Difference Between DSL and Broadband

Difference Between DSL and Broadband

Broadband Internet includes several different ways to receive the Internet and all its capabilities. Broadband can be utilized by different methods of connection. The Broadband is a wider band of transmission of data than what you would get in plain old dial-up connection.


DSL is actually a type of broadband service that utilizes a broadband connection. There are a number of types of broadband services available to the general public. These services provide much more capability in the transmission of data to your home computer. Dial-up Internet had very little capability to perform more than one task while you were using it.

You have often heard about slow Internet. People with dial-up Internet didn’t realize how slow their digital transmissions were across their phone line. You were really being left behind in the smoke if you still had old dial-up Internet. The dial-up Internet did not have the bandwidth to send data very fast.


With the invention of Broadband Internet brought a whole new revolution to surfing the web. A user could do a lot more tasks and also do them at the same time. Broadband has more space to send signals and information over the Internet.

Some people get DSL and Broadband mixed up. When comparing DSL with Broadband you are confusing one of the types of Broadband which is DSL. A DSL cable is actually a type of Broadband service available to customers. There are other forms of Broadband service available to the general public. These forms of Broadband transmission include Fiber-Optic, Cable and Satellite to connect your fast internet service.

How They Work

The DSL form of Broadband transmission uses a certain cable or wire to hook you into the system. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber line. The service is provided or sent over your phone line wire system. It utilizes your existing phone line to transmit the data. You do not need to have any new phone lines installed. There are some places where even with the use of your existing phone line there is sometimes no service available. Even with DSL cable connection with your existing phone you can still use your home phone.

Some people even decide to get rid of there home phone service from the telephone company. They instead choose to use a digital home phone service to receive and make phone calls saving them quite of bit of money over the year. The phone system transmission is sent over the high speed Internet.

DSL is a very fast and economical phone service provided by your local phone provider. The only Internet connection that is faster is the Fiber-Optic form of broadband. This is known to be much faster than DSL but requires the laying of special cable and can take some time to install.

DSL continues to be a good value in internet transmission.

Difference Between One Way Anova and Two Way Anova

Difference Between One Way Anova and Two Way Anova

One way and two way anova is a concept that many people struggle with and it’s important to know the difference. ANOVA is that of an analysis of variance. The simple definition is that a one-way will measure the effect of only one factor while a two-way will measure the effect of two factors at the same time.

One Way Anova

The anova test is designed for procedures that violate the normal assumptions. If data is non-parametric and ordinal, then the better test is that of the Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance.

It all has to do with the experiment and what is trying to be proven. In some instances, it makes more sense for a one way anova test to be run and in other situations, a two way anova should be run.

A one-way anova is going to allow you to assess only one aspect. This could mean the treatment effect or the time effect, for example, but not both. If you only need to assess one aspect, then there is no need to bring in a second factor. Otherwise, it over-complicates what you are trying to prove.

Two Way Anova

The two-way anova is designed for more intricate experiments. It would allow you to assess two factors simultaneously, such as treatment or time. Additionally, it is going to allow you to see if there is some kind of interaction between the parameters. If there is an interaction (or not), it could then demonstrate that more in-depth experiments need to be performed.

How They Perform Assessments

The one-way anova will allow you to compare multiple samples and this is where many people are confused. You can still have the samples, with one of them being the control. However, you are only using one type of sample, one factor. The technique is also only going to generate numerical data. The one way anova will produce an F-statistic.

The two-way anova will assess the main effect of the variable and the interaction. The sums of squares will be calculated in order to determine the significance of the factors.

If you have a null hypothesis that you want to test, you are going to use ANOVA. You can sample with the same mean values and obtain a significant amount of data. Since there are differences between the one way and two way tests, you will have to decide which one is more effective based upon whether you are only testing one factor or not. The samples need to be independent, population variances need to be equal, and you have to be prepared to have at least three or more samples, regardless of what you are testing.

From there, it is up to you as to whether you want to test a single factor or if you want to test a relationship between two factors.

Difference Between USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cables

Difference Between USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cables

USB cables have been around since the nineties and enable the user to hook up your computer to other devices like a printer or for charging purposes. With a USB cable you can also charge your portable devices like your cell phone or tablet without the use of an outlet.

