Why Does The Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drains Fast

Why Does The Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drains Fast

More and more units of mobile phones are being introduced these days. While increasing in number, many of the newly introduced contain more advanced features that will surely interest everyone wanting to have a handy innovative device at hand. Preferably, one of these devices may include the ever advanced Samsung Galaxy S3.

Through the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has once again done it. For the 3rd consecutive year, the flagship of Galaxy phone is the tidy package for top-flights specifications, steady performance, compelling pricing, and approachable design. Starting its sales introduction with 5 carriers, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, the US Cellular, Sprint, and Verizon, enables the Galaxy S3 almost ubiquitous. The aggressive distribution approach of Samsung provides it the leg up against its major Android rival, which is the HTC One X. With all of these, Samsung S III became a huge item among many users.

However, even with such a huge debut in the market, there are some users who are making some complaints about the battery life of the unit. This has been the recent issue you might have heard involving the much shorter life of battery as compared to what users have expected. Even though Samsung has already promised to make an update for fixing the issue, there are still some users who are suffering and searching for a way to fix the battery problems of their Galaxy S3.

With this arising issue, there are more and more users who are asking the same question of, why does the battery drain fast? If you feel really intimidated for seeing the fast draining of your Samsung Galaxy S3, it could be due to the entire applications that you have installed. It is true that the applications you have installed on your phone can be the same reason for the fast draining of your phone even the ones you are not using.

The Explanation

Apps turn on certain parts of your phone. These parts may include the camera, the processor, or the GPS. They normally turn on when the phone need them, which is just normal. However, through digging into the apps’ code, it has been found out that they involve the so called “no sleep energy bugs. These are the mistakes within the program, which fail to have the components turned off once they are through. Different from computers that are usually plugged in at most times “awake”, a Smartphone like the Galaxy S3 try to be in the “sleep” mode, whenever possible, so as to save quality battery life. However, those buggy applications fall short the purpose.

The different applications that you have downloaded are not just the culprits. There are many of them that are being a part of the operating system that may be overtaxing your hardware. These known culprits may include the usual email program, the backup service of Android, Google Maps and, sardonically, the power manager, which is meant to save its battery life. Even the pre-installed Facebook application has also been considered to overuse the battery life of the phone.

Few of your downloads on the phone can also be the culprits to the dwindling battery life. For example, the K9Mail, a well known option to the integrated email client, may also overuse the battery. Anecdotally, it has been evident that such Android devices normally drain more life of their battery because of the issues mentioned above. Further than bugs, a lot of users are not aware when manifold programs or apps are running. Hence, they are having their phones drained.

You may find out this pretty easily. You only need to go to your Android phone’s home screen, click on the menu button and then go to the Settings. From its Menu, click on Applications and then Manage Applications. Lastly, click on the Running button that is located at the top part of the screen. You will view what is running and the ones you probably do not require. You may kill the application by clicking on it and by choosing Force Stop.

Other Ways to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S3’s Battery Life Issues

Another main cause for fast draining on your battery is the continuous utilization of Location Services feature on the phone. These location services allow particular Samsung apps such as Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weather, and more for tracking down your present location through accessing the phone’s GPS. The utilization of GPS needs a bit level of power. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the feature only for the Location Services to selected applications that you really use.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also be the other reasons for the fast draining of your Samsung S3. Similar with the GPS feature, both of the features also consume a significant amount of power so as to properly function. That is why it is suggested to turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi each time you are through using them to save more battery for your phone.

The brightness of the phone’s screen can also be another reason you may want to consider. If you are setting the brightness of your phone’s screen at its maximum all the time, you are then in a big problem with your battery life. The phone’s primary touchscreen panel is also the primary consumer of the battery of your device. Therefore, if you have set the brightness of your screen manually, you will then need to set it in the mid-level brightness once possible. More suggestively, you may also apply the integrated “Auto Brightness” feature of your phone. This feature adjusts the brightness of your screen automatically depending on the light source of the surrounding. For turning it on, simply go to Settings, go to Brightness and Wallpaper, and then turn on the option for “Auto Brightness”.

By considering these tips, you should be able to make the most of your phone’s battery life. Actually, the life of your phone’s battery greatly depends on the way you use it. This is also true with your Samsung Galaxy S3, so make sure to keep these tips in mind.

When Did the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Come Out

When Did the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Come Out

Samsung, as one of the leading manufacturers of high end gadgets, never stops in providing quality made gadgets that are tailored towards the needs and preferences of their valued customers. Every year, you can expect that Samsung will introduce some new products just what their competitors are doing. This company has been known for its cool gadgets and an excellent example of these is the famous Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.


