Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-i200 Review

Do you always need your file applications with you like the MS office and Powerpoint? Or maybe, you just want to own a Smartphone from the Galaxy S line? Whatever you want, there is one perfect option you can consider to have at least almost both of these. Of course, the Galaxy SIII is expensive and it cannot be afforded by anyone. But you do not need to have more than the riches to have a device just like this. The answer to that wish of yours is the Samsung Galaxy Stellar.

It is a device that can be an alternative for the latter. It requires lesser budget, but applications like MS Office are already there for you to use.

Who Could Benefit from the Product?

From this Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-i200 review, you will know that anyone who wants to have a high-end device like Galaxy SIII can own one of this. It is a device made especially for those users who always want any information they need right at their fingertips. The device can act as the perfect carrier and tool that can help you make any files on the go. There is no need to take a look at other products anymore when you know that what you are looking for is already here. You can deal with your files and media with this device.


This Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-i200 review tells how good an option this device is for things like making calls and multimedia streaming. Its display features a 4-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It is capable of delivering clear visuals, making it possible for you to enjoy looking at photos and watching videos. It has a storage capacity of 4GB and a TouchWiz feature for its touch screen interface. It is the same feature that brings continuous updated information right at your fingertips. Its 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm processor can deliver high speed processing of data. And, its preinstalled MS Office application lets you make official documents and prepare Powerpoint presentations wherever you go.

The package of the product comes with the Smartphone device itself, 2100 mah battery, detachable micro USB cabele, user guides and wall charger.


The Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-i200 review shows the different features that made the device a nice option for a Smartphone.
Design – It has the basic black plastic finish. The device is nice to hold since it is only 4.8 inches in height and .47 thick. Above the screen display is its 1.3 MP camera with its 4 touch sensitive button featured below. At the right side it is where you can find the port for micro USB and volume controller with the headset jack on the top. On the rear side is where the 3MP camera with autofocus along with the external speakers is located.

Display – Many of the latest Smartphones from Samsung now are featuring the AMOLED display, but not with Samsung Galaxy Stellar. It is still in TFT display and it measures approximately 4 inches with 480×800 pixels. The display’s size is not that bad since when compared to others, it is still point something larger. Images and texts can be seen clearly on the display. However, the drawback shown in this Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-i200 review is that it is not that bright during sunny conditions and its viewing angles are not good.

User Interface – It comes with a Starter Mode. This is designed to be used by people who are using Android devices for the first time or are still new to it. The starter mode shows new widgets, which allow quick access to your favorite apps, settings, dial pad and contacts while the app drawer stays unchanged. As you get used to using the device, you can set it to Standard Mode. When you do, the widgets are simply replaced with the regular ones.

Processor and Memory – It is featuring a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor (dual core) along with 1 GB Ram. The device may not have high-benchmark numbers, but it still runs quickly when moving from your home screens and while running apps. The product has 4 GB internal memory and a slot for micro SD that can accommodate up to 32 GB.

Internet and Connectivity – Stellar is included in the group of budget phones, but you do not have to compromise connectivity just because of this. Using the device in downloading lets you do it at the speed ranging from 5.49-6.83mbps and at an uploading speed of 1.32-2.50mbps.

Multimedia and Battery – One good thing about the device is it uses the same music player used on Galaxy SIII. This allows you to create and list albums, playlists and artists matched with several equalizer settings. It can last for 9 days on standby mode and for 17 hours while on talk time.


Purchasing devices like Samsung Galaxy Stellar applies the saying about not getting something for nothing. This means that for its price, it already has the necessary features you will come to need and that will be useful for you like its 4-inch screen, dual processor and its Android OS. But, just like with other devices, the features you get depend on the price paid.

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