Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4g T769 Review

Have you imagined owning a device that runs at the speed of lightning? It may seem impossible, but soon, you can have that device at the palm of your hand. You can enjoy browsing and still have a smooth flowing download process. All photos you want to upload on your social media accounts can happen at the blink of an eye. That is what you can expect to know more about this Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769 review. The device delivering this kind of performance is the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. And if there is a pair of words that deserves to describe how its function, that would be fast and smooth.

Who Could Benefit from the Product?

Are you the kind of person who is so fond of multi-tasking? Do you text while downloading or uploading something? Or, maybe you have developed a habit of playing an app game from your device while you are also running to download something and once in a while texting some of your buddies? Don’t think your Smartphone is capable of doing that? But if you wish that your phone was like that, there is now a device capable of letting you enjoy that kind of fun. That is the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769.


It is likely that you already heard about the Samsung Galaxy S II. It is one of the most popular Android Smartphone lines that made it to the top pick since its launch. As a gadget whiz, you want your device to be the latest in the market. However, some would find its size an issue, especially if they have a small hand. It is also a bit on the expensive side, which can be a problem for those who prefer devices at a lesser price, but still delivers almost the same capability. That is what Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G can be for you, less expensive, but still capable.

What it does is shrink things down to make it in a more manageable size while still retaining the essential features. It is a good option for consumers looking for a fast and smooth running device that is just at the right size.


Design – The device is lacking the wow factor associated with Galaxy S II, but it is almost as nice looking as the latter. The cover is made of black plastic and a back that is lightly textured and rubberized. It is only slightly thicker, making it much comfortable to hold. The screen is designed smaller and is approximately 4 inches compared to the Galaxy S II, which is 4.5 inches. The colors on Blaze look vibrantly rich, but can look stippled because of the PenTile pixel layout. You may find trouble typing on the screen because of a bit of smallness, but there is the Swype software to settle that.

Call Quality – It is labeled as an average voice and not as good as the Galaxy S II. But it has a solid reception and calls do sound good in the earpiece. The same goes with the speakerphone, but it does not get much loader when outdoor. Connecting to the headset was fine though voice dialing can be quite risky. However, you should not feel the same way over dictation of text messages or issuing other commands through your voice since it can handle it.

Processor – It is powered by dual core 1.5Gz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3. Thus, you can expect to own a device that has excellent benchmark scores like Galaxy S II. It can power any game or app you put in it and that includes more than 450,000 apps available at the Google Play Store. It runs the Android Gingerbread for an OS along with the manufacturer’s own Touchwhiz extensions.

Apps – Samsung preinstalled a list of add-on apps in the device. These include Kies Air, which allows you to view the device’s contacts, media and messages via a computer and using the web browser. It is featuring the Media Hub app as well, which is a downloadable store for videos and music that double functions as video and photo editors. There are more apps preinstalled in the device and all of which are ensured for you to like and enjoy.

Multimedia – The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769 review shows that the device features a 2.44GB free internal storage. It already has a preinstalled 4GB micro SD card, but any other card of up to 64GB is still fine. It plays different music formats, including AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG ad MP3. It delivers excellent quality of sound, either produced from wired or Bluetooth headphones. Features a 5MP camera with a shutter delay that goes up to 1.15 seconds.


Galaxy S II will always be better than Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. But it has its size as an advantage, making it comfortable to hold and convenient to carry. It may not be as good as the Galaxy S II, but it fills in other aspects and in the ones that count most – network speed and processor. With the combination of all, you get yourself a nice option for a cheaper and smaller, but still capable Smartphone.

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