From Samsung’s collection of Android phones, the T-mobile exclusive Exhibit 4G sits everywhere within the center of the series. Exhibit 4G is a very interesting smartphone that is packed with extraordinary features which were combined with its slim and perfectly designed body, making it an Android phone that is worthy of your attention and interest.

Samsung Exhibit 4G came into the market with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and it offers Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It provides access to the ultra fast HSDPA data network of T-mobile. This phone has a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. It also comes with a VGA front-face camera with a resolution of 3 megapixels. Of course, it boasts its 4G connectivity and that is one of the main features of this android phone.

When Did the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Come Out in the Market?

Way back in the year 2011, Samsung announce their planned release of a new smartphone they called Samsung Exhibit 4G. This particular phone unit was introduced to public on June 1, 2011. It was released by the company last June 22, 2011.

The Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This Android smartphone comes with outstanding features. The highlights are:

• 3.5 inches display
• 3 megapixel (no zoom) back-facing camera with a VGA resolution front-facing camera
• Operating system: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
• Memory: up to 512 megabytes with microSD card
• Dimensions: 4.67 inches x 2.33 inches x 0.46 inches
• Mass: 4.23 ounces
• Battery: 1500 mAh

Here’s a complete list of its features:
• 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor with Hummingbird chipset
• 3.5 inches, 16M colors AMOLED capacitive touchscreen; its resolution is 480×800 pixels
• Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread w/ TouchWiz UI
• Wi-Fi calling – enabled
• Quad-brand GSM & double-band HSDPA support
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality
• 3.15 megapixels autofocus camera w/ LED flash, front-facing camera designed for the video calls
• GPS w/ A-GPS connectivity and digital compass
• D1 video footage at 30 fps
• microUSB dock (charging)
• Video player w/ DivX support out-of-the-box
• stereo Bluetooth 3.0
• Proximity sensor and accelerometer with ambient sensor of light
• Slot for microSD card for up to 32 gigabytes – 4 gigabytes included
• Smart dialing
• Web browser w/ flash support

The display of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G doesn’t have OLEDs or the so-called Gorilla Glass.

Undocumented Features of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This smartphone comes with certain features that were identified as undocumented. If you would like to capture a certain image of the phone’s screen, what you should do is to press “home” with the power on/off button. These two buttons should be pressed together. The gallery app features the screen images as another collection.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G comes with a user manual which explains the proper way to save the images to be used as icons of your contacts. On the other hand, it does not say that those phone contacts that you saved on your SIM card can’t have icons. The user’s manual says that if the phone has been turned off, you must hold its power button until the logo of Samsung appears on the screen. That time for the logo to appear may differ but you will only have to spend 6.5 seconds for that.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G is truly a great smartphone that you will surely love. It is the 6th 4G phone that Samsung is proud to be offered to gadget lovers like you. Take a look at the pluses of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G which are outlined below:

1. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G is a fast and easy to use Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone with 2 cameras & an efficient 1GHz processor.
2. It comes with quick mobile data support considering that it’s a 4G smartphone.
3. It is a high end but cheaper handset that remains to be rich in outstanding features. It won’t cause you a lot of dough because Exhibit 4G was destined to be the smartphone of everyone.

Just like the other models of smartphones out there, this mobile phone comes with some downsides. The main advantages of this phone are as follows:

• Galaxy Exhibit 4G comes with a single-core processor.
• It comes with a low camera resolution (3MP).
• This mobile phone does not have a button for camera shutter & the virtual keyboard would feel confined for some.
• Low still camera shot resolution & D1 single video recorder.
• Its body is made of plastic which does not assures superior quality.
• The rear part of the phone is prone to minor problems such as scratches.
• This phone is not a good choice for music lovers for it does not have a FM radio.
• A lag into the camera’s software caused people to miss good shots.

These problems reported do not actually affect the overall performance of this mobile phone. Hence, Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G remains to be the number choice for those budget-conscious people who desire to have a classy phone.

The Bottom Line

A great cost makes this Android smartphone a persuasive option for all those people who are fans of Android gadgets. This phone is such a great choice that you should consider if you are searching for a deal without sacrificing the necessary features. Samsung Exhibit 4G ranks as among the leading models of Android smartphones with the fastest mobile data support. That’s one thing that will make anyone too much excited to have this phone right at his or her fingertips.

