Difference Between TI 84 Plus and Silver Edition

Choose the right graphing calculator can be difficult. You will find a plethora of features that you will need to sift through. When looking at graphing calculators that are made by Texas Instruments most people think that all of them are the same. If you compare most models side-by-side you will find that there are some subtle differences. Most people know that these calculators are a match when it comes to financial functions, graphing capabilities, and scientific functions. Let’s take a look at the TI-84 Plus and the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.

Common Features

The TI-84 Plus a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition both come have some basic built-in functionality that are synonymous in TI-84 models.

  • The user has the ability to add a background image to their graphs.
  • Preloaded applications include: Cabri Jr, StudyCards, Vernier EasyData, language localization, and more.
  • The user has the ability to connect the calculator by USB.
  • The user can choose from 15 difference colors for their graphs.
  • The user is able to change the style an color of the axes and grids on graphs.
  • The calculator has a catalog syntax help.
  • There is an alphabetical catalog of all operations in one menu.
  • The advanced functions can be accessed through the display menu.
  • The user can define, save, graph, and analyze up to 10 graphing functions at one time.
  • Displays up to 10-digits plus 2-digit exponents answers with a 14-digit accuracy on real and complex number.
  • The user can define list names and store up to 999 elements.
  • The calculator has 17 interactive zoom features.
  • The user can choose from 8 different graph styles; this differentiates the look of each graph drawn on the calculator.
  • The user has the ability to split the screen horizontally and vertically.
  • The user has the ability to view the table and the graph on the screen side-by-side.
  • The ability to store up to 10 – 50X50 matrices which include: inverse, transpose, augment, determinant, elementary row operations and, reduces row echelon form.
  • Matrices can be converted from lists an vice-versa.
  • Each device comes with a one year limited warranty.

The TI-84 Plus and the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition differ because the latter has more memory. The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition has 3.0 MB of ROM versus 480 KB on the TI-84 Plus and 154 K RAM versus 24 K RAM on the TI-84 Plus. This amount of memory allows you more space for graphing handheld software applications. You can also change the face plate on the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition to a different color plate. The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition also has a rechargeable battery whereas the TI-84 Plus takes 4 AAA alkaline batteries.

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