Samsung Galaxy Sii Siii Comparison

Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of high quality android phones in the market nowadays. And some of the best examples of great accomplishments of this company are the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3. These two android phones have remarkable performance and extremely amazing features that will surely satisfy the demands of those consumers who want to live a very luxurious life in this world at the present time. But in this article, these two android phones will be compared to each other to each to see the things that the consumers should like about the characteristics and features of these products.


One of the things that the consumers can compare about the characteristics of Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 is the presence of plastic covers or casing in its features. The usual color of the plastic case of the S2 is black. And its contemporary design makes it one of the most elegant and unique smartphones that the consumers can try to purchase in the market at the present time. Such characteristics are also present in the design of S3 but more improvements were added in its greater finish. The stated android phone has successfully exceeded the quality of its predecessor in terms of design.

It is because the design of Samsung galaxy S3 is already more elegant with its wide variety of colors and smoother finish. The case of this android phone looks more elegant and shiny compared to the cover of its predecessor which is the Samsung galaxy S2. But in terms of durability, S2 remains the best since its plastic case is thicker and stronger compared to what the Samsung galaxy S3 has. At this stage, the winner is the S2 since the characteristic that has been evaluated is the durability.


Now it’s time to focus on the touch screen properties of the android phones that were stated. Both Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 have touch screen properties that are very fantastic. In S2, the buttons for the back, open and select options were separated from the screen menus for some reasons. And such characteristic remains the same in the S3. However, more additional options are already available in the S3 compared to its predecessor.

There’s a reason for the separation of the back, open and select buttons in the touch screen features of these android phones. But such thing remains a mystery for the consumers. In this part of comparison, the S3 succeeded because of the presence of additional surprises in its menu. Based on the comparisons that were discussed in this article, the consumers can automatically say the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 have strong connections to each other. For those individuals who are searching for an android phone that can never be destroyed easily by hard impacts, choose the Samsung galaxy S2. And those who are interested to enjoy the latest innovations in the modern technology should go for the new Samsung galaxy S3.

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