How to Unfreeze Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Unfreeze Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most useful inventions is the mobile phone. The development of useful and productive mobile phones is a part of the continuous innovation of the modern technology. Modern technology serves as the best way so that many people can enjoy all the good things and a comfortable life. Many people use mobile phones for communication purposes and many more. Mobile phones play a vital role in the lives of the people.

Samsung is one the most popular brands of mobile phones. Many people love Samsung phones because of its good features and efficiency. To buy a Samsung phone is a very smart choice that you can take. It is important that you make sure that the phone that you will buy can meet and satisfy your demand. Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed one of the most popular Samsung models. Looking for the best mobile phone is very important so that you can obtain the best mobile phone suitable for your needs and wants.

Some Samsung S3 users want to unfreeze it because of some circumstances. You can relatively unfreeze your phone through using some ways. Unfreezing your Samsung Galaxy S3 is very easy as ling you know how to do it. If you do not know how to unfreeze it then you can consult your service provider to help you unfreeze Galaxy S3. Here are the 3 methods that you can do to unfreeze it.

Method 1

1. Contact or consult your Network provider and request for the unfreeze code. There are some network providers who do not give unfreezing code until the contract is over or until a certain period of time. If your network provider cannot give you the unfreeze code then you can use this method to be able to unfreeze your phone. Some carriers and network providers might to unfreeze your phone if you are planning to go abroad.
2. Insert or enter a SIM card from a network that does not work with your Samsung Galaxy S3.
3. Switch on or power on your Galaxy S3. After opening it will ask for the unfreeze code of your phone.
4. Enter the unfreeze code. Once you enter the unfreeze code your device will begin to obtain service for your new provider. If you currently do not have service yet you can contact your provider and you must check the reception of your current area.

Method 2: Unfreezing without Approval of Carrier

1. Update your Samsung Galaxy 3- Probably your phone is running Android 4.1.1. It is important that your phone is running with Android 4.1.1 so that this method will work. You can view or check your device’s version by means of opening the Settings, scrolling the bottom and selecting About Device. You can also look for the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy S3 to find the version of your phone. To update the version of your phone, you need open the settings and scroll down the About Device. Choose the updates of the system and then check for it. Samsung Galaxy S3 will attempt to update through the network.
2. The next step is the opening of dialer. To open the dialer you need to obtain the code in the dialer to open the menu. Once the dialer is ready you can now enter the following code.
3. Choose the UMTS. Once you open the code, your phone Samsung Galaxy will automatically open the menu of the Service. Tap the selection of the menu of your screen to choose.
4. Opening the DEBUG Menu. To open the Debug, you need to choose the Debug screen. Choose the phone control and then select the network freeze.
5. Choose to off the Perso
6. Wait for the reboot system of your phone.
7. Insert the new sim card. You need to make sure that the card is not from your ole network and carrier.

Method 3: Unfreezing using the Paid Website

1. Obtain the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S3 by means of dialing into your keypad. After you obtain the IMEI number something will appear in the screen of your phone. Make sure that you take note the number.
2. Look for the paid unfreeze service. There are many available online sites that offer unfreezing Samsung Galaxy S3 for free. You can also read some reviews from other customers so that you can obtain some ideas about the efficiency of the service.
3. The next step is looking for the unfreezing code to arrive. In accordance to the service, this process could take for few hours or few days. You can obtain the code through text, phone call or email.

Why Many People Love To Use Samsung Galaxy S3?

Many people love to have Samsung Galaxy because of its efficiency and functionality. Samsung is also a popular brand that is why many people love to use this mobile brand. Here are the features of Samsung Galaxy S3.

• 1GB of RAM
• NFC with S Beam
• 8MP camera without shutter lag
• Android 4.0.4 with the new version
• 1.9 front camera with face tracking system
• 136.6 x 70.6 x 133 g

Who Can Buy/Benefit From This Product?

To buy Samsung Galaxy S3 is indeed a must have item that many people can use. Samsung Galaxy S3 contains features that can definitely meet and satisfy the need of the people for a useful cellular phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 is also a versatile phone that many people can use not just for communication purposes but as well for other purposes. People who love gadgets can also buy Samsung Galaxy S3. Gadget and devices lovers can also buy this item.

