Difference Between Bose QC3 and QC15

Difference Between Bose QC3 and QC15

Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are some of the most popular headphones on the market today. Both the QC3 and the QC15 sell very well. With a $50 price difference between the two, it is worth taking a good hard look at them and seeing which is better suited to your needs.

Specifications and Features

The QC15 is a bigger headphone with a cup that sits around the ear. This helps to seal out all outside noise. The QC3 has memory foam pads that sit directly on the ear. These pads do create a seal to keep out noise, but not as effectively as the QC15’s cups. On the other hand, the smaller size of the QC3 makes them much more portable.

Both headphones are powered by batteries. The QC15 runs off of 1 AAA battery with a life expectancy of about 35 hours. The QC3 contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs for about 25 hours per charge. The rechargeable feature means you never have to buy new batteries for it, but the single AAA battery of the QC15 can be changed out with no waiting time for charging.

The QC15 does not reach the sound quality of the QC3. This is especially noticeable for loud music. The QC15’s carrying case is larger than the QC3’s, but it is also lighter. The QC3 leaves room in its case for an iPod.

Which One is the Best Fit?

Deciding whether to purchase the QC15 or QC3 headphones for yourself is mostly a matter of personal preference. If price is your main consideration, the QC15 is available for about $50.00 less at most retailers. If you do a lot of traveling with your headphones, than the smaller QC3 may be more convenient for you, especially as you can slip an iPod or other device right into the carrying case with the headphones.

If you mostly use your headphones in a noisy environment, than you most likely want to get the QC15 as they are better at blocking any outside noise. If, however, you wear your headphones for long periods of time at a stretch, the QC3 is a better choice. While both sets of headphones are very comfortable, the QC15 tends to place pressure on the eardrum which builds up over time if worn too long at once.

If the battery dies in your QC15, you can simply swap out a new AAA battery without waiting for anything to recharge. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about taking additional charger equipment with you when you are traveling. On the other hand, if your main concern is to have the highest sound quality possible, the extra time and hassle of recharging a battery might be worth the superior sound of the QC3.

The QC15 and QC3 headphones are two of Bose’s most popular products. Weigh your personal preferences, make your choice, and either way you will be getting a quality set of headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Otterbox vs Ballistic

Samsung Galaxy S3 Otterbox vs Ballistic

Samsung introduced in the market its latest products these past few days. And such products include the new galaxy S3 otterbox and the galaxy S3 ballistic. The stated android phones have cool designs and amazing features that can truly satisfy the demands of those individuals who do not want to waste their moneys on the products that are not quality tested. And in this article, the stated android phones will be compared for the benefit of the consumers who are interested to purchase one of it in the market these coming days and weeks.

Basic Features

The comparison between galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic can be created only with the use of its basic features. In terms of design, both android phones have excellent ratings due to the high quality materials that Samsung has successfully integrated in the production of the cases of such products. These android phones have similar colors and features which can never be found in the other brands of android phones in the market nowadays. However, some of the things that are present in the physical appearance and composition of these android phones have complicated issues that are not acceptable in the eyes of those individuals who have already tried to use it in the past.


One of the best characteristics of these products of Samsung that the consumers can compare is the size. The size of these products can be measure with the use of its dimensions: the width and the length. In terms of width, the Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is wider with its exact width measurement of 3.1 inches. The measurement of the width of galaxy S3 otterbox is only 3.0. In terms of length, the Samsung galaxy S3 otterbox is longer since it has an exact length measurement of 5.65 inches compared to the length of ballistic which is only 5.59 inches.


Some consumers claimed that these android phones are incomparable to each other in terms of quality. But what’s the main reason why the other consumers are not interested to compare galaxy S3 otterbox and Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic? According to some individuals who have already tried to purchase these two models of android phones from Samsung, both products are good yet there’s a big different in the quality of the covers. Maybe the difference is in the composition and durability.

Most of the consumers said that Samsung galaxy S3 ballistic is more reliable compared to the otterbox due to its high quality cover and stylistic design. The android phone is not only reliable in terms of performance. But also, it can stay durable for several years because of its high quality case or cover which is highly resistant to scratches and damages. Some consumers gave negative feedbacks on the cover of galaxy S3 otterbox because it is very flexible and its original design can never be restore once its flexible cover has been stretched. So these are the things that the consumers need to remember always while comparing the android phones that were stated in this article. Use this set of information while reviewing the stated products to attain much better conclusions.

Samsung Galaxy Sii Siii Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Sii Siii Comparison

Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of high quality android phones in the market nowadays. And some of the best examples of great accomplishments of this company are the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3. These two android phones have remarkable performance and extremely amazing features that will surely satisfy the demands of those consumers who want to live a very luxurious life in this world at the present time. But in this article, these two android phones will be compared to each other to each to see the things that the consumers should like about the characteristics and features of these products.


One of the things that the consumers can compare about the characteristics of Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 is the presence of plastic covers or casing in its features. The usual color of the plastic case of the S2 is black. And its contemporary design makes it one of the most elegant and unique smartphones that the consumers can try to purchase in the market at the present time. Such characteristics are also present in the design of S3 but more improvements were added in its greater finish. The stated android phone has successfully exceeded the quality of its predecessor in terms of design.