The USB has become a great adapter also for just about any device you can use on a computer. By using this cable you can play or use about any electronic device that is known to operate from a computer. The word USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. With a computer and it’s hub you can plug in many USB devices at one time. Some have as many as six ports or connections.

USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0

USB cables come in two basic types, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The 3.0 is the newest USB cable and arrived on the marketplace around 2009. The USB 3.0 is newer and a lot faster than the 2.0. The USB 3.0 cable has a speed of ten times faster than the original 2.0. The USB 3.0 has a more efficient management system saving you energy.

If you have a USB 2.0 port on your computer you can still use the newer 3.0 cable on it. If you don’t know what kind of port you have on your computer you can find out by looking at the inside of the port. The 3.0 port will be a blue color on the inside. The same for a 3.0 cable it will be blue on the inside. You can still use your USB 2.0 cable on the 3.0 port of your computer. Likewise the compatibility of the USB 3.0 cable will hook up on the 2.0 USB computer port so you have a backwards compatibility.

The newer USB 3.0 cable however provides a faster speed than the 2.0 cable. It is actually much faster up to ten times the speed of the older 2.0 cable. So with all the reverse compatibility of the connections of your devices you will need to purchase a USB 3.0 cable to run at faster speeds.

The USB 3.0 cable has more bandwidth so you can receive more channels including sending and receiving data. This is what makes the 3.0 cable a much faster connection for all your USB devices. To get the top speed for your devices you need a 3.0 USB cable hooked up to a 3.0 port. Your device will have to be USB 3.0 connector also. To sum up; the USB 3.0 cable is much faster than the 2.0 cable but you will need all the 3.0 connections on your computer and your device to get the fastest speed.

Difference Between Apple iPhone4 and 4S

Difference Between Apple iPhone4 and 4S

Apple is at it again with a brand new iPhone 4, but which one should you choose? The iPhone 4 brought so much commotion that it didn’t take long for iPhone 4S to be launched and steal the spotlight from the Apple 4 phone. Apple iPhone 4S has arrived in the market and is ready to take you to the unlimited fun. This new phone has been introduced with the very latest features and applications that are able to provide you with a new experience.

Size and Specifications

Carrying the same surface as the previous phone, the iPhone 4S has included some very new and updated features. Users have found the new phone with a wider display measuring 3.5 inches and featuring LED back lit touch screen display with 640 x 960 pixels of density. The phone is considered easier to operate with the help of iOS 5 and A5 chipset. Besides, iOS 5 has given you a very strong reason to get away from your computer when you want to upgrade its software you can get the software updated on the handset itself.

Software and Applications

Beyond its updated operating system, the phone comes with its latest and exciting application iCloud software which is capable of storing your data and syncing all your data wirelessly to all your devices. On the other hand, its iMessage can send any data including MMS, Videos, Text or Photos over Wi-Fi or wireless carriers to other Apple devices. And it saves you money if your plan does not include free text messaging. With the help of Apple iPhone 4S, you can send any photos or video to your iPad also.

In addition to the above features and applications, the new phone has a very high end primary camera of 8MP that can record the moments of your life with 1080p quality. And its secondary camera provides you video chatting capabilities with VGA quality. The most attractive part of the phone is its memory capacity. Apple has also introduced its latest iPhone 4S in three versions, all have been classified in terms of memory capacity.

Video and Audio

Apple claims that both phones provide an approximate time of 40 hours for audio playback and 10 hours for video playback, but there are differences that will be revealed when voice, mobile Internet Wi-Fi use will be considered. For the iPhone 4, 6 hours of Internet use on 3G is allowed while 8 hours for the iPhone 4S.

Data and Connectivity

There are other differences between the two phones including software, connectivity, and data. In the end, it is up to the consumers to evaluate if it will be worth holding on to the one phone that you currently own, or take the jump and purchase a new and improved phone from Apple.

Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox360 Slim

Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox360 Slim

To many consumers, there would seem to be very little difference between the XBox 360 and the XBox 360 Slim, but upon closer examination, a variety of changes have been made to the slimmer version of the popular gaming console. How do these two gaming systems compare and contrast with one another? Let’s take a look.


While these two models are both members of the same family, the XBox 360 Slim is not only smaller than the original XBox 360 model, but also comes in an array of different color schemes that were not available to consumers. Instead of only having a dull off white or black coloration to choose from, the XBox 360 Slim is clad in a shinier black gloss coating.


