ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S iii 7000mah Extended Battery Review

Many gadgets are considered as manifestations of the modern technology. The development in the modern technology serves as a way for many manufacturers and businessmen obtain great business ideas. The demand of the people for excellent gadgets and devices triggered many manufactures and businessmen to develop products that can satisfy the wants and needs of the people for modern gadgets. The demand of the people for new devices and gadgets are constantly changing that is why many manufacturers are continually better gadgets and devices.

Most gadgets and devices used by many people are battery operated. Batteries play a vital role to ensure the efficiency and better performance of many gadgets and devices. Battery malfunction of your Galaxy S III can relatively bring annoying experience to you while using your Samsung Galaxy S III. To optimize the performance of your Samsung S III you need to make sure that the battery of your Samsung S III is performing well. It is important that you get the best battery for your Samsung S III. Many people now prefer to use the Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy S III 7000MAH Extended Battery.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

Those people who are having problem regarding their Samsung battery S III can buy this item. The use of this extended battery is indeed a best relief for those people who want to have a better battery for their Samsung Galaxy S III unit. Those people who are looking for best gifts to buy for people who love Samsung galaxy S III this product can relatively be the best gift that you can buy.

Product Description

The Zerolemon Battery is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III 7000MAH. The Zerolemon battery is also considered as one of the highest capacity of battery. The overall component and features of Zerolemon Extended Battery are intended to provide comfort and good performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery to all the users of the item. The Zerolemon Extended Battery is full edge color Black with TPU case in one built construction to ensure the protection of the phone. The battery performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery is excellent. It can also perform 3 times better than the other extended batteries available in the market.

Product Features

1. 100% charging may take 2-3 hours

2. Excellent battery performance

3. Full edge phone’s wrap case

4. Best digital energy

5. It can fit in the case

6. Light weight extended battery


The Zerolemon Extended Battery is compatible with other devices such as Samsung S III, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, U.S Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 R530 and many more. The lightweight and heavy duty performance of Zerolemon Extended Battery can relatively allow users of phone feel comfortable while using the phone with Zerolemon Extended Battery. Two to three hours of charging can lead you to have 100% full of charge.


The only weakness of this product is that it might take you 2 to three hours before you attain 100% full charge. Before, you use your phone you must charge it 2 to three hours before using your phone.

Customer Reviews and Scorer

The Zerolemon Extended Battery obtained positive and negative feedbacks from many people who bought this item.


In general, the Zerolemon Extended Battery is a must have item for many users of Samsung phones. If you want to optimize the high performance of your phone you must see to it that the battery of your phone is heavy duty.

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