running with Android 4.1.1 so that this method will work. You can view or check your device’s version by means of opening the Settings, scrolling the bottom and selecting About Device. You can also look for the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy S3 to find the version of your phone. To update the version of your phone, you need open the settings and scroll down the About Device. Choose the updates of the system and then check for it. Samsung Galaxy S3 will attempt to update through the network.
2. The next step is the opening of dialer. To open the dialer you need to obtain the code in the dialer to open the menu. Once the dialer is ready you can now enter the following code.
3. Choose the UMTS. Once you open the code, your phone Samsung Galaxy will automatically open the menu of the Service. Tap the selection of the menu of your screen to choose.
4. Opening the DEBUG Menu. To open the Debug, you need to choose the Debug screen. Choose the phone control and then select the network freeze.
5. Choose to off the Perso
6. Wait for the reboot system of your phone.
7. Insert the new sim card. You need to make sure that the card is not from your ole network and carrier.

Method 3: Unfreezing using the Paid Website

1. Obtain the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S3 by means of dialing into your keypad. After you obtain the IMEI number something will appear in the screen of your phone. Make sure that you take note the number.
2. Look for the paid unfreeze service. There are many available online sites that offer unfreezing Samsung Galaxy S3 for free. You can also read some reviews from other customers so that you can obtain some ideas about the efficiency of the service.
3. The next step is looking for the unfreezing code to arrive. In accordance to the service, this process could take for few hours or few days. You can obtain the code through text, phone call or email.

Why Many People Love To Use Samsung Galaxy S3?

Many people love to have Samsung Galaxy because of its efficiency and functionality. Samsung is also a popular brand that is why many people love to use this mobile brand. Here are the features of Samsung Galaxy S3.

• 1GB of RAM
• NFC with S Beam
• 8MP camera without shutter lag
• Android 4.0.4 with the new version
• 1.9 front camera with face tracking system
• 136.6 x 70.6 x 133 g

Who Can Buy/Benefit From This Product?

To buy Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed a must have item that many people can use. Samsung Galaxy S3 contains features that can definitely meet and satisfy the need of the people for a useful cellular phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 is also a versatile phone that many people can use not just for communication purposes but as well for other purposes. People who love gadgets can also buy Samsung Galaxy S3. Gadget and devices lovers can also buy this item.

It is also a good item as a gift. Given all the features and good quality of Samsung Galaxy S3, many people would definitely love to have this type of device. People who are also looking for the best gift that they buy then Samsung Galaxy S3 can relatively be a perfect gift that you can buy for people who also love gadgets and devices.

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