Clearly, the 360 Slim model weighs much less than the XBox 360, but it is not so slim that you will lose it inside of your home. It is important to note that the Slim can be safely hidden behind the XBox 360 model, however.


Consumers had regularly complained about the XBox 360’s dependence on a wireless connection. Being able to connect to the Internet with ease is a feature that most serious gamers crave and after attempting to entice users with the XBox Live service, this issue was rectified during the creation of the Slim model.

Now, Xbox 360 Slim users are able to enjoy a top notch wireless Internet connection, the ability to connect quickly and can also connect to the Internet from any location, as opposed to being forced to remain within the cable’s length from their wireless router connection.


The XBox 360 Slim also comes with enhanced storage capabilities, which was another common complaint from XBox 360 owners. The storage is still removable, but has been expanded from 160 gigabytes to 250 gigabytes. This gives users increased ability to store all of their movies, music, game progress and any other odds and ends on their own drive.

The consumer is not limited to the storage provided by the XBox 360 Slim, either. If you should require additional storage, you also have the option of plugging in your own external storage unit. For those who are particularly worried about storage capability, the XBox 360 Slim is the system of choice.

Sound and Noise Level

The noise factor has also been a point of contention for the XBox 260 aficionado. Even the most charitable observers compared the noise level that was created by turning on the console to standing next to a jet engine. Microsoft heard the complaints and rectified them before putting out the XBox 360 Slim, creating a quieter system that is easier on the ears.


The controllers remain the same and there is only one in the standard packaging for each system. When it comes to using Kinect, there are some major differences. While it does work for both of the consoles, it does not work as easily for the older XBox 360 model. There will be instances where the console does not provide enough power to run Kinect on its own, it will need to be plugged in separately.

The 360 Slim comes with a socket in the back that allows you to run the system and Kinect on a single connection. This decreases the amount of clutter in your entertainment area, which is a huge plus for those who own multiple gaming consoles. Neither system has Blu-Ray capability and no changes have been made to the console’s speed.

The value conscious shopper may simple decide to opt for the original XBox 360. While the 360 Slim has been reasonably priced and cost the same as the older model upon release, stores that wish to liquidate their stock of the older models often decide to slash the prices on the original 360. Microsoft has discontinued production on the 360, which means retailers everywhere will be looking to get rid of their stock.

Which System Should You Choose?

Deciding between the 360 and the 360 Slim is a matter of personal preference. Many of the most important aspects of the 360 have not been changed or altered in any way, which decreases user motivation to head out to the store and spend $199 or $299 on a brand new system.

The 360 Slim’s total package is superior to the one offered by the original 360. For users who have been complaining about the 360’s lack of storage capability and inability to formulate a rapid wireless connection, the 360 Slim is the way to go. Increased freedom to connect in a wireless fashion is typically the primary motivating factor for users who eventually decide to make the switch.

Unless you are particularly infatuated with the 360 Slim’s particular feel and look, there is very little reason to make the switch. USB drives can be used on the original 360 to increase the storage capability and if the lack of wireless is problematic, a wireless dongle can remedy this issue. The single socket plug for Kinect is a plus, but many homes have additional plugs behind their television set and can handle multiple connections.

There is no denying that the 360 Slim looks much cooler than its older, more clunky counterpart. If you have recently experienced issues with your 360, then the 360 Slim is a more than adequate replacement. But, it is important to remember that most of the differences between the two system are merely cosmetic in nature.

Difference Between Quartz and Granite

Difference Between Quartz and Granite

Anyone thinking of adding quartz or granite counter-tops to their home should consider the differences and details. Consideration must be given to you own personal tastes and needs, as well as exactly how these two materials hold up.

There are both pros and cons for each material. This article will attempt to shine the light on quartz and granite in a way that assists homeowners in making the right choice.

The first major difference we need to discuss is the fact that granite is mined. It is a natural creation of nature with 100% natural stone. What that means is that no two slabs are exactly alike. Some people like this and others don’t.

Quartz counter-tops may look very natural but are actually manufactured. Quartz is crushed and then mixed in with a binding agent like resin. The patterns and colors you see are purely artificial. Naturally the quartz is real, however, the rest of the counter-top is of human design.


