Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail Review

When it comes to Smartphones, one of the leading brands that you can trust is Samsung. It may not have started in this field of electronics, but it made its way and is now among the most successful manufacturers of Smartphones in the industry. So, if you are looking for some new device out there, Samsung Smartphones can be your best bet. One good option for those who are looking for a device is the boost mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail. It may not be as functional as the leading models available now, but it is a good starter device for those who will use one for the first time. To help you know more about this device, here is a boost mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review you can use as your guide.

Who Could Benefit from the Product?

Samsung Galaxy Prevail is not from the Samsung Galaxy S end of Smartphones. Its simplicity as a device made the product a great option for those who are just deciding to delve in the capacity of Smartphone devices.

Others may directly use the most advanced ones. But those who want to enjoy the process of their transition to these devices have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail as their option. It is also a nice option for people who prefer going to the cheap choices. The device may not be as advanced as the others in features and other aspects, but it is assured that you will love Prevail’s functionality.


The rumors about the launching of a new Samsung Galaxy Boost Mobile surely made some of you imagine a handset that looks like just the Samsung Mesmerize. But the device is a phone of its own. It has sophisticated going to an elegant design, which is composed of a sloping screen and soft-touch finish both on the sides and its back. Its weight is so light yet feels solid. Just the appearance of the phone is enough to make you feel like you are handling something luxurious. The display is on the small side. However, it is a display that shows how bright and vibrant it can be. It responds well too. It features 4 function keys below its screen and it lights up every time the screen is being touched.


1. It is a Smartphone device for users who wish to switch to using this type of phone. It is designed and customized to ensure that all your mobile needs already fit at the palm of your hand and in just a few swipes.
2. Features 4.1 Jelly Bean as its OS, one that helps in making personalization in another level.
3. Has a 4-inch screen that might not be too big, but enables everything you see to be seen clearly
4. It features dual cameras to help make social sharing much easier for you.


The Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review already showed you the basics of what you can expect from the device. It is time now for you to know its full capability. The combination of the device’s elegant design and decent set of camera makes up another level in the world of Smartphones. It is a phone designed more for function and a bit for design. You and your needs are the two things considered in the creation of the phone. It is made to help you in working around your life.

Even though the display of the device is not s big as others, it is ensured that looking at your phone will let you see everything clearly. Thus, clarity is enabled no matter what you need to look at the display of your phone, whether that’s the game you are playing or something you need to email to your friends. Its touchscreen is also responsive you would not have a bit of problem about it. What’s more is the featured dual camera. So, you love taking a pic of your own. No need to have a hard time using your phone’s back camera when there is one at the front just waiting for you to set it. Enjoy taking photos and recording videos with the highest quality ever that you now know from this Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review.


Since it is an ideal Smartphone for users, it is only expected that its features are incomparable to the latest Android phones in the market. The screen’s size may be a worry if you feel cramped when typing. But setting these aside, there are lots more you will love about the product.


If it is about sophisticated paired with good value, you can expect to find it in this device. Considering the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail review, it just emphasized that the device is a nice option for those who are looking for an upgrade to Smartphones. It is cheap enough with secured functionality. So, if you are new to such devices, stop looking elsewhere.

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