It is because the design of Samsung galaxy S3 is already more elegant with its wide variety of colors and smoother finish. The case of this android phone looks more elegant and shiny compared to the cover of its predecessor which is the Samsung galaxy S2. But in terms of durability, S2 remains the best since its plastic case is thicker and stronger compared to what the Samsung galaxy S3 has. At this stage, the winner is the S2 since the characteristic that has been evaluated is the durability.


Now it’s time to focus on the touch screen properties of the android phones that were stated. Both Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 have touch screen properties that are very fantastic. In S2, the buttons for the back, open and select options were separated from the screen menus for some reasons. And such characteristic remains the same in the S3. However, more additional options are already available in the S3 compared to its predecessor.

There’s a reason for the separation of the back, open and select buttons in the touch screen features of these android phones. But such thing remains a mystery for the consumers. In this part of comparison, the S3 succeeded because of the presence of additional surprises in its menu. Based on the comparisons that were discussed in this article, the consumers can automatically say the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung galaxy S3 have strong connections to each other. For those individuals who are searching for an android phone that can never be destroyed easily by hard impacts, choose the Samsung galaxy S2. And those who are interested to enjoy the latest innovations in the modern technology should go for the new Samsung galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Tab has been the product in which it is regarded as the product boasts. This tablet from Samsung has been featuring ciamik with a cost that is not very expensive. This is one of the main reasons why many people across the globe appreciated preferred it over other tablets sold in the market.

Choosing a Product

When looking for a particular product such as a smartphone, it is always important to consider every small detail about that item. In this way, you will be able to distinguish whether it is worthy of your money, trust and recommendation. One common mistake of many people when buying certain products is that they only check the advantages and they no longer dare to check out the drawbacks. They are afraid that they might get disappointed with the item they wish to buy. However, they do not know that this will help them a lot in making reliable and practical decisions all throughout the process.

When you want to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you should not only focus in the advantages it provides. You can also take a look at some of its disadvantages through reading its reviews from different sites and customers. This is an essential part of your personal judgment so that you will come up with the best product that you deserve.


To get started, take note of the following details given below and see how it can make significant changes to the way you use your device and to your daily lifestyle.

1. It comes with non replaceable battery.

2. The CPU clock speed has been limited to 1 GHz only.

3. Its camera does not have flash and only 3.2 MP rear camera.

4. No USB charging.

5. It does not have a long battery life.

6. It only has a VGA resolution front-facing camera.

7. The camera has been one of the disappointing parts of this tablet since it has a low quality camera.

Another issue on this Galaxy Tab 2 is on its SIM card slot and the ability to make calls or send MMS and SMS like using the phone. For other users, this can be an excess but for some, they judge it as the wasted feature.

On the Bright Side

The good thing about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is that it does not have a long list of disadvantages. With the price of $249, you can now obtain a version with Wi-Fi only 8GB device. When you want to take closer at its details, you can simply search the web and browse through a wide range of selection for the best online and local shops that are offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Try comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 disadvantages with other tablets out there. In this way, you will have an idea whether these are only minor drawbacks. You may also consider the positive side and check whether it has a longer list compared to the disadvantages listed.

What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Skyrocket

What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Skyrocket

AT&T came up with two similar names that usually confuse customers whenever they heard about it or every time they are trying to make comparisons between them. The word “skyrocket” was added at the end of Samsung Galaxy S2 which indicates that this means something. The truth is that the Skyrocket has quite difference from some Galaxy S2 variations.

The greatest distinction is that this skyrocket got bigger screen, faster processor and compatible with the brand new 4G LTE network of AT&T. Another distinction comes with the price tag. Skyrocket is actually $30 more expensive than Galaxy S2.

The Skyrocket shoulders have been slightly rounded opposing the Galaxy S2’s squarish corners. Aside from that, devices have been virtually identical when compared to Super AMOLED Plus display, Gingerbread variants of Android OS. These two devices must obtain the Ice Cream Sandwich update soon.

These are only some of the major distinction that can be seen from Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. To learn more of the minor differences, take note of the given details below to get enlightened:

Battery Performance

The capacity of the battery serves as the most precise indicator of the entire battery performance. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket got a higher capacity compared to the average 1, 750 mAh while Samsung Galaxy S2 did not posses this feature. Display has been usually the greatest drain on the battery of the phone while the bigger screen on Galaxy S2 Skyrocket drains the battery faster compared to Galaxy S2 display.


If ease of use and portability are both important, Galaxy S2 has been the ultimate choice between the two phones. Galaxy S2 is 12 percent lighter compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and this is even thinner. It comes with a common protective case and has the same thickness with any average phone.

Camera Quality

The two phones got above average camera qualities. The primary cameras were both about 8 MP which has been the minimum level essential to capture higher quality of images. Such phones could even record HD videos, which has been the high-end model standard.


Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Skyrocket have the same sensor features. They both have GPS, gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer. They both have the same blue tooth version of 3.0+HS and charging connection of microUSB. When it comes to interface, they both use microUSB but with Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, there is HDMI available.


Galaxy S2 display has been 0.2 inch smaller compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. However, it has sharper screen. Samsung Galaxy S2 got pixel density that has been measured in pixels in each inch of display. This is actually 5 percent higher compared to the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket display.

By simply learning the slight differences of these two innovative smartphones, it will be easier for you to make decisions whenever you want to buy any of them. It serves as your ultimate guide in choosing the best Samsung Galaxy model for you.