Difference Between Deep Cycle and Starting Battery

When someone is thinking about purchasing a brand new battery for a boat it is a very common think to wonder what is the real difference between a deep cycle and a starting battery. After all, if a person is buying something for themselves they certainly want the very best available, so it is always good to know what they can count on. This is why it is crucial to be informed and in this article we are going to look at the differences between these two types of batteries.

A marine starting battery doesn’t have a misleading name at all, since it is a battery designed to do exactly what the name says: start the engine. As such, these batteries have less power but have a big capacity reserved, so they can save your motor home as soon as the engine wants to quit on you. These batteries can be discharged a lot of times.

Some starting batteries are actually hybrids between deep cycle and starting batteries, so that they can be used to operate equipment on the boats themselves as well as have the ability to support the engine. This would look like the best possible option available, but it certainly isn’t. If you have a motorboat engine, starting batteries are the ones for you, but if you have a boat or anything like it, the best option for you would certainly be a deep cycle battery.

A deep cycle battery on the other hand can support discharge like it’s just a pat on the back. These types of batteries can be repeatedly discharged up to 80% and still continue to have no damaged caused to the battery itself. These cam also be used for the purpose of starting batteries but before you do so, you should confirm it with an expert, since some verifications should be done before such usage is done.

The main difference between these two types of batteries is that a starting battery is used for, well, starting the engine while providing other battery needs to the boat. On the other hand, a deep cycle battery is used for prolonged usage over large periods of time, and not so much for starting the engine.

According to experts, the best possible solution would be to possess a dual installation system, in order to have both a starting battery taking care of the operations and a deep cycle battery taking care of the boasts’ requirements. This would certainly be the best for both worlds and, if you can afford it, you shouldn’t even hesitate on it. Treating your boat like your sea child is something you certainly love doing, so it’s alright to spoil it a little as well.

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