Granite is mined and comes out in big natural chunks. That means the slabs are all imperfect even though they are beautiful to look at. It can be difficult to match up the consistency of the patterns to a kitchen decor, but some believe it’s well worth trying. It is mostly popular with people who desire to have something unique.

Many people are under the impression that granite is unbreakable. This is a misconception. It is indeed very strong but will chip fairly easy from dropped pans or prolonged use. Still, they can last for up to 50 years without suffering a scratch. Maintenance is key when you have granite counter-tops.

Another important point is if you use granite for creating a small, square-shaped counter-top, then it could be done with one piece. However, if you’re creating a longer counter-top you may need several pieces joined together. The problem with having several pieces is that the seams are next to impossible to hide.

The best way to maintain a granite counter-top is to seal them regularly (1 to 3 years depending on amount of use). Sealants help to keep the granite from staining and collecting liquids (it is very porous and not naturally a stain-resistant material). The heavier the use the more often it should be sealed.


One of the things people like the most about quartz is that it’s stainless and requires no sealing. When you have a quartz counter-top you have zero maintenance. That is a huge selling point for a lot of families, especially when they have children.

While quartz is ‘stainless’ it will still discolor if left exposed to sunlight for too long. Placing them in front of windows could prove to be a costly move.

Quartz can hold its own against granite in the strength department, especially in terms of chipping. Quartz is considered a bit stronger due to its flexibility. Under severe strain granite would be more likely to crack than quartz. As far as weight is concerned, quartz is heavier than granite. Both materials should be installed by professionals.

When it comes to the seams that are nearly impossible to hide with granite, if you use a darker shade of quartz you can get a very sleek and clean seam that hardly shows.

The Money Factor

Granite: This material gives you a broader variety of prices. The cheapest and lowest grade can be installed for around $30 a square foot. If you choose to go high-end and get something exotic and rare, it can cost you around $150 a square foot. The average costs are around $60 a square foot.

Quartz: This material has always cost more than granite, however, with new technology making its way into how we do everything, things are not so far apart as they used to be. You can find quartz running you from $65 to $100 a square foot.

Most of the information listed above reveals that quartz seems to be leading in most categories. It is non-porous which means spilling wine or other very staining agents onto it has no effect. It wipes right up. The maintenance is practically non-existent. It cleans up with soap and water.

Quartz is also made to be hygienic. It makes it harder for bacteria to grow than granite does. In families with children being able to prepare food on your counter-tops is a really key point.

Still, even with all the points made in this article, this debate between quartz and granite has been going on seemingly forever. It comes down to a matter of personal taste and how it will be used. You need to make a choice based on your lifestyle, home design, and personal preference.

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, the ‘best’ choice all boils down to you. The best thing to do is to read articles like this one and some reviews and come to the best conclusion for your personal project. Either material can work well when installed properly and can add an elegant look to any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Difference Between Xbox 360 Consoles

Difference Between Xbox 360 Consoles

What is the difference between Xbox and Xbox 360 is the question arising in the minds of many gaming enthusiasts. Most of these people own the former version and they wish to know the difference just because of the fact that they are interested in going for the latter version. Also, people who do not have both these versions have this sort of question in their mind. A number of differences can be pointed out between these two versions. But, whether the differences will count, will purely depend on the individual characteristics of the users. This depends on the fact as to whether the individual asking this question wants the console just for playing during free time or whether he is a tech savvy interested in updating himself with the latest technological devices.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the latest of these two versions from Microsoft. As most of us think, some of the features found in this latest model will not be present in its predecessor. Of course, this is true and difference can be found in the computer graphics offered by the newer versions. In addition, this latest version can work well in HDTV. Even though, the Xbox 360 has advanced features, they will work only when the appropriate connections are established with the HDTV using appropriate devices. For instance, if the console is connected to a television that has an RF connection, there will not be a good quality output on the television. On the other hand, when HDTV connection is established, the great gaming experience can be enjoyed.

Other points to consider are the purchase of the right mod controller for Xbox 360. There are different varieties available under this category like rapid fire mod controller and this would be of great enjoyment to the people, who frequently play high speed shooting games via their gaming console. There are professional companies dealing with latest models of these devices and they have products pertaining to gaming consoles like games, videos and of course controllers.

When the right company is selected, the mod controller for Xbox 360 can be rightly selected after browsing through the different collections available with them. When talking about video games, rapid fire is an important feature and there are also rapid fire mod controllers dealt by these firms. They also deal with the most advanced gaming controllers to provide the right kind of gaming experience to their customers.

