Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player Review

Almost everybody now wants and owns an Android Smartphone. The trend seems to make almost everyone want to keep up. But not all would still want the same. There are others who prefer more to have media devices like the iPod Touch from Apple. Is that what you want for a device as well, but prefer it at a much lower cost? Good for you. Samsung mobile now has the Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player presented to you. Although the device has long been released in the market, it still remained as a good option for those who prefer most to have a media device.

If you do not have enough budgets for an iPod Touch, here is the next best option for you. Take a look at what you will have at the palm of your hand through this Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy player review.

Who Could Benefit from the Product?

When it comes to devices, there are two kinds of products that people can choose to have. The Smartphones that offer all and media devices that still have the functions of a Smartphone, but act more like a media device. Most prefer to have the former. But, there are a few who choose to have the latter. You can benefit from buying the Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player if you prefer the latter. It is cheap, yet enables you to enjoy all the media entertainment you want. Games and music, you can enjoy both of these completely using the device.

What is Good About the Product?

The Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player review shows the different features you want to know about the device. You will find out information like design up to its performance here.


The design of the device is very similar to most of the Samsung devices, which means it features a cover made of lightweight plastic. The thing is, its appearance does not have much of an appeal and it even seems to be something you can easily forget. On the side is where you will find everything you need from controlling the volume to the port for your micro USB and more. If you love taking pictures of yourself, you will find the featured front camera useful. Flipping the device, it is where you will see its 2MP camera.


The cons of the product can be said to be found here. It is in the form of its LCD display, which is only 3.65 inches. When its Smartphone side is considered, one can say that the device is poorly designed. Bland colors and poor viewing angles will be an issue for you if you use it for gaming purposes. But it is not much of a big deal if your purpose of buying this is to have something portable you can listen to and use for messaging.


The Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player review shows that the device is featuring an interface that you sure are familiar with. It features Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI and it is running on Gingerbread OS. But if you want to feel satisfied about this aspect, do not think about the lacking widgets set, which is featured in its counterparts.


The processor in which the device is integrated with is the 1Ghz single-core Cortex A8. As you can remember, it was deemed as the cutting edge of things, especially when it was found out that it is used in Galaxy S as well. It works efficiently with most of operations, but there are times when you will encounter some slow downs, when using it.

Internet and Performance

This aspect of the device is not the fastest, but it is enough to give and place you where you want to go. It is capable of handling complex pages and some heavy Flash content. Using the device while the Wi-Fi is activated can still make it last for 3 days. Thus, if you are not that type of person who prefers nightly charging, then you will find this a nice option.


One of the good things about the device is that it features the eye catching disc-view in its music player interface. As a person who loves to listen to music, sound or audio capability is an important factor to you. It is just one of the things you will love about this Samsung 3.6-inch Galaxy Player review since it can tell you how good the quality of its audio is. It is loud! For the video, it handles playback quite well. Then, there’s the 2MP camera, which you can find some issue if you love taking photos of yourself.

What’s the Verdict?

For its price, you can say that you acquired something valuable. It is true in only some cases like with how long it can last even with some of the connections activated. It has a nice processor that lets it run for most operations. It is perfect for listening to music as well. But, keep in mind that this may not be the device for you if you also love taking pictures and recording videos.

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