Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb Specs

As of today, communicating with other people at any part of the globe is being made possible with the use of cellular phones. Man has been ripping the maximum benefit derived from its use. Communicating with anyone is never a thing to be worried because the existence of this electronic device has made it more convenient and efficient.

Quality Importance

One needs not to travel from a distant place just to talk to the person whom they have a special concern to be tackled. Lots of entrepreneurs have been making use their time efficiently. It is not just helpful to those who are always doing business with, but to all the ;people who wanted to get in touch with the ones they do love , either a family member, a friend or someone special or dear to them.

There are lots of cellular phones that is being made available in the commercial market. T he quality of the product or the cellular phone to be purchase should be done wisely. The features of the product to be acquired should be considered since it is the one that will guarantee the user. Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb gives every phone user a different level of operation to be made. It is the dynamic features of this unit that enables every individual to customize its home screen according to the way they use it. A faster messaging and sending of e-mail is to be enjoyed because of the modern features of the product.

Samsung Galaxy Reverb Specs

Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb is manufactured by Samsung and provided by Virgin Mobile with 1.4 GHz processor and 768 Mb/4.0 GB read only memory. There is a maximum of 64.0 gigabytes plus MicroSD 2.0 compatible. The screen display is 4.00 inches with 800X480 pixels. The size is 122.00 x 64.00 x 11.00 mm and a total weight of 128.00 grams or 4.50 ounces. This unit was made available in the commercial market last August 22, 2012.

Every phone owner of this unit will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connection of 802.11 bytes. It is the WIFI connection of the product that is really amazing. This can be connected from a phone with internet connection. To enable every owner of Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb there is an available Bluetooth application that makes the transfer of files and pictures in an easy way without requiring any load balance. Touch screen application is to be enjoyed since this is an android phone. There is a high speed data technology that allows every phone user to make the most of it.

Camera Quality

The camera resolution is really idea for taking pictures and videos with 5.0 mega pixels. 3.55 mm is the measurement of the headphone jack. Listening to music is to be enjoyed without any worries of recharging because the battery last for more than usual battery. The battery is a lithium ion with 1700 milli amphs hour. The available color for this phone unit is black. An amazing phone experience is to be enjoyed with the use of this because of the specifications that makes it ideal.

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