Galaxy CB Radio Review

Which Galaxy CB radio is the best one you can possibly get? That’s naturally going to be something you’ll want to learn from any Galaxy CB radio review you come across.

The best CB radios on the market today are going to come loaded with bells and whistles. However, in spite of all the exceptional advances these products have made through the years, the one thing you’re always going to need from any CB radio you ultimately decide to purchase is one thing. You’re always going to need that radio to be reliable.

Galaxy CB Radios Are Reliable

Reliability is crucial in any CB radio you’re considering. That’s why any CB radio product from Galaxy is well worth a serious look on your part. You’re going to come across a number of CB radio products from a number of reputable companies. If you’re a newcomer to the world of CB radio, then finding the right one for your specific needs and budget can be a bit of challenge.

Galaxy is one of the first brands you’re going to come across in your research. This is a company with a number of CB radio products that are definitely worth studying. Of all the CB radios currently available from this well-known, high-rated company, the first one that’s worth investigating is the Galaxy DX 979. Although it’s true that Galaxy has a number of radios that are currently available on the market right now, this is perhaps the best one.

At the very least, it’s the first from the line of Galaxy CB radios that you’re going to want to take a look at.

Galaxy DX 979 Review

The Galaxy DX 979 promises to be ideal for those who have to drive at night and for anyone who would consider themselves to be a serious CB user in any regard.

Does it deliver on those promises? Take a look at these features:

  • One of the reasons why this particular CB radio is considered to be so ideal for those who are working in the night a great deal is because this radio is the only SSB radio that includes backlit display. All the lettering is illuminated through the Galaxy StarLite backlit faceplate. You’re not going to have to worry about trying to get ahold of this radio in the dark.
  • Although this is the smallest CB product with SSB capabilities, you’re not going to have to sacrifice anything in the way of useful features. You’re getting RF gain, PA capabilities, high SWR alert, microphone gain, clarifier control, talk-back, and auto-SWR calibration.
  • The meter is another illuminated aspect to the Galaxy DX 979 that’s definitely going to be very appealing to you. You’ll be able to keep up with modulation, power, and the SWR. Everything is very large and very easy to read, as well.
  • If you need to add a frequency counter, the Galaxy DX 979 will be able to accommodate you with ease.
  • This radio is considered to be ideal for those who are going to be driving semis or pickup trucks.
  • For those who are looking for a radio that can be used in industrial, high impact situations, you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere.
  • The two-year manufacturer’s warranty should give you an excellent peace of mind.
  • The variable dim on the radio is considered to be pretty close to flawless.
  • With a price tag of roughly one-hundred-and-sixty dollars, no one’s going to argue with the opinion that this is one of the most affordable options available to someone looking for a CB radio that has clear, proven performance capabilities.

In Conclusion

Ask anyone who has had to rely on the Galaxy DX 979, and they will unquestionably give you a really good review. They are certain to mention some of the items mentioned above, and it’s likely that they will throw in a few comments of their own. When you’re looking at any Galaxy CB radio review, it’s important to read the ones that have come from experts. You want to be able to trust that the radio you have ultimately purchased has been used in a variety of situations by someone who knows CB radios and knows what the Galaxy line of products are capable of. Not only are you investing your money in one of these radios, but you’re obviously trusting the radio to keep you alert and aware of your situation and surroundings at all times. It just makes sense to want the very best. It’s just logical to look for a Galaxy CB radio review with information you’ll be able to trust without question.

As mentioned before, there are quite a few Galaxy CB radios on the market. It may turn out that your needs demand something else. However, this remains an excellent product to consider. Make this one of your first stops in your search.

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