Boost Mobile Galaxy Prevail Review

Boost Mobile Galaxy Prevail Review

Boost Mobile’s Galaxy Prevail is a sophisticated, elegantly designed mobile phone with a sloping, screen, metallic accent and soft touch finish on the sides and back. The Prevail is the second Android phone by Boost Mobile and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. Based on their reviews, the phone’s mid-range and lower-end components make the device a more affordable phone. The Prevail is available for Boost Mobile Shrinkage Plan, which cuts off the cost of monthly bills for a total of 18 months for a one-time payment.


The smartphone’s design is appealing despite being marketed at a competitive cost. In fact, its design makes it like a million dollar worth mobile phone. The Galaxy Prevail by Boost Mobile is finished with a soft-touch on the back cover and spine. The phone’s face, back, and sides are bordered with a metallic, dark-gray accent, giving the handset with a phone polish. The mobile phone’s screen slightly curves downward at the bottom and top, invoking an infinity pool. The phone measures 4.4 x 2.26 x 0.47 inches and weighs approx 3.8 ounces.

The device has 3.5 inch TFT display with 800×480 pixels of VGA resolution. You can find five screens along with the usual Android icons and widgets and three static buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The micro SD card slot is located on the left side of the device.

The Prevail has message inbox and integrated email support for multiple IMAP, POP, and Exchange accounts. It also features Google Maps that be used through voice navigation, standard music player, Android Market storefront, Google Places, Google Talk, and standard apps such as a clock, a calculator, and a calendar.


Android 2.2 Froyo – This feature of the device makes it simple to use, yet allows you to view content in a flash. Also, it has a texting support for social media accounts, a message inbox, and email.

2MP Camera and 3.2MP Shooter – The camera delivers adequate quality of image. The pictures captured by the device are relatively bright in colors and sharp. Although the camera of the device has only 2MP, it receives boosting from the 3.3 MP lenses. In addition, adjusting the color effects, white balance presets, and other settings, the device can deliver you some quality images.

124MB Internal Storage and 2GB micro SD Card – The phone comes with a built-in 124MB storage as well as 2GB micro SD card. If this storage space is not enough, you can expand it as it supports up to 32GB external memory.


Although the voice quality of the phone is not stellar, the audio still sounds natural. The sound quality is not gauzy or muffled. As for the speaker phone, the sound may seem unnatural, but only if the volume of the audio is too loud. You will get a descent sound quality once you lowered the speaker volume.

The usability of the Galaxy Prevail by Boost mobile is not that much, but it’s fine considering the price of the device. The Prevail 800 MHZ processor works just fine. As for the date speed, downloading apps takes just a matter seconds. The graphics will completely load after a minute and the app is usable after 30 seconds.

According to Boost Mobile Galaxy, the 1500mAh Li-Ion battery life lasts for up to 9 days in standby mode and 6.5 hours of talk time. Like most mobile phones, the Prevail losses battery power when used frequently, especially in gaming and browsing the internet.


The smooth design of the mobile phone makes it glide on your pocket and has the higher chances for breaking. It is suggested that you keep the phone safe when not in use to ensure that if will not fall off from your pocket and break.


The Galaxy Prevail is a beautiful smartphone at a cheap price. Although the screen specs of the phone is not that much, the smooth surface of the LCD makes it responsive. Besides, the 2MP camera of the device delivers quality of image that you may expect from its pixel count. According the device may not be a high end 4G, dual-core phone, but it’s a mobile device worthy of carrying the Galaxy name. This will not make you ashamed putting it out from your pocket and using it in front of other people.

Although the Prevail is receiving some negative reviews, the product is still worth. Considering its price as well as its specs, features, and overall design, you can say that it has enough to offer at its price range. Compared to other smartphones within the phone’s price range, Boost Mobile’s Galaxy Prevail is better in design, features, and specs.

Once you purchase Boost Mobile Galaxy Prevail, you will get the Samsung Galaxy Prevail phone, 2GB microSD card, Lithium ion battery, phone charger, instructional manual, USB cord, and activation kit.

How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail

How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail

The market of mobile phones has been flooded with a lot of newer and more innovative units being introduced these days. A lot of mobile phones that you can find today come with the more advanced features which are more inviting to the users. Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of different advanced devices, especially mobile phones.

One of the newest Samsung units that are recently introduced includes the new Samsung Galaxy Prevail. This new unit from the ever popular Samsung comes with a number of advanced features that will certainly seem attractive to every particular mobile user.

