Difference Between Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security

Safeguarding your computer against outside threats and Internet viruses is extremely important to its long term health and survival. Norton provides customers with a variety of options to choose from. Two of the most popular are Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. While they are both issued by the same company, they have crucial differences that must be sorted out before making a purchase. The following is a closer examination.

What Features Changed?

Norton Internet Security improves upon Norton’s original security program by tacking on additional features such as spam protection, web browsing protection, firewalls for software and parental controls. Norton 360 offers many of the same security features as a person would get with Norton Internet Security, with backup tools and hard drive clean up capabilities added.

When it comes to keeping your computer free of viruses and spyware, both Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 has you covered. However, each of these protections has subtle difference. Antivirus software is more geared towards continuous protection of the computer over a longer period of time. Antivirus software aims to keep Trojan horses and rootkits out.

Conversely, spyware related software has more to do with eradicating all of the junk that is already residing inside of your computer and keeping it from running at its best. Otherwise, personal information about you could be collected, leading to identity theft and other major inconveniences of that nature.

Does It Get the Job Done?

It may seem like a good idea to simply install both of these programs on your PC and ensure the most protection possible. However, you must investigate your personal needs further, so that you can choose the program that works best for you. Having both programs running in concert is not good for the computer’s long term prognosis.

Since the programs do not run best alongside of one another, knowing what you need and how to obtain it is key. Norton Internet Security delivers all of the same capabilities that Norton 360 does, but with a few key differences.

Norton 360 provides extra features that Norton Internet Security does not. With Norton 360, users have increased storage and backup capabilities, which is crucial for those who store important files on their computer. No one should have to experience the frustration of losing all of their work or personal files due to a virus or worm of any sort.

Norton 360 also offers PC Tuneup, which Norton Internet Security. PC Tuneup provides an easy to use removal program so that cookies and other detritus that accumulate inside of the PC are able to be scrubbed away and ensure that your computer always runs at its best.

There is a slight difference in price between the two programs. Norton 360 is equipped with the extra features, so it costs slightly more. Customers will spend 59.99 to bring home Norton 360, as opposed to 49.99 for the Norton Internet Security package.

Users who wish to determine whether the extra $10 would be well spent must examine their needs carefully. Norton 360’s backup system allows users to store their valuable information either locally or online. Norton 360 hosts 2 gigabytes of space for its users, but this amount of space may be inefficient for some.

In that case, users are able to upgrade to a premium package. With the premium, Norton 360 users can enjoy an additional 25 gigabytes of storage space and backup. Norton 360 takes care of all your file backup needs automatically, providing immediate service for your new and changed files.

If this is not enough, users can schedule their own backup schedule and take care of their own files. When the computer that Norton 360 has been installed on is connected to another, users are able to share files from one PC to the next.

PC Tuneup is the other additional feature that Norton 360 offers to its customers. Its features are constantly running on the computer in the background, taking up precious little space and allowing the computer to run smoothly. There are also services such as de-fragmentation that can be run manually by the user.

Another key difference between the two programs is their flexibility. Norton Internet Security gives its users more opportunities to tweak their settings. Norton 360 offers the same options, but they are much harder for the user to locate, as opposed to Norton Internet Security, which makes the process simpler.

In summation, a customer should purchase Norton 360 if they are able to spend an extra ten dollars for the necessary backup and cleanup features plus their PC is currently without any backup or tuneup capabilities and they are in need. If you are the sort of user who requires these extras and you want a protection for your computer that you can set up and then forget about it, Norton 360 is the choice for you.

On the other hand, Norton Internet Security is the top selection for consumers who are looking to spend less and don’t care about any extra features. Those who already back up their own files and have PC cleaning tools will not need Norton 360. Advanced users will also find Norton Internet Security to be more useful, as its enables them to have full control over every setting.

Users who cannot decide can use a 30 day free trial of both programs, so that they can make the most informed decision. Norton’s website also provides descriptions of each product, as well as a wide range of other virus protection formats.

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