When Did the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Come Out

Samsung, as one of the leading manufacturers of high end gadgets, never stops in providing quality made gadgets that are tailored towards the needs and preferences of their valued customers. Every year, you can expect that Samsung will introduce some new products just what their competitors are doing. This company has been known for its cool gadgets and an excellent example of these is the famous Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.


From Samsung’s collection of Android phones, the T-mobile exclusive Exhibit 4G sits everywhere within the center of the series. Exhibit 4G is a very interesting smartphone that is packed with extraordinary features which were combined with its slim and perfectly designed body, making it an Android phone that is worthy of your attention and interest.

Samsung Exhibit 4G came into the market with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and it offers Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It provides access to the ultra fast HSDPA data network of T-mobile. This phone has a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. It also comes with a VGA front-face camera with a resolution of 3 megapixels. Of course, it boasts its 4G connectivity and that is one of the main features of this android phone.

When Did the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Come Out in the Market?

Way back in the year 2011, Samsung announce their planned release of a new smartphone they called Samsung Exhibit 4G. This particular phone unit was introduced to public on June 1, 2011. It was released by the company last June 22, 2011.

The Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This Android smartphone comes with outstanding features. The highlights are:

• 3.5 inches display
• 3 megapixel (no zoom) back-facing camera with a VGA resolution front-facing camera
• Operating system: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
• Memory: up to 512 megabytes with microSD card
• Dimensions: 4.67 inches x 2.33 inches x 0.46 inches
• Mass: 4.23 ounces
• Battery: 1500 mAh

Here’s a complete list of its features:
• 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor with Hummingbird chipset
• 3.5 inches, 16M colors AMOLED capacitive touchscreen; its resolution is 480×800 pixels
• Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread w/ TouchWiz UI
• Wi-Fi calling – enabled
• Quad-brand GSM & double-band HSDPA support
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality
• 3.15 megapixels autofocus camera w/ LED flash, front-facing camera designed for the video calls
• GPS w/ A-GPS connectivity and digital compass
• D1 video footage at 30 fps
• microUSB dock (charging)
• Video player w/ DivX support out-of-the-box
• stereo Bluetooth 3.0
• Proximity sensor and accelerometer with ambient sensor of light
• Slot for microSD card for up to 32 gigabytes – 4 gigabytes included
• Smart dialing
• Web browser w/ flash support

The display of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G doesn’t have OLEDs or the so-called Gorilla Glass.

Undocumented Features of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This smartphone comes with certain features that were identified as undocumented. If you would like to capture a certain image of the phone’s screen, what you should do is to press “home” with the power on/off button. These two buttons should be pressed together. The gallery app features the screen images as another collection.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G comes with a user manual which explains the proper way to save the images to be used as icons of your contacts. On the other hand, it does not say that those phone contacts that you saved on your SIM card can’t have icons. The user’s manual says that if the phone has been turned off, you must hold its power button until the logo of Samsung appears on the screen. That time for the logo to appear may differ but you will only have to spend 6.5 seconds for that.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G is truly a great smartphone that you will surely love. It is the 6th 4G phone that Samsung is proud to be offered to gadget lovers like you. Take a look at the pluses of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G which are outlined below:

1. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G is a fast and easy to use Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone with 2 cameras & an efficient 1GHz processor.
2. It comes with quick mobile data support considering that it’s a 4G smartphone.
3. It is a high end but cheaper handset that remains to be rich in outstanding features. It won’t cause you a lot of dough because Exhibit 4G was destined to be the smartphone of everyone.

Just like the other models of smartphones out there, this mobile phone comes with some downsides. The main advantages of this phone are as follows:

• Galaxy Exhibit 4G comes with a single-core processor.
• It comes with a low camera resolution (3MP).
• This mobile phone does not have a button for camera shutter & the virtual keyboard would feel confined for some.
• Low still camera shot resolution & D1 single video recorder.
• Its body is made of plastic which does not assures superior quality.
• The rear part of the phone is prone to minor problems such as scratches.
• This phone is not a good choice for music lovers for it does not have a FM radio.
• A lag into the camera’s software caused people to miss good shots.

These problems reported do not actually affect the overall performance of this mobile phone. Hence, Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G remains to be the number choice for those budget-conscious people who desire to have a classy phone.

The Bottom Line

A great cost makes this Android smartphone a persuasive option for all those people who are fans of Android gadgets. This phone is such a great choice that you should consider if you are searching for a deal without sacrificing the necessary features. Samsung Exhibit 4G ranks as among the leading models of Android smartphones with the fastest mobile data support. That’s one thing that will make anyone too much excited to have this phone right at his or her fingertips.

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