Difference Between Bose Soundlink 1 and 2

As some of you may know, Bose Corporation manufactures a series of portable wireless speaker systems called the Bose SoundLink. These speakers can play sound transmitted over a wireless connection from various types of cell phones and computers. There are multiple versions of the SoundLink, which all use wireless protocols such as Bluetooth. They all include external power-supply adapters, rechargeable batteries, and 3.5mm sockets, which allow sound sources to be connected.

The Creation of the SoundLink

The original SoundLink Wireless Music System was released by Bose in August of 2009. This is a 19-pound speaker unit with a carrying handle, a USB-based wireless transmitter that can be plugged into a computer, and a remote which can control both the speaker and the source. Many reviewers complained about the $550 price that was on the SoundLink when it first came out. These reviewers thought it was excessive for what it was. However, they have sold many units over the years.

Its Evolution

Two years later, the SoundLink Mobile came along. It weighed less than three pounds, and consisted of a speaker unit and a charging adapter, without other accessories such as wireless dongles that the original had. It operates over Bluetooth like many wireless devices do, and it has a protective cover with an on/off switch, much like some of the products from other high-tech companies such as Apple. The regular cover is nylon, but there are leather ones available as well. It is a fixed cover, so the only way to replace it is to use special tools. Inside the machine, there is a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged, four front-facing speaker drivers, and two passive radiators. The SoundLink Mobile was $300 when it was released. Many reviewers liked the sound quality, build quality and portability, but tended to criticize the price and its lack of a microphone. The SoundLink Mobile II came out shortly after, and its cover’s front panel section could fold in half, which reduced the device’s footprint.

What Differences Exist?

The various SoundLink devices are very similar, but they all have their differences. The original SoundLink was a rather large device, while the SoundLink Mobile is rather small. These devices have been heavily criticized for their high price, but audiophiles everywhere continue to buy these units. The SoundLink Mobile II’s main improvement over the original SoundLink Mobile was that its cover could fold and reduce footprint, and naturally, every new device appears to sound better than its predecessor. Nowadays the SoundLink Mini is being used, but the older Mobile units, and sometimes even the originals, are used by music listeners everywhere! Whether they are used for bass-heavy techno music, old-time rock music, or to feel the vibration during every car crash scene on Family Guy, the SoundLink continues to make the experience of audio better.

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