It is also a good item as a gift. Given all the features and good quality of Samsung Galaxy S3, many people would definitely love to have this type of device. People who are also looking for the best gift that they buy then Samsung Galaxy S3 can relatively be a perfect gift that you can buy for people who also love gadgets and devices.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

One of the greatest inventions that many people love to use is mobile phones. Mobile phones are relatively a very useful and effective invention that many people use for communication purposes Mobile phones play a vital role in the lives of all people. A mobile phone can relatively help them perform many tasks that they can accomplish through the use of a phone. Samsung is one of the most popular brands of phone that many people love to have. Many people love to buy a Samsung phone because it is a well known phone brand.

Different models of Samsung are very popular for their excellent performance and sleek appearance. Aesthetics features of the Samsung phones can relatively keep you from pressing the wrong buttons that may lead you to delete some important messages. Lose of some important text messages is one of the common problems faced by many Samsung users. Lose of some important text messages may definitely cause stress and hassle to you.

Luckily, you can now retrieve some deleted important messages through some methods and ways designed for retrieving some lose important data from a Samsung phone. Retrieval of deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy is very easy if you know how to properly retrieve lost data on Samsung Galaxy. Instructions to retrieve deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy are listed below:

Step 1: Installing the Wondershare Dr. Fone

Wondershare Dr. Fone can relatively help you retrieve some deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy. Downloading and installing Wondershare Dr. Fone on your personal computer is an important step that you can have so that you can retrieve some deleted massages on your Samsung phone. Wondershare Dr. Fone is totally compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8.

Step 2: Connecting your Samsung Galaxy with your Personal Computer

After the installation of the Wondershare Dr Fone to the computer you can now connect it with Samsung Galaxy. You can use USB cable to connect. To connect your phone with computer you musty enable debugging USB on your Samsung first. Instructions to connect Samsung Galaxy with your phone are listed below:

1. For Samsung Galaxy with Android 2.3, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’ Settings’’, click the ‘’ Applications’’ button, ‘’Development’’ then check USB debugging.

2. For Samsung with Android 3.0 TO 4.1, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’Settings’’, ‘’Developer options then check the USB debugging.

3. For Samsung with Android 4.2, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’ Settings’’, ‘’ About Phone’’ then tap the ‘’Build Number’’ for many times until obtaining the message ‘’ You are under developer mode’’ then back to the settings, click the ‘’Developer options then check the USB debugging.

Step 3: Analyzing and Scanning the Samsung Galaxy

To make the program perform works well it needs to indentify and detect first the Samsung Galaxy and then you must scan it. You need to click the ‘’Start’’ button on the window to start the process. After the process, you need to go to the setting of your device. Choose the ‘’allow’’ button on the screen of your device and then select the ‘’start’’ on the window to start the scanning process of your Samsung Galaxy.

Step 4: Preview and the Recovering the Deleted Messages on Samsung Galaxy

Once the program finds all the important deleted messages the program will definitely remind about it. Once you reach that process, you now need to stop the scanning process to be able to time and energy of the device. You need to click the messages which are located in the left sidebar to view all the deleted messages on your Samsung. You must tick the box located in the left part of each message that you want to retrieve and then click the ‘’Recover’’ to save retrieved messages on your computer. Retrieved messages are in HTML file. Retrieved SMS are usually displayed in orange and those existing messages on your phone are displayed in black. You can separate retrieved messages from existing messages on your phone by means of enabling the button on the top part of your phone.

Important Things to remember when trying to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung

1. You need to temporary stop using your Samsung Galaxy once you accidentally delete important text messages or when you just realize that there are some text messages which are missing. Deleted text messages are not gone right away because such deleted messages are still in the waiting process for new data to replace them. It is the main reason why you need to stop using your Samsung Galaxy. If you continue using it, there is a tendency that deleted text messages will be gone forever and you cannot retrieve it.

2. You need to find effective computer than you can use to retrieve deleted important text messages. Realizing immediately that you accidentally deleted some important messages is better because there is a high chance that you can retrieve deleted text messages. Generating new data on your Samsung Galaxy can lead permanent lost of deleted important messages on your Samsung. As of now, no application for Samsung that can directly retrieve or undo deleted text messages. To ensure the success of retrieving or recovering deleted important text messages on your Samsung Galaxy, you need to use Wondershare Dr Fone. The Wondershare Dr can relatively help you retrieve some deleted information from your Samsung Galaxy.

Simple yet Useful Steps to Recover Deleted Information or Files on your Samsung Galaxy

These four steps can relatively help you retrieve or recover some accidentally deleted information on your Samsung Galaxy. These steps can help you retrieve lost data from your phone:
1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer.
2. The next step is to enable the USB debugging before you scan your Samsung Galaxy phone.
3. Scanning your Samsung Galaxy.
4. The last step is recovering the information or file from your Samsung Galaxy by means of using the program.

