Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile Specs

Communicating with other people is being made easier and some other task that is related to its use. One could have a full access to any person throughout the globe provided they have established a connection with them. Each feature of the phone should be understood by the customer so that they will be able to know how they are going to make used of in the best way. Being satisfied as a customer or phone user is to be achieved if all the specifications are suited according to an individual’s needs. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile Specs should be understood so that every application that is installed on the phone will be beneficial.

Who Would Benefit/Purchase This Product?

The specification or the features of the product is the most important thing that is to be considered when purchasing items. Being wise as a customer should always be promoted so that the cellular phone to be acquired will be suited according to an individual’s needs. As of today, communication is never a thing that is to be worried of; the use of phones makes it convenient to both the caller and the receiver.


Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is manufactured by Samsung Company who has been one of the best providers of android phones which is being loved by lots of people. The size o this phone unit is 4.43 x 2.26 x 0.47 inches with a total weight of 3.8 ounces. The available color of Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is obsidian black. The physical size of its display is 3.2 inches with a multi-touch screen. The phones screen features light sensor and proximity sensor. The camera of this phone unit has 2 mega pixels with an inclusion of camcorder. The hardware system has built in system chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7627 with single core internal processor of 800 MHz and ARM 11. The system memory has 384 Megabytes random access memory or 512 MB ROM.

Internet Capabilities

Since Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile is an android phone there is a 2G and 3G network that is being installed to the phone to enable every phone owner in establishing connection to the internet. One has nothing to worry when it comes to the access in the World Wide Web because of the applications that is present in this phone unit. Establishing connection with the WLAN or from one phone is made available because of the built in WIFI application and WIFI hotspot. Upon the purchase or acquisition of this phone unit customers are being given with an earpiece so that they will be able to listen to different music. The music player has been an ideal one because of the album art cover and the background playback that is included in the application. The unit also has a loudspeaker so that the phone owner can be able to use it without any need for earpiece to be place on their ears. Sending of information, messages or MMS is made easier because of higher signal capabilities of the unit. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile can last for 6 hours and 50 minutes if being used for talking and some other related activities.

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