How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail

The market of mobile phones has been flooded with a lot of newer and more innovative units being introduced these days. A lot of mobile phones that you can find today come with the more advanced features which are more inviting to the users. Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of different advanced devices, especially mobile phones.

One of the newest Samsung units that are recently introduced includes the new Samsung Galaxy Prevail. This new unit from the ever popular Samsung comes with a number of advanced features that will certainly seem attractive to every particular mobile user.

More About Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail comes with a lot of ideal features. It comes with the 3.2 inch HVGA in 480 x 320 pixel display along with the 800MHz processor. Different from many other Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Prevail does not have the custom TouchWiz enhancements for user interface by Samsung. This unit also comes with a two megapixel camera without HD capability on video recording.

However, irrespective of the lower end specs of this phone, it provides the solid experience with the Android 2.2 Froyo. This is perfect for those first time users of smartphone who may be adjusting from the feature phone into their initial Smartphone. The phone’s processor didn’t hold it back on zip through home screens and menus with great ease. In addition to this, you will also easily accomplish a lot of basic tasks, which you can expect from the contemporary Smartphone to do. While this Prevail from Samsung is running the Android 2.2, it comes with the inclusive benefits of the whole Android system. This is made possible through the multiple applications available for installation and adding functionality.

The development has preloaded few of the high end and basic applications that include Twitter’s Twidroyd, SCVNGR (a location-based social networking application), the TeleNav GPS navigator, ThinkFree Office, Layar Augmented Reality as well as the own Hookt social networking application from Boost. The Facebook app might not be preinstalled with this mobile phone. However, you will surely love just how easy it is for you to deal with its downloading and installation from the Android store. Samsung’s Prevail is not likely to manage forceful 3D. This is due to the slower processor and its smaller screen.

The phone’s browser is known as the typical Android 2.2 browser which you will find truly acceptable for your typical browsing requirements. Pinch to zoom is allowed while the pages can be scrolled simply enough after it has been loaded. However, because of its lower end processor, the phone doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Prevail is a highly accepted phone unit for its great features.

However, even with such a number of excellent features, there are still some issues that you will experience from using this phone. These issues may include knowing the proper rebooting of the phone. Conducting a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Prevail may be useful when the password is lost or forgotten. Typically, the process of factory reset may be performed on the phone from the selections within the software. On the other hand, when the phone has been frozen or will not boot up, you may perform the external hard reset without having the need to turn on the phone.

The process of factory reset may restore back the device to its fundamental factory settings. Every application that has been downloaded, bookmarks, passwords, media, and personal data will be deleted once you restore the factory defaults of your phone. If you accidentally forgot the password or code of your phone, considering the proper ways to reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be a great help.

The unit of Samsung Galaxy Prevail is very customizable which may give you difficulty on choosing what you like with it and what you want for it. However, once you have lost its password, your fun will be over and you wish to get it back to its original factory settings once again. The following will teach you how you will be able to reboot your Samsung Galaxy Prevail through the systematic instructions.

However, before you finally proceed to conducting the process, you must be aware that every piece of data you have stored in your phone will be deleted from it. This is right after you are done with the procedure. The process might also probably delete the data being stored on its micro SD card. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to back up all of the personal data you have prior to the proceeding.

Step by Step Process

The first process should include the following steps:
1. From the primary home screen, you may tap on the menu.
2. After tapping on the menu button, select settings and then privacy.
3. In the Privacy settings, you will find the Factory data reset.
4. Once you have seen it, you tap the reset phone button.
5. Once prompted, you may need to enter the required password and then tap on “Erase everything” for confirmation.


When the first process does not take effect, or if the phone is put into frozen, you may have the other alternative including the following steps:
1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. When the phone is frozen, you may pull out the battery and then have it reinserted.
2. Hold the button of the Volume Down.
3. At the same time, press the “Power” button and then release it.
4. After doing this, you will be displayed with the menu that enables for SIM lock, Fastbook, Clear Storage, and Recovery.
5. By pressing on the button of the “Volume Down”, you can select “Clear Storage”.
6. Press the power button once again and then release it.
7. After this, you can then simply make the confirmation for your decision. Your options should include Volume Up for Yes while Volume Down for No.

Once you are through with the process, all the data that even include the 3rd party applications would be deleted from your phone. After the wipe has been completed, your Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be rebooted into its fresh factory state.

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