What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Skyrocket

AT&T came up with two similar names that usually confuse customers whenever they heard about it or every time they are trying to make comparisons between them. The word “skyrocket” was added at the end of Samsung Galaxy S2 which indicates that this means something. The truth is that the Skyrocket has quite difference from some Galaxy S2 variations.

The greatest distinction is that this skyrocket got bigger screen, faster processor and compatible with the brand new 4G LTE network of AT&T. Another distinction comes with the price tag. Skyrocket is actually $30 more expensive than Galaxy S2.

The Skyrocket shoulders have been slightly rounded opposing the Galaxy S2’s squarish corners. Aside from that, devices have been virtually identical when compared to Super AMOLED Plus display, Gingerbread variants of Android OS. These two devices must obtain the Ice Cream Sandwich update soon.

These are only some of the major distinction that can be seen from Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. To learn more of the minor differences, take note of the given details below to get enlightened:

Battery Performance

The capacity of the battery serves as the most precise indicator of the entire battery performance. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket got a higher capacity compared to the average 1, 750 mAh while Samsung Galaxy S2 did not posses this feature. Display has been usually the greatest drain on the battery of the phone while the bigger screen on Galaxy S2 Skyrocket drains the battery faster compared to Galaxy S2 display.


If ease of use and portability are both important, Galaxy S2 has been the ultimate choice between the two phones. Galaxy S2 is 12 percent lighter compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and this is even thinner. It comes with a common protective case and has the same thickness with any average phone.

Camera Quality

The two phones got above average camera qualities. The primary cameras were both about 8 MP which has been the minimum level essential to capture higher quality of images. Such phones could even record HD videos, which has been the high-end model standard.


Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Skyrocket have the same sensor features. They both have GPS, gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer. They both have the same blue tooth version of 3.0+HS and charging connection of microUSB. When it comes to interface, they both use microUSB but with Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, there is HDMI available.


Galaxy S2 display has been 0.2 inch smaller compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. However, it has sharper screen. Samsung Galaxy S2 got pixel density that has been measured in pixels in each inch of display. This is actually 5 percent higher compared to the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket display.

By simply learning the slight differences of these two innovative smartphones, it will be easier for you to make decisions whenever you want to buy any of them. It serves as your ultimate guide in choosing the best Samsung Galaxy model for you.

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