Does the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Have a Front Camera

Due to the massive innovation in today’s technology, more and more opportunities are given to everyone. These opportunities include the ability to use different forms of devices that will help make their job easier and more comfortable. Devices like mobile phones have given people the chance to better communicate with their families, friends and all the people they know. This opportunity has even improved with the introduction of different social media sites that are on the buzz today. So, it is no surprise why a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are designing and introducing more and more innovative units of mobiles.

One of the most popular brands of mobile phones you can find these days includes the ever popular Samsung. Samsung paved its way to become one of the most renowned brands of innovative devices. With its huge popularity, Samsung never ceases to amaze its patrons by the designs it introduces with the more feature advanced mobile phone units.

One of the newest mobile phone units introduced by the brand is known as the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G. It is a unit that can serve as the mobile hotspot among friends. It comes with an integrated 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot that enables you from sharing your connection for up to 8 different devices. Whether inside your car, at the business meeting or at the study group, the people who are around you will be able to share the scorching speeds of the 4G LTE network. Along with this, with the integrated Quickoffice, you will be able to access any of your important papers and make new ones right away.

The Camera

Of course, when purchasing a mobile phone, the built in camera is one of the major concerns of most consumers. In this case, this new unit from Samsung won’t surely fail because of its ever functional and innovative camera. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G comes in a 16MP BSI CMOS compact superzoom or Android smart hybrid device. Its camera technology blends the 21 times, 23-481 mm equivalent zoom-camera on its front with the 4.8 inches touchscreen on its back.

The amazing camera lets you capture moments and share them as they happen. You can take the wonderful self portrait through the use of the integrated front facing camera and take your one-shot moments with your rear facing camera. What’s more, you will also be able to get your creativity from going and enjoy a range of shooting modes with this mobile phone. The shooting modes include cartoon, panorama and action shot. With the use of Google Talk, you will also be able to video-shat with a friend from a distant place. In addition to this, you can also easily share all your photos and videos using your HDTV that comes with the pre-loaded AllShare app.

With Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G you will be using more while plugging in less. It is backed with huge battery capacity which enables you from enjoying the improved standby time and user time. This means you will more extra time for finding the ideal show times and movies. This is made possible with Yahoo! Movies, listen to and have more music downloaded with Rhapsody. In addition to, you can also monitor your visual voicemail, while finding the perfectly unique ringtone by using MetroSTUDIO.

The unit is also supported by Android 2.3 Gingerbread that enables you open up the mobile world. It is an Operating System (OS) that is designed to provide you freedom you simply deserve. Each action has been designed to be seamless, smooth and fast. With this Operating System, you will get an open access to hundreds and thousands of different Android applications. It also offers you access to different websites which play Adobe Flash, while having your screen customized just to the way you are using it. Through Google Mobile apps and services, you will also be provided with even quicker access to your mostly utilized contacts.

You can take advantage from simulated images. The device’s appearance might differ. The Operating System of the device along with its preloaded content would occupy a part of the memory. Just so you know, the term “4G” is used in combination with the Samsung Product denotes to its operating with the applicable 4G network of its identified carrier. LTE is the trademark of ETSI. TouchWiz and Samsung are both the trademarks of Google, Gmail, Android, Google Talk, Samsung Electronics Co. and all other marks are the known Google Inc.’s trademarks. Some other product names, marks and company names mentioned here are owned by their individual owners and might be registered trademarks or trademarks.

In this Samsung unit, you will be identifying the four buttons that are touch-sensitive. These buttons are namely home, search, back and menu. Found on the phone display’s left side is the volume rocker, while on its right side is the lock or power button. The device’s top part is featuring the 3.5 mm headphone jack along with the Micro USB sport with the sliding cover. The camera is found on the back and the front.

This unit also comes complemented with the package containing a USB cable, the AC adapter, the wired stereo headset, a reference material as well as a 16Gigabyte microSD card. The Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G is the innovative quad-band world phone that is packed with features like the speakerphone, voice dialing, multimedia and text messaging, conference calling, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Aside from the cellular calls, it is also made possible for you to create call through the Wi-Fi network. There will be no added charge, yet the minutes will be deducted from your daily voice plan. Also, different from some other unit, the Admire 4G comes with the VGA front facing camera which enables you to create video calls through your preferred network or Wi-Fi through the use of the pre-installed Qik application.

The phone also comes pre-integrated with a lot of entertainment additions. These additions basically include the Inception (a full copy, Android’s Kindle, Slacker Radio, and the DoubleTwist software supported with AirSync that enables you wirelessly back up and sync videos, music and any other contents from your mobile to your computer through the power of the internet.

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