More About Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail comes with a lot of ideal features. It comes with the 3.2 inch HVGA in 480 x 320 pixel display along with the 800MHz processor. Different from many other Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Prevail does not have the custom TouchWiz enhancements for user interface by Samsung. This unit also comes with a two megapixel camera without HD capability on video recording.

However, irrespective of the lower end specs of this phone, it provides the solid experience with the Android 2.2 Froyo. This is perfect for those first time users of smartphone who may be adjusting from the feature phone into their initial Smartphone. The phone’s processor didn’t hold it back on zip through home screens and menus with great ease. In addition to this, you will also easily accomplish a lot of basic tasks, which you can expect from the contemporary Smartphone to do. While this Prevail from Samsung is running the Android 2.2, it comes with the inclusive benefits of the whole Android system. This is made possible through the multiple applications available for installation and adding functionality.

The development has preloaded few of the high end and basic applications that include Twitter’s Twidroyd, SCVNGR (a location-based social networking application), the TeleNav GPS navigator, ThinkFree Office, Layar Augmented Reality as well as the own Hookt social networking application from Boost. The Facebook app might not be preinstalled with this mobile phone. However, you will surely love just how easy it is for you to deal with its downloading and installation from the Android store. Samsung’s Prevail is not likely to manage forceful 3D. This is due to the slower processor and its smaller screen.

The phone’s browser is known as the typical Android 2.2 browser which you will find truly acceptable for your typical browsing requirements. Pinch to zoom is allowed while the pages can be scrolled simply enough after it has been loaded. However, because of its lower end processor, the phone doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Prevail is a highly accepted phone unit for its great features.

However, even with such a number of excellent features, there are still some issues that you will experience from using this phone. These issues may include knowing the proper rebooting of the phone. Conducting a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Prevail may be useful when the password is lost or forgotten. Typically, the process of factory reset may be performed on the phone from the selections within the software. On the other hand, when the phone has been frozen or will not boot up, you may perform the external hard reset without having the need to turn on the phone.

The process of factory reset may restore back the device to its fundamental factory settings. Every application that has been downloaded, bookmarks, passwords, media, and personal data will be deleted once you restore the factory defaults of your phone. If you accidentally forgot the password or code of your phone, considering the proper ways to reboot Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be a great help.

The unit of Samsung Galaxy Prevail is very customizable which may give you difficulty on choosing what you like with it and what you want for it. However, once you have lost its password, your fun will be over and you wish to get it back to its original factory settings once again. The following will teach you how you will be able to reboot your Samsung Galaxy Prevail through the systematic instructions.

However, before you finally proceed to conducting the process, you must be aware that every piece of data you have stored in your phone will be deleted from it. This is right after you are done with the procedure. The process might also probably delete the data being stored on its micro SD card. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to back up all of the personal data you have prior to the proceeding.

Step by Step Process

The first process should include the following steps:
1. From the primary home screen, you may tap on the menu.
2. After tapping on the menu button, select settings and then privacy.
3. In the Privacy settings, you will find the Factory data reset.
4. Once you have seen it, you tap the reset phone button.
5. Once prompted, you may need to enter the required password and then tap on “Erase everything” for confirmation.


When the first process does not take effect, or if the phone is put into frozen, you may have the other alternative including the following steps:
1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. When the phone is frozen, you may pull out the battery and then have it reinserted.
2. Hold the button of the Volume Down.
3. At the same time, press the “Power” button and then release it.
4. After doing this, you will be displayed with the menu that enables for SIM lock, Fastbook, Clear Storage, and Recovery.
5. By pressing on the button of the “Volume Down”, you can select “Clear Storage”.
6. Press the power button once again and then release it.
7. After this, you can then simply make the confirmation for your decision. Your options should include Volume Up for Yes while Volume Down for No.

Once you are through with the process, all the data that even include the 3rd party applications would be deleted from your phone. After the wipe has been completed, your Samsung Galaxy Prevail will be rebooted into its fresh factory state.

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail Review

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail Review

When it comes to Smartphones, one of the leading brands that you can trust is Samsung. It may not have started in this field of electronics, but it made its way and is now among the most successful manufacturers of Smartphones in the industry. So, if you are looking for some new device out there, Samsung Smartphones can be your best bet. One good option for those who are looking for a device is the boost mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail. It may not be as functional as the leading models available now, but it is a good starter device for those who will use one for the first time. To help you know more about this device, here is a boost mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review you can use as your guide.

Who Could Benefit from the Product?

Samsung Galaxy Prevail is not from the Samsung Galaxy S end of Smartphones. Its simplicity as a device made the product a great option for those who are just deciding to delve in the capacity of Smartphone devices.

