Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 provides advanced 4 layers protection to your mobile device. According to Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 review, the product has reinforced corners protection and button and integrated port covers. It includes a lay-on-table feature that protects the screen from touching the surface when laid on a flat surface such as on a table. In addition, the rigid screen protection protects your mobile device from impact and is replaceable.

Design and Features

The Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 features an irreplaceable screen that protects the phone that sits inside it. Also, there is an inner soft silicone skin that provides protection to your phone from shock and vibration. It absorbs shock and vibration to keep your phone safe. The outer exoskeleton of the case is made with a polycarbonate, holding everything in one piece.

The soft silicon skin inside the case has large bumpers placed on the corners protecting your precious phone from damage due to the hard impacts. Even if you drop your phone from the highest place, it will not break. In fact, Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 review claims that the case offers the best protection for a mobile phone available. The case does not have angles that would harm your phone when you have accidentally dropped it with the case Ballistic case installed.

The case is designed to provide protection to the ports of your phone, keeping them covered and away from dust and dirt. But, not all openings of your phone are protected. The camera and home button are left open. The makers of the case left these ports open for easy access of such features of your phone.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Installation

Installation of Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 is a breeze. You can install in on your phone is just a couple of minutes. Before you install it, see to it that you clean your phone particularly the screen. To install it, you have to place the replaceable silicon skin on top of your phone’s screen first. After the silicone skin has been installed properly, place the polycarbonate exoskeleton at the top of it, and you’re done.

During your installation, you will discover that the front of Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 has a slight ridge. This design is for the purpose of protecting your phone’s screen against the surface that would otherwise scratch your phone from placing it on surface face down.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review: Pros

The Ballistic case Galaxy S3 is the latest smartphone protection that offers four layers of impact protection to extend the life of your mobile device. The biggest issue these days is that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger and putting a case in your precious phone can make it look even bigger. Another issue is the cost of your phone is the cost. Basically, you would not want to left your phone uncovered and exposed to risk of scratch, especially if it’s made with a plastic material that could break easily even from the slightest drop. This situation leaves you no choice but to have your phone protected with a case.

Based on Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review, the product is not the prettiest cell phone case that you can find for your phone. However, the product is designed provides premier protection to your precious phone and gives you the end of comfort when you drop your phone. No matter how hard you drop your phone, it will remain unharmed.

Although the Ballistic case may make your phone a lot bigger, it can add beauty to your already pleasing to look at Samsung S3 mobile phone. Besides, the case is available in five different colors including black, hot pink, cobalt, white, and charcoal. These color choices offer you the opportunity to choose the case that you feel best suits you.

Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Cons

If you read Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 Review, you will discover that the device has slight imperfections. This is quite normal as there is no product that is 100% perfect. The edges of the phone tend to become shiny quickly or wear easily. However, this has nothing to do with the protection that it can provide to your precious mobile phone.

Also, the case has left some ports of your phone exposed. This means that the Ballistic Case Galaxy S3 is not waterproof, so do not try to use your phone in rain.


People may think that their mobile phones are safe in their pockets, but that’s not actually the case. At some instances, the screen of your phone might break if you accidentally sit on it, or pressed it. The ballistic case will provide your phone with optimum protection against breakage due to hard impact and pressure. This smartphone case is the latest in the line of Samsun case that is not just durable, but also affordable.

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