Xbox 360 Elite

The Xbox 360 Elite console is best option for hardcore people, and those who love watching movies and shows.

Now that you know the difference between the old Xbox 360 and the new Xbox 360 which goes along with the HDMI feature, the options is yours, to discover the new console, or run some upgrades into the older console, if you really want to get the full advantage of the HDMI feature.

Difference Between 3G and 3GS

Difference Between 3G and 3GS

When it comes to discovering the difference between the 3G and the 3GS, we’re talking about the iPhone. There are a few differences between the two smartphones and it’s important to know what they are. These are older models from the iPhone 4 or 4S, but many people are still interested in these phones, especially since the prices have dropped considerably since they first came out.

What Makes Them Similar?

Let’s first begin by the similarities. The dimensions for both the 3G and the 3GS are 115.5mm x 62.1mm x 12.3 mm. The colors that the iPhone comes in are black and white and they are both touch screens. They feature the same resolution of 320×480 pixels and they use 16M colors. This means that at first glance, in terms of size and weight, they are absolutely the same. It isn’t until you begin to actually use the phones that you see anything different. This is why they can be confusing because, visually, it looks like there are no differences.

They both have the earpiece and loudspeaker and have a YouTube player. The technology is the same as well, in terms of the GSM and the data. There are some slight differences within the connectivity, however. The 3Gs features 2.1 Bluetooth over the 2.0 of the #G and there is USB 2.0 in the 3GS while the 3G has the standard USB.

The 3G came out in July 2008 and the 3GS came out in June 2009, almost an entire year later. As such, the issues that people complained about in the 3G were fixed in the 3GS, which allowed more people to be happy with their iPhones. There have been considerable upgrades within the years’ time and this has made the 3GS more popular. It is also more like the future iPhones that were released after 2009, which includes the modern iPhone 6.

There is an improved processor in the 3GS. The 3G only has 412 MHz while the S has a 600 MHz. There is also double the RAM in the 3GS, up to 256 MB from the 128 MB in the older version. They both have internal storage of 8 GB with no expandable storage option available. The improved processor speed and RAM have had a lot of people talking and they prefer the 3GS in this regard. People have left reviews about the ability to multi-task easier. With the internal storage being the same, it has no impact on the number of apps that can be installed from one phone over another.

The iPhone 3GS also has the PowerVR SGX 535 graphics processor. This allows for better quality playback for movies as well as games. Many people who use their iPhones for apps and video playback are able to take advantage of the GPU and enjoy the 3GS over the 3G for this very reason. This also makes the first iPhone that introduced a graphics processor into the phone. Prior to this, a GPU was only inside of computers. This is what began to attract people to the iPhone with more interest. They could get a similar experience out of a smartphone as they could from their computer, and it was more portable.

What Makes Them Different?

There are also some differences between the cameras. For people who are photography oriented, this is of the utmost importance. The rear camera of the iPhone 3G has a 2 megapixel capability while the rear camera of the 3GS has been given an upgrade to a 3.15 megapixel camera. There is no flash in either of the cameras, but the 3GS has a camcorder function that the 3G does not. It has a640x480 VGA camcorder that is capable of 30 frames per second.

Another thing that the iPhone 3GS has for the camera that the 3G does not are some unique features. While both are capable of geo tagging, the camera on the 3GS also has auto focus as well as touch focus. This allows users to be able to take better quality photos and choose what they are going to focus in on, allowing for some trick photography.

There is no Java support in either and the browser operates in HTML for both of them. They can connect with Wi-Fi and GPS and they both feature Bluetooth as well. The battery is a difference between the two iPhones as well. The average talk time on each vary by a considerable two hours. The 3G can produce approximately 10 hours of talk time while the 3GS ca provide 12 hours of talk time. If it is used for music playback, then the difference is 24 hours versus 30 hours. The battery is not replaceable in either model.

There are also several sensors built into both of the iPhone models. This includes a compass, proximity sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, and accelerometer. However the iPhone 3Gs has a barometer that the 3G does not. It’s also a good thing to note that the 3GS also has voice dialing and voice commands that the 3G does not.