Others may directly use the most advanced ones. But those who want to enjoy the process of their transition to these devices have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail as their option. It is also a nice option for people who prefer going to the cheap choices. The device may not be as advanced as the others in features and other aspects, but it is assured that you will love Prevail’s functionality.


The rumors about the launching of a new Samsung Galaxy Boost Mobile surely made some of you imagine a handset that looks like just the Samsung Mesmerize. But the device is a phone of its own. It has sophisticated going to an elegant design, which is composed of a sloping screen and soft-touch finish both on the sides and its back. Its weight is so light yet feels solid. Just the appearance of the phone is enough to make you feel like you are handling something luxurious. The display is on the small side. However, it is a display that shows how bright and vibrant it can be. It responds well too. It features 4 function keys below its screen and it lights up every time the screen is being touched.


1. It is a Smartphone device for users who wish to switch to using this type of phone. It is designed and customized to ensure that all your mobile needs already fit at the palm of your hand and in just a few swipes.
2. Features 4.1 Jelly Bean as its OS, one that helps in making personalization in another level.
3. Has a 4-inch screen that might not be too big, but enables everything you see to be seen clearly
4. It features dual cameras to help make social sharing much easier for you.


The Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review already showed you the basics of what you can expect from the device. It is time now for you to know its full capability. The combination of the device’s elegant design and decent set of camera makes up another level in the world of Smartphones. It is a phone designed more for function and a bit for design. You and your needs are the two things considered in the creation of the phone. It is made to help you in working around your life.

Even though the display of the device is not s big as others, it is ensured that looking at your phone will let you see everything clearly. Thus, clarity is enabled no matter what you need to look at the display of your phone, whether that’s the game you are playing or something you need to email to your friends. Its touchscreen is also responsive you would not have a bit of problem about it. What’s more is the featured dual camera. So, you love taking a pic of your own. No need to have a hard time using your phone’s back camera when there is one at the front just waiting for you to set it. Enjoy taking photos and recording videos with the highest quality ever that you now know from this Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review.


Since it is an ideal Smartphone for users, it is only expected that its features are incomparable to the latest Android phones in the market. The screen’s size may be a worry if you feel cramped when typing. But setting these aside, there are lots more you will love about the product.


If it is about sophisticated paired with good value, you can expect to find it in this device. Considering the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review, it just emphasized that the device is a nice option for those who are looking for an upgrade to Smartphones. It is cheap enough with secured functionality. So, if you are new to such devices, stop looking elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile Specs

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile Specs

Communicating with other people is being made easier and some other task that is related to its use. One could have a full access to any person throughout the globe provided they have established a connection with them. Each feature of the phone should be understood by the customer so that they will be able to know how they are going to make used of in the best way. Being satisfied as a customer or phone user is to be achieved if all the specifications are suited according to an individual’s needs. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile Specs should be understood so that every application that is installed on the phone will be beneficial.

Who Would Benefit/Purchase This Product?

The specification or the features of the product is the most important thing that is to be considered when purchasing items. Being wise as a customer should always be promoted so that the cellular phone to be acquired will be suited according to an individual’s needs. As of today, communication is never a thing that is to be worried of; the use of phones makes it convenient to both the caller and the receiver.


Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is manufactured by Samsung Company who has been one of the best providers of android phones which is being loved by lots of people. The size o this phone unit is 4.43 x 2.26 x 0.47 inches with a total weight of 3.8 ounces. The available color of Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is obsidian black. The physical size of its display is 3.2 inches with a multi-touch screen. The phones screen features light sensor and proximity sensor. The camera of this phone unit has 2 mega pixels with an inclusion of camcorder. The hardware system has built in system chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7627 with single core internal processor of 800 MHz and ARM 11. The system memory has 384 Megabytes random access memory or 512 MB ROM.

Internet Capabilities

Since Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is an android phone there is a 2G and 3G network that is being installed to the phone to enable every phone owner in establishing connection to the internet. One has nothing to worry when it comes to the access in the World Wide Web because of the applications that is present in this phone unit. Establishing connection with the WLAN or from one phone is made available because of the built in WIFI application and WIFI hotspot. Upon the purchase or acquisition of this phone unit customers are being given with an earpiece so that they will be able to listen to different music. The music player has been an ideal one because of the album art cover and the background playback that is included in the application. The unit also has a loudspeaker so that the phone owner can be able to use it without any need for earpiece to be place on their ears. Sending of information, messages or MMS is made easier because of higher signal capabilities of the unit. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile can last for 6 hours and 50 minutes if being used for talking and some other related activities.