Difference Between PS3 and PS3 Slim

When it comes to gaming consoles, there is a lot of debate about the PS3 and whether the PS3 Slim is the better option. To help distinguish between the various PS3 models that are out on the market, gamers have chosen to call the standard PS3 a “Fat PS3” so that people don’t confuse it with the slim model.


The PS3 Slim is a slimmed down version of the PS3. This means that it is smaller and takes up less room in an entertainment center, on a desk, or anywhere else it is being placed. It’s also important to note that the PS3 Slim is just the nickname. For anyone who wants to buy on, it is sold under the name PS3 120 GB.

There’s an overpriced vertical stand that goes along with the PS3 Slim, so if you do want to stand it up, be prepared to spend a little more to do so. This means that the savings on space comes with a price tag that not everyone is going to want to pay for.

USB Ports

The PS3 has more USB ports and that is because it is larger. As soon as Sony decided they wanted to offer a slimmer version, some of the USB ports were amongst the first to go. The Fat version has four USB ports, and there are only two on the PS3 Slim. You will also find that there is no media card reader, which is not surprising because the PS3 Fat does not have one, either.


The PS3 Slim does not have the “Install Other OS” feature that the PS3 has, but there are some modifications within the PS3 that you should know about as it enhances the performance quite dramatically. With the “Install Other OS” being removed, you are no longer able to get Linux support. The standard PS3 in the 80 and 160 GB versions still support Linux. However, all new models that Sony puts on the market will eliminate this feature because they want to standardize the operating system. No matter what, there will always be an open source hack available should you want to change that.

There’s 120 GB within the PS3 slim as opposed to the 80 GB that is in the pS3 Fat version. There is also talk that Sony is going to be released 150 GB and 250 GB in the very near future. Either way, you also have the ability to open up the unit and put a SATA hard disk in from your laptop and it won’t void the manufacturer warranty when you do it.

The PS3 Slim also won’t have the 3.0 Firmware installed. This is because the firmware update is released on the same day as the slim. This means that as soon as you get it out of the box, you will have to sit through the update. On later units, however, Sony has already said that it will be pre-installed.

The other part about the PS3 Slim is that it’s not going to play older PS2 games. If you have a large number of older model games that you still enjoy playing, there are some choices to be made. You can either choose to part with them and upgrade to PS3 games that are similar, or opt for the PS3 Fat where you can still play them using software emulation.

The PS3 Slim also features a Bravia link that the PS3 does not. This is a link for Sony HDTVs that have the link so that the XMB interface can be controlled with the TV remote. When the PS3 is turned off, the TV will power down at the same time.


The PS3 Slim is of course slimmer than the standard PS3. It also has a matte finish, so it is more fingerprint and scratch resistant. Depending upon where your gaming console is to be located, this is an important feature to keep in mind. However, some reviewers have said that the slim looks a lot like a “Chinese knockoff”, so it is all about what you want the appearance of your unit to be, or if you don’t care one way or another.

You will also find that there are no on/off switches on the PS3 Slim models. Instead, there is a standby power button found at the front of the machine. They are also physical buttons as opposed to touch style, and the eject button is the same way.


Overall, the PS3 and the PS3 Slim are both Sony PlayStation game consoles. The slim is simply the newer generation and is more what Sony is going to be releasing in the future. There are less USB ports, no media drive, and there is a Bravia Link. It doesn’t have Linux support and you won’t be able to play the PS2 games in the PS3 Slim.

However, they both allow you to play all of the same PS3 games and you can use it to play Blu-Ray movies. The Slim has a smaller cell chip, so it consumes a little less power and it is a little bit faster. As for any of the other modifications, there are generally hacks that can be used to get the PS3 Slim to the version of the fat for anyone who doesn’t like some of what has changed. It’s all a matter of personal preferences within the appearance and performance.

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