Samsung Galaxy s 4g sgh-t959v Review

Are you looking for a new Samsung device that you can use to replace your old one? You might find what you are looking for in this Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V review! If you have tried the capabilities of the Samsung Vibrant, then you will love this upgrade as well. In appearance, the device is very similar to Vibrant. You might even think that it is one once you consider the features of the product. But really, the Galaxy is different from the previous model. You will know more about these differences after going over this Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V review.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V

It may have looked the same in appearance and in features at first glance, but you need to dig in deeper to see the differences. The device features 4G connectivity, larger battery and a camera on its front, which is useful when conducting video calls. It has impressive data speeds as well as good call quality. Samsung Galaxy S 4G is designed with a super AMOLED touchscreen and a 5MP camera that has a video recording resolution of 720p HD. It is a nice option for consumers who are looking for a new Smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V review shows the different features of the device to guide you in making a decision in buying the product.

Putting this device side by side with the Samsung Vibrant, you will notice that there is not much difference between the two. Both have the same size, which are 4.82 inches in height and 2.54 inches in width. Both are almost similar in the aspect of design except for the silver finish of Galaxy S 4G on its back. It is near a matte finish and is very different from the Vibrant. The device also is not that slick, which may be due to the plastic build of the case. It is featuring the Super AMOLED touchscreen, which is eye-catching. It offers a sharp display, enabling you to read texts well. Just beware that it also shines, especially when taking a look at photos and watching videos.

But you do not need to worry about the responsiveness of the product since it does well. You will be able to scroll through the menu smoothly. It is using TouchWiz interface. It features a headphone jack, micro USB port and a camera on the back.

Nice Features of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G
It is a quad-band world phone featuring a speakerphone, voice dialing, multimedia and text messaging and conference calling. The device is integrated with a GPs, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The feature and appearance of the Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G may be so identical, but one of the things that differentiate the two is the camera on the front of the latter. Thus, it is becomes possible for you to make video calls using the device.

The Samsung phone is running the Android Froyo OS, which allows you to save applications on your card along with voice dialing via Bluetooth. It supports Flash Player as well. The advantage of having this product is the added entertainment you can use and enjoy. It has a full copy of Kindle Android, DoubleTwist with Airsync, Slacker Radio and Inception. The benefit of the featured DoubleTwist with Airsync is that it allows you to sync as well as back up files from your device to PC via Wi-Fi connection.

Its 4G Support
This feature is the biggest improvement made in the upgrade Galaxy S 4G. It is capable of reaching the speed of up to 21mbps.

The quad band feature of the device was tested and proven to deliver excellent call quality. The audio is clear complete without the little-to-no background noise or any voice distortion effect. The report of the test also showed that the same was experienced on the other end of the line. There may be bit of static, but it did not affect the overall quality.

Another thing you will know from the Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V review is the capability of the device to keep up with most of your demands. Although there were some lag times, it still performed well and does tasks without much glitch. Launching of apps, video and games can go smooth. And, it can last for up to 9 hours even with continuous talk time. At standby time, it can last for 12.5 days.


Looking at the Samsung Vibrant, you sure saw that it has a nice appearance, so it must apply to the Samsung Galaxy S 4G as well. Thus, if you like Vibrant, you will feel the same with it plus the number of improvements it has. You would not have any complaints about its screen since is clear and delivers a lag-less function, making it a more welcoming option among other options out there.

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