How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail

How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail

The market of mobile phones has been flooded with a lot of newer and more innovative units being introduced these days. A lot of mobile phones that you can find today come with the more advanced features which are more inviting to the users. Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of different advanced devices, especially mobile phones.

One of the newest Samsung units that are recently introduced includes the new Samsung Galaxy Prevail. This new unit from the ever popular Samsung comes with a number of advanced features that will certainly seem attractive to every particular mobile user.

More About Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail comes with a lot of ideal features. It comes with the 3.2 inch HVGA in 480 x 320 pixel display along with the 800MHz processor. Different from many other Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Prevail does not have the custom TouchWiz enhancements for user interface by Samsung. This unit also comes with a two megapixel camera without HD capability on video recording.

However, irrespective of the lower end specs of this phone, it provides the solid experience with the Android 2.2 Froyo. This is perfect for those first time users of smartphone who may be adjusting from the feature phone into their initial Smartphone. The phone’s processor didn’t hold it back on zip through home screens and menus with great ease. In addition to this, you will also easily accomplish a lot of basic tasks, which you can expect from the contemporary Smartphone to do. While this Prevail from Samsung is running the Android 2.2, it comes with the inclusive benefits of the whole Android system. This is made possible through the multiple applications available for installation and adding functionality.

The development has preloaded few of the high end and basic applications that include Twitter’s Twidroyd, SCVNGR (a location-based social networking application), the TeleNav GPS navigator, ThinkFree Office, Layar Augmented Reality as well as the own Hookt social networking application from Boost. The Facebook app might not be preinstalled with this mobile phone. However, you will surely love just how easy it is for you to deal with its downloading and installation from the Android store. Samsung’s Prevail is not likely to manage forceful 3D. This is due to the slower processor and its smaller screen.

The phone’s browser is known as the typical Android 2.2 browser which you will find truly acceptable for your typical browsing requirements. Pinch to zoom is allowed while the pages can be scrolled simply enough after it has been loaded. However, because of its lower end processor, the phone doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Prevail is a highly accepted phone unit for its great features.

However, even with such a number of excellent features, there are still some issues that you will experience from using this phone. These issues may include knowing the proper rebooting of the phone. Conducting a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Prevail may be useful when the password is lost or forgotten. Typically, the process of factory reset may be performed on the phone from the selections within the software. On the other hand, when the phone has been frozen or will not boot up, you may perform the external hard reset without having the need to turn on the phone.

The process of factory reset may restore back the device to its fundamental factory settings. Every application that has been downloaded, bookmarks, passwords, media, and personal data will be deleted once you restore the factory defaults of your phone. If you accidentally forgot the password or code of your phone, considering the proper ways to reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be a great help.

The unit of Samsung Galaxy Prevail is very customizable which may give you difficulty on choosing what you like with it and what you want for it. However, once you have lost its password, your fun will be over and you wish to get it back to its original factory settings once again. The following will teach you how you will be able to reboot your Samsung Galaxy Prevail through the systematic instructions.

However, before you finally proceed to conducting the process, you must be aware that every piece of data you have stored in your phone will be deleted from it. This is right after you are done with the procedure. The process might also probably delete the data being stored on its micro SD card. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to back up all of the personal data you have prior to the proceeding.

Step by Step Process

The first process should include the following steps:
1. From the primary home screen, you may tap on the menu.
2. After tapping on the menu button, select settings and then privacy.
3. In the Privacy settings, you will find the Factory data reset.
4. Once you have seen it, you tap the reset phone button.
5. Once prompted, you may need to enter the required password and then tap on “Erase everything” for confirmation.


When the first process does not take effect, or if the phone is put into frozen, you may have the other alternative including the following steps:
1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. When the phone is frozen, you may pull out the battery and then have it reinserted.
2. Hold the button of the Volume Down.
3. At the same time, press the “Power” button and then release it.
4. After doing this, you will be displayed with the menu that enables for SIM lock, Fastbook, Clear Storage, and Recovery.
5. By pressing on the button of the “Volume Down”, you can select “Clear Storage”.
6. Press the power button once again and then release it.
7. After this, you can then simply make the confirmation for your decision. Your options should include Volume Up for Yes while Volume Down for No.

