Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Tab has been the product in which it is regarded as the product boasts. This tablet from Samsung has been featuring ciamik with a cost that is not very expensive. This is one of the main reasons why many people across the globe appreciated preferred it over other tablets sold in the market.

Choosing a Product

When looking for a particular product such as a smartphone, it is always important to consider every small detail about that item. In this way, you will be able to distinguish whether it is worthy of your money, trust and recommendation. One common mistake of many people when buying certain products is that they only check the advantages and they no longer dare to check out the drawbacks. They are afraid that they might get disappointed with the item they wish to buy. However, they do not know that this will help them a lot in making reliable and practical decisions all throughout the process.

When you want to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you should not only focus in the advantages it provides. You can also take a look at some of its disadvantages through reading its reviews from different sites and customers. This is an essential part of your personal judgment so that you will come up with the best product that you deserve.


To get started, take note of the following details given below and see how it can make significant changes to the way you use your device and to your daily lifestyle.

1. It comes with non replaceable battery.

2. The CPU clock speed has been limited to 1 GHz only.

3. Its camera does not have flash and only 3.2 MP rear camera.

4. No USB charging.

5. It does not have a long battery life.

6. It only has a VGA resolution front-facing camera.

7. The camera has been one of the disappointing parts of this tablet since it has a low quality camera.

Another issue on this Galaxy Tab 2 is on its SIM card slot and the ability to make calls or send MMS and SMS like using the phone. For other users, this can be an excess but for some, they judge it as the wasted feature.

On the Bright Side

The good thing about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is that it does not have a long list of disadvantages. With the price of $249, you can now obtain a version with Wi-Fi only 8GB device. When you want to take closer at its details, you can simply search the web and browse through a wide range of selection for the best online and local shops that are offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Try comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 disadvantages with other tablets out there. In this way, you will have an idea whether these are only minor drawbacks. You may also consider the positive side and check whether it has a longer list compared to the disadvantages listed.

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