Difference Between 3DS and 2DS

If you’re looking to buy a brand new portable Nintendo but still haven’t made up your mind, than we are here to help you out. You probably are simply looking for the best one to play Mario Kart on, but we all know that with the use we give our appliances it will probably be useful for a lot more things that you might even imagine it being good for. As such, it is certainly the best for you that you actually get informed and try to make the best thought out purchase possible.

In this article we are going to look at the main differences between a Nintendo 2DS and a Nintendo 3DS. The first obvious difference is that the Nintendo 2DS does not have the 3D feature. This is due to the fact that some young children are simply unable to view images n 3D because it would hurt their eyes and damage their eyesight, possibly for life if the issue did not get treated.

Since the 3D is out of the Nintendo 2DS, its price is also a little bit cheaper than the price of the Nintendo 3DS console. This is due to the fact that the 3D actually included costs in the manufacturing process that could be removed in the 2DS edition. You can find a Nintendo 3DS for sale for around $ 200, while a Nintendo 2DS can be found at around $ 130. This is a significant difference but once again; don’t forget that there is also going to be a great difference in the gameplay itself.

Both of these consoles have screens with the same size, with a 353-inch display on the top and a 3.02-inch screen below. However, there are still differences in the screens. Nintendo 2DS has a part of a single flat screen split into two by plastic surrounding the console which makes it cheaper and simpler to produce the console, which also justifies the difference there is between the price of one and the other. The screens of both have the same resolutions.

The same thing can’t be done to Nintendo 3DS in order to reduce the production costs the console has because it would damage the quality of the 3D images the console can display, which would ultimately reduce the experience a user would be able to have while using the console itself. This is obviously not what Nintendo wants.

The Nintendo 2DS console is also a lot child friendlier due to its design. Since the console has a flat construction, it is a lot harder to destroy than the Nintendo 3DS and, with the added advantage of not having the 3D feature on it, it is clear that Nintendo was thinking about children when they designed this console. On top of their worries for the young ones, they also managed to reduce the price of the console itself, which was a great move, in all honesty.

A lot of people claim that these differences in the 2DS makes them feel like they are not using a gaming console, but rather using a children’s toy. This obviously damages their experience with the console and, as such, they end up giving negative reviews to the company itself. Not everything is bad however, since there are also claims from other users that believe the 3D images ruined certain games because they made them seem less “game-like”, and as such, they end up preferring the version without the 3D.

Nevertheless, and besides not having the 3D feature included on it, the 2DS is capable of supporting every single game the 3DS is. This is due to the fact that Nintendo did not wish to discriminate any console and as such, made sure every one of their games worked with and without the 3D feature included in the console. The advantage the 3DS console has is that it has enhanced processors, which can speed up the loading time and the speed at which the games are played. This is a great advantage for gamers that don’t really want to waste a lot of time on loading screens, or that simply that do not have the patience to wait for a game to load.

Due to the fact that the 3DS console uses, well, the 3D function, it is clear that its battery also lasts less time than the battery of the 2DS model. While the battery life of the 2DS lasts from 3.5 to 5.5 hours, the battery life of the 3DS lasts for 3 to 5 hours. It is impossible to accurately predict the duration of a battery life in a console because it will also depend on the games being played.

Even though the main difference between the consoles is the 3D feature (which affects a lot more aspects than what one would expect at first), the sound quality is also different between one and the other. While the 3DS uses stereo speakers from both sides of the console capable of firing the sound directly to your ears, turning the game into a more engaging experience, the 2DS uses one single speaker, sitting lonely at the left side of the screen.

The fact there is one single speaker on one side of the console takes away some of the engagement from the gaming experience, but it isn’t a major concern, since the 2DS console allows users to plug in some headphones in order to beat this problem

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