Once you are through with the process, all the data that even include the 3rd party applications would be deleted from your phone. After the wipe has been completed, your Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be rebooted into its fresh factory state.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Have a Front Camera

Does the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Have a Front Camerav

Due to the massive innovation in today’s technology, more and more opportunities are given to everyone. These opportunities include the ability to use different forms of devices that will help make their job easier and more comfortable. Devices like mobile phones have given people the chance to better communicate with their families, friends and all the people they know. This opportunity has even improved with the introduction of different social media sites that are on the buzz today. So, it is no surprise why a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are designing and introducing more and more innovative units of mobiles.

One of the most popular brands of mobile phones you can find these days includes the ever popular Samsung. Samsung paved its way to become one of the most renowned brands of innovative devices. With its huge popularity, Samsung never ceases to amaze its patrons by the designs it introduces with the more feature advanced mobile phone units.

One of the newest mobile phone units introduced by the brand is known as the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G. It is a unit that can serve as the mobile hotspot among friends. It comes with an integrated 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot that enables you from sharing your connection for up to 8 different devices. Whether inside your car, at the business meeting or at the study group, the people who are around you will be able to share the scorching speeds of the 4G LTE network. Along with this, with the integrated Quickoffice, you will be able to access any of your important papers and make new ones right away.

The Camera

Of course, when purchasing a mobile phone, the built in camera is one of the major concerns of most consumers. In this case, this new unit from Samsung won’t surely fail because of its ever functional and innovative camera. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G comes in a 16MP BSI CMOS compact superzoom or Android smart hybrid device. Its camera technology blends the 21 times, 23-481 mm equivalent zoom-camera on its front with the 4.8 inches touchscreen on its back.

The amazing camera lets you capture moments and share them as they happen. You can take the wonderful self portrait through the use of the integrated front facing camera and take your one-shot moments with your rear facing camera. What’s more, you will also be able to get your creativity from going and enjoy a range of shooting modes with this mobile phone. The shooting modes include cartoon, panorama and action shot. With the use of Google Talk, you will also be able to video-shat with a friend from a distant place. In addition to this, you can also easily share all your photos and videos using your HDTV that comes with the pre-loaded AllShare app.

With Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G you will be using more while plugging in less. It is backed with huge battery capacity which enables you from enjoying the improved standby time and user time. This means you will more extra time for finding the ideal show times and movies. This is made possible with Yahoo! Movies, listen to and have more music downloaded with Rhapsody. In addition to, you can also monitor your visual voicemail, while finding the perfectly unique ringtone by using MetroSTUDIO.

The unit is also supported by Android 2.3 Gingerbread that enables you open up the mobile world. It is an Operating System (OS) that is designed to provide you freedom you simply deserve. Each action has been designed to be seamless, smooth and fast. With this Operating System, you will get an open access to hundreds and thousands of different Android applications. It also offers you access to different websites which play Adobe Flash, while having your screen customized just to the way you are using it. Through Google Mobile apps and services, you will also be provided with even quicker access to your mostly utilized contacts.

You can take advantage from simulated images. The device’s appearance might differ. The Operating System of the device along with its preloaded content would occupy a part of the memory. Just so you know, the term “4G” is used in combination with the Samsung Product denotes to its operating with the applicable 4G network of its identified carrier. LTE is the trademark of ETSI. TouchWiz and Samsung are both the trademarks of Google, Gmail, Android, Google Talk, Samsung Electronics Co. and all other marks are the known Google Inc.’s trademarks. Some other product names, marks and company names mentioned here are owned by their individual owners and might be registered trademarks or trademarks.

In this Samsung unit, you will be identifying the four buttons that are touch-sensitive. These buttons are namely home, search, back and menu. Found on the phone display’s left side is the volume rocker, while on its right side is the lock or power button. The device’s top part is featuring the 3.5 mm headphone jack along with the Micro USB sport with the sliding cover. The camera is found on the back and the front.

This unit also comes complemented with the package containing a USB cable, the AC adapter, the wired stereo headset, a reference material as well as a 16Gigabyte microSD card. The Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G is the innovative quad-band world phone that is packed with features like the speakerphone, voice dialing, multimedia and text messaging, conference calling, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Aside from the cellular calls, it is also made possible for you to create call through the Wi-Fi network. There will be no added charge, yet the minutes will be deducted from your daily voice plan. Also, different from some other unit, the Admire 4G comes with the VGA front facing camera which enables you to create video calls through your preferred network or Wi-Fi through the use of the pre-installed Qik application.