Overall, both of the iPhones by Apple have features that are the same. However, when it comes down to the differences, there are enough that makes the 3GS version more enticing. It has the better processor, more RAM, a graphics processor, a better camera, the presence of a camcorder, and a longer battery time. This allows people to do more with their smartphone and it is more comparable to the various Windows and Android phones that are on the market.

Difference Between E Cig and Cigarettes

Difference Between E Cig and Cigarettes

For those who wish to rid themselves of harmful tobacco, making the switch from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes just may be one of the most important decisions that they ever make. Obviously, there are numerous differences between the two popular smoking formats and the time has come for a closer look.

E-Cigarettes vs Cigarettes

Some of the differences between e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes are quite noticeable, while others are much more subtle. The most noticeable difference between the two is the odor. Regular cigarettes are known for their offensive odor and for this reason, the majority of states and business establishments have outlawed their usage, for public safety reasons.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, due to the fact that their aroma is either pleasant to the senses or completely nonexistent. An e-cigarette smoker can pick and choose from a delightful array of scents, while conventional smokers simply have to take whatever they can get.

Smoking electronically is also much cheaper than purchasing conventional cigarettes by the pack or carton from a convenience store/supermarket. Fewer costs have inflated more quickly than cigarettes and a pack that used to cost the consumer $1 35 years ago now costs five times or even ten times as much, depending on your state of residence.

E-cigarettes are much cheaper, and once you have made the initial investment in your personal starter kit, your expenses will remain quite low. Batteries and cartomizers make up the bulk of your expenses going forward, which comes to roughly $20-30 each month. This is chump change compared to what a pack a day smoker spends each month (and year!)

There are also a number of health benefits that come with smoking electronic cigarettes. The user is significantly decreasing their overall tobacco intake and as a result, they are also decreasing their risk of developing cancer, lung disease, oral sores and yellowed teeth.

E-cigarettes are also much safer from a household standpoint, as cigarette smokers are regularly forced to use open flames in order to light up with. The hot cherry at the end of a cigarette also provides an increased risk factor for house fires, damage to clothing and furniture and so on and so forth.

Smoking cigarettes also comes with a societal stigma, as we now know more about the harmful effects. While the long term health benefits of e-cigarettes have yet to be proven, we already know about the long term health risks that come with cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are safer for the environment, safer for your home, and lighter on your wallet. You can smoke them in public places, without infuriating your fellow citizens. If you are looking to make the switch from conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are a viable option, as they provide a similar feeling, with a fraction of the health issues.

Difference Between Component and HDMI

Difference Between Component and HDMI

With modern technology and all the video systems we have available to us, sooner or later you will have a conversation with someone who claims the picture quality using HDMI is far better than the picture quality while using Component. When pressed, they can rarely tell you why they feel this way. There are in fact differences. Whether one is better than the other is personal preference. But let us explore the differences before you decide.


HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it is digital. Component is analog. HDMI is standard for interfacing televisions, video game consoles and computers. Component is an analog means of transporting signals between the devices.

Component needs an individual line for each data stream it needs to transmit. So, video and stereo would require 5 lines. HDMI is much less work. It uses a single line to transmit standard definition and high definition and 8 channels of audio. To connect two devices together you would need one wire versus 5 or more with component.

When the source is analog, component is adequate. But when the source is LCD display or Blu-Ray, HDMI is preferred. HDMI sends the data in digital which is how LCD displays it. If you are using component, it has to be converted from analog to digital to the LCD Display and the converted back from analog to digital so it can be displayed on the screen. A huge amount of data is lost in the conversions so the component source ends up displaying a much lower quality video.

HDMI is not usually affected by environmental factors. However and interference from the environment will affect the picture quality on a component source.


Component has the ability to go to 1080i. That in theory should give the same quality as HDMI. The problem is in the interface. Some Blue-Ray has code built in that is only readable with HDMI. You have to consider the video and audio capabilities of the gaming systems, computers and surround sound. The simple fact is, with HDMI you get the easiest connection, less mess from wires, and full video and audio benefit out of the box. There is nothing extra to do, to make it operate at full potential.

Component has the ability, but it takes more effort and once you are in operation, more things can interfere with the results. HDMI is simply an easier method of getting the same or in some cases, much better results. There is less interference and HDMI is designed to work with the latest video systems.

If you plan on upgrading your video systems, computer or LCD display in the future, you would fare better to go ahead and use the HDMI connection now. It will save you a lot of aggravation in the future.