Samsung Galaxy S3 Otterbox vs Ballistic

Samsung introduced in the market its latest products these past few days. And such products include the new galaxy S3 otterbox and the galaxy S3 ballistic. The stated android phones have cool designs and amazing features that can truly satisfy the demands of those individuals who do not want to waste their moneys on the products that are not quality tested. And in this article, the stated android phones will be compared for the benefit of the consumers who are interested to purchase one of it in the market these coming days and weeks.

Basic Features

The comparison between galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic can be created only with the use of its basic features. In terms of design, both android phones have excellent ratings due to the high quality materials that Samsung has successfully integrated in the production of the cases of such products. These android phones have similar colors and features which can never be found in the other brands of android phones in the market nowadays. However, some of the things that are present in the physical appearance and composition of these android phones have complicated issues that are not acceptable in the eyes of those individuals who have already tried to use it in the past.


One of the best characteristics of these products of Samsung that the consumers can compare is the size. The size of these products can be measure with the use of its dimensions: the width and the length. In terms of width, the Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is wider with its exact width measurement of 3.1 inches. The measurement of the width of galaxy S3 otterbox is only 3.0. In terms of length, the Samsung galaxy S3 otterbox is longer since it has an exact length measurement of 5.65 inches compared to the length of ballistic which is only 5.59 inches.


Some consumers claimed that these android phones are incomparable to each other in terms of quality. But what’s the main reason why the other consumers are not interested to compare galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic? According to some individuals who have already tried to purchase these two models of android phones from Samsung, both products are good yet there’s a big different in the quality of the covers. Maybe the difference is in the composition and durability.

Most of the consumers said that Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is more reliable compared to the otterbox due to its high quality cover and stylistic design. The android phone is not only reliable in terms of performance. But also, it can stay durable for several years because of its high quality case or cover which is highly resistant to scratches and damages. Some consumers gave negative feedbacks on the cover of galaxy S3 otterbox because it is very flexible and its original design can never be restore once its flexible cover has been stretched. So these are the things that the consumers need to remember always while comparing the android phones that were stated in this article. Use this set of information while reviewing the stated products to attain much better conclusions.

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