The phone also comes pre-integrated with a lot of entertainment additions. These additions basically include the Inception (a full copy, Android’s Kindle, Slacker Radio, and the DoubleTwist software supported with AirSync that enables you wirelessly back up and sync videos, music and any other contents from your mobile to your computer through the power of the internet.

Net10 APN Settings for Samsung Galaxy S3

Net10 APN Settings for Samsung Galaxy S3

Net10 APN Setting is one of the best upgrades or modifications that the consumers of Samsung should apply in the features of their galaxy S3 mobile phones. This APN setting has several surprises to offer to those consumers who are interested to boost the performance of their Samsung galaxy S3 in a very efficient way. The android phone that was stated is one of the most popular Samsung devices in the market nowadays. And if the excellent features and performance of such product were successfully enhanced with the use of Net10, its consumers will never regret in the end.

Why You Should Utilize APN Settings

This APN Setting will never fail the expectations of those individuals who do not want to stick on the original factory settings of the Samsung galaxy S3 while enjoying the uses and benefits of its features. This APN setting can make such device more powerful and enjoyable to use. Its installation will be the best way to make the Samsung galaxy S3 far better than the world class mobile phones in this world at the present time. Several consumers have already tried to use this APN setting before. And all of them were very happy with the benefits that it has successfully brought in their lives.

Net10 APN Setting will be the best answer to the needs of the users of Samsung galaxy S3 who want to try something new on their mobiles phones as the time goes by. It’s very amazing and it can bring a lot of great changes in the original settings of the android device that was stated. This APN setting will never disappoint those individuals who love to change the performance of their mobile devices in a very excellent way without spending a lot of efforts and important investments.

Net10 APN Advantage

The best example of this APN Setting that the consumers of the famous Samsung galaxy S3 should try to install in their mobile phones to achieve a more excellent result is the tfdata. This Net10 APN is highly recommended to those individuals who want to transfer and share several examples of high definition photos or images on their Samsung galaxy S3 mobile phones. This APN setting has an ability to provide great entertainment and maximum satisfaction to the users of the android device from Samsung that was stated in this article. Try it now and see what makes it totally different from the other examples of APN settings that are available in the internet nowadays.

This APN Setting is one of the most popular types of APN settings in the online market nowadays. Some of its great versions are downloadable and free of charge. And its additional examples of can be downloaded also at affordable prices. The tfdata APN setting from Net10 is the best among the available options in the internet at the present. And it can never be compared to its other versions since its performance is always at the best level and far better than the other examples of this APN Setting for Samsung galaxy S3 users.

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Attain Metro PCS

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Attain Metro PCS

A special android device like Samsung galaxy attain metro PCS needs to updated gradually to enhance its good performance for several years. And these are so many ways to do that with the use of efficient update software. At the end of the update process, a new version of the operating system of such product will appear to boost its great performance and amazing quality. There are few steps to follow in order to update this android device in a very excellent way. The first step of course is to create a backup for all of its files or data that are available in its internal memory.

Update Process

The process of creating a backup for all of the files that are present in the internal memory of the device can be executed with the use of external memory storage like SD card. If the backup files are already complete. Proceed to the second step on how to update the android device which is to download the simple update tool which can be acquired with the use of the Samsung galaxy attain metro PCS.

Check the status of the download process and do not open the tool unless it is already fully downloaded. If the simple update tool is already complete, try to open it and install it in the device with the use of the simple instructions that are available in its installation wizard. If the simple update tool is already present in the tools of the device, the upgrading process can be executed already. Accomplish the update process with the use of the features of the tool that was stated. The software update is fast and reliable. And at the end of its process, the phone will automatically restart which serves as a sign that a new set of changes and upgrades has been installed in its system.

Monitoring the Update On Your Samsung Galaxy Attain

The update process for this Samsung mobile device can be executed with the use of a personal computer. But the android device must be attached to the personal computer with the use of a USB cable. The USB cable must be unplugged if the software update process is already done. Don’t forget to check the changes that the update process has brought in the mobile device and find out if some issues are present in the modifications that were applied.

The changes can be monitored by reviewing the new software version that the update process has successfully installed in the Samsung galaxy attain metro PCS. It can be reviewed with the use of the following steps or procedures. Press the home key to see the menu. In the menu section, look for the settings icon and tap it. In the available options, choose the about phone category and check the software version that the update process has successfully provided in the device. These are the steps on how to update the system of the device that was stated. The consumers of the android phone that was stated should not hesitate to purchase it if their main target is to maintain the good performance of the galaxy attain metro PCS for several years.

