Samsung Galaxy Appeal i827 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 is one of the most popular Samsung products. Many people prefer to use this model of Samsung Galaxy because of its many features and overall component. Samsung is indeed one of the most famous phone brands that are currently making a good standing in the market. Basically, Samsung obtained the limelight because Samsung meet and satisfy the need of the people for high quality phone. All the features of this model of Samsung Galaxy are suitable for the modern lives and lifestyle of the people. All the features of this phone are perfect for people who need to do multitasking work using a phone. It is a model and type of Samsung phone that can relatively allow a person do multitasking functions.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

To buy this model is a smart choice. It is a famous model and product of Samsung. People who love high technology, gadgets and devices must have this type of Samsung phone. People who like to buy gift for someone can also buy this item. People who are working and doing any multitasking works must have this item. Buying this item is a smart choice that many people can do.

Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 is considered as one of the best Samsung products. The body of this phone measures 112x 57.7x 14.2 cm or 4.41x 2.27x 0.56 inches. The weight of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 is 114.2 g or 4.02 oz. The keyboard of this Samsung phone is QWERTY with a very excellent capacitive touch screen. The item also includes good audio, data, and sound capacity. The memory capacity of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 is also excellent.

Product Features

2. Adobe Falsh
3. Adreno 200
4. Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon
5. Accelerator Sensor


The product includes many features to optimize the capacity of users to experience good quality phones that they can use to their daily life routine. The sound, visual and date capacity of this phone are excellent and suitable to the different needs of the people. The design and features of this model of Samsung model are intended to provide comfort and excellent phone performance to all the people who might want to use this Samsung model.


The only downtime of this product is that it does not include radio. If you want listening to music using this phone you just need to save music files and stored it to the memory of your phone. By that way you can able listen to music using this item.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 obtained many positive feedbacks from many people who bought this item. The excellent features and performance of this phone make the item a must have item for many people who love high technology devices and gadgets.

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