Nuclear Fission Advantages and Disadvantages List

Nuclear fission is a form of alternative energy, that can be utilized in place of fossil fuels that are most commonly used. Nuclear power plants are the way that this energy is generated and harnessed, but they have come under much criticism. Problems with safety is the main concern. Highly radioactive and dangerous substances, such as uranium, is split, when this happens, the atoms speed up and generate quite a bit of heat, which is then converted to energy. In order to better understand the consequences as well as the benefits that come with nuclear fission energy we must look at the facts from both sides of the argument.

The Advantages of Nuclear Fission

1. Significantly Less Green House Gases
The use of fossil fuels for energy has been devastating to our environment, and the planet as a whole. They are known to contribute to the problem of global warming. Nuclear fission energy, releases a highly reduced amount of these gases into the air, resulting in a slowed rate of global warming and pollution.

2. Able To Meet High Needs
The power that is generated through nuclear power plants is immense. They are able to meet the needs of large, and industrial cities as well as suburban towns. The energy is also quick to create, meaning that they are able to make a large amount of some form of emergency required it.

3. Somewhat Low Operating Costs
While the initial building costs may be very high, the costs to operate a nuclear power plant are minimal. The only costs that are truly incurred are through paying people to run the plants, as well as obtaining the substances needed to create the energy.

4. Room For Improvement
One of the biggest issue with nuclear fission energy is the high production of nuclear waste, which is toxic and harmful to all living things, as well as water and air supplies. By improving water recycling and the reprocessing procedures of these plants, this issue can be nearly eliminated in the near future.

5. The Technology Is Known
Nuclear technology has been around for quite sometime, and is very well understood. This makes it a great option because the process has been nearly perfected, and improvements are being researched and studied at a much faster rate than other types of alternative energy.

The Disadvantages of Nuclear Fission

1. Very Volatile
A big risk is involved in operating a nuclear power plant. The energy that is generated can easily be harnessed to make devastating weapons, such as the nuclear bomb. The plants themselves also pose a great risk, if accidents occur, the entire plant could explode, injuring and possibly even killing many people.

2. Dangers For Workers
Nuclear fission produces radiation, which is deadly for humans and animals if absorbed in large doses. The people that work in nuclear power plants are at great risk of developing serious health conditions, and even from suffering radiation poisoning.

3. Initial Costs Are Staggering
The amount of money that it takes to build a nuclear fission power plant is insane. This is because all of the complex technologies that are needed and the extreme safety measures that must be built into the plant to ensure the surrounding areas are safe.

4. Risks For Contamination
If the proper procedures are not taken to ensure that the nuclear waste is disposed of properly, than many people could be put at great risk. There have been times where water supplies are contaminated, and widespread illness has occurred.

5. Big Targets On Their Backs
Terrorists want to target places that would cause the most widespread damage. Nuclear fission power plants are possibly the biggest targets for these attacks. Even a small bomb or explosion could cause major problems with a nuclear power plant, and even cause the entire thing to explode.

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Important Facts About Nuclear Fission

  • Nuclear fusion, which is combining atoms instead of splitting them, has the potential to be much safer than nuclear fission.
  • More than 30 countries around the world rely on nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear fission energy powers the rovers that are on Mars.
  • 1 out of every 5 homes or businesses in the United States are powered by nuclear fission energy.
  • Nuclear energy only costs one cent per kilowatt hour.
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