How To Master Reset Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

How To Master Reset Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

There are two ways to master reset Samsung galaxy exhibit 4G. And in this article, those methods will be discussed for the benefit of those consumers who are interested to master reset their new galaxy exhibit 4G from Samsung. The first method on how to master reset the android device that was stated is to master reset it in its setting menu. In the settings menu of the galaxy exhibit 4G, there are eight steps to follow in order to master reset it properly. The first step is to check the internal memory of the device .

Methods for Master Reset of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

Create a back up for all of the files that are present in the internal memory while preparing the device for the master rest procedure. If the backup files are already complete and done, the second step can be executed already. And the second step on how master reset the android device that was stated is to tap in its screen the menu key. Look for SETTINGS and select it. The button will show all the options that are available for the customization of the system of the device.

Using the Settings Menu
In the settings menu, open the category for the privacy settings. Touch the button for the factory data set to see all the features of the device that are meant to be modified in its master reset procedure. Leave the box to the automatic backup and restore setting unchecked and then tap the button for Reset Phone. End the process of master reset pressing the OK button below the settings menu. So these are the steps on how to complete the master reset of Samsung galaxy exhibit 4G with the use of the setting menu. The master reset for this android device can be performed also with the use of hardware keys.

The steps on how to master reset Samsung galaxy exhibit 4G with the use of hardware keys are very easy to perform. Such process can also help the consumers of the android device that was stated to restore its performance into its original factory settings when needed. To start with the procedure, create a back for all of the files or data that are available in the internal memory of the device. And if the backup files are already done, turn off the device and hold the volume up button together with the power key. Wait for the RAM Dump mode to appear and release the power button once the Samsung word starts to appear in the screen.

Using Hardware Keys

Do not release the volume up button until the android software download is already present in the screen. Press the menu key and wait for the android reset menu to come out in the screen. If the menu is already in the screen, use the volume down button in the process of selecting the features that are meant to be modified for the master reset process. Select the factory reset button to be followed by the yes button and press home key. Wait for the Android recovery screen and select the “reboot system now” with the use of the home key to finalize the master reset process with the use of hardware keys.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Reverb Have a Front Facing Camera

Does the Samsung Galaxy Reverb Have a Front Facing Camera

Many consumers in the market nowadays are interested to purchase the new Samsung galaxy reverb which is one of the latest devices that were created by Samsung. The stated product has more surprises to provide to those individuals who are interested to enjoy the benefits of the latest innovations in the modern technology nowadays. The stated device has so many excellent features that will never fail the expectations of the consumers when it comes to the things that are commonly present in modern devices that are powered by the android technology.

Some consumers are interested to purchase the new android device from Samsung because of the excellent performance of its updated set of features that are incomparable to what the other brands of android devices have. This product is well supported with a very efficient set of cameras that the consumers can use to take wonderful pictures in several places. However, the staffs of Samsung didn’t mention in the promotion of this product if it has a front facing camera in its design as one of the best android devices in the market nowadays. Now here is the question, is the Samsung galaxy reverb has a front facing camera?

Samsung Galaxy Reverb Specs

This device is one of the best accomplishments of Samsung galaxy at the present time. This android device is equipped with a very reliable five megapixel rear camera which can be used to take clear and high quality pictures in several places. The pictures that this camera can capture are one hundred percent free from imperfections and other issues that may disappoint those individuals who very interested to collect the pictures of the most precious moments in their lives. Clear display and high definition photos are not impossible to achieve with the help of the excellent rear camera of this high quality android device from Samsung.

Now it’s time to answer the question. Is Samsung galaxy reverb equipped with a front facing camera or not? The answer to that question is yes. It is because this android device by Samsung has a very reliable 1.0 mega pixel front facing camera. The feature can be used by a person when short distance picture taking process is meant to be performed alone. This feature will be the best tool for those consumers of the device that was stated who love to enjoy the idea of “selfie” during their break hours and holiday vacations.

The Samsung galaxy reverb will be the best answer to the needs of those individuals who are searching for more useful and innovative android devices in the market nowadays. The presence of front facing camera in its features makes it one of the best Samsung android devices to purchase at the present time. This android device is very affordable yet its features are at the best level. It’s an android device which can never be compared to the other brands of smartphones that are available in different parts of the globe nowadays. Try it now and be one of the lucky users of such product.