Samsung E1170 Review

If you’re looking for a solid mobile phone that is rich in features, but doesn’t have the costs of a smartphone associated with it, then you might just want to take a look at the Samsung E1170. This phone offers users a lot of interesting extras and an amazing battery life, but there are some weaknesses as well. The screen on this phone is comparatively small to other feature phones, there isn’t any 3G or GPRS access, and there isn’t a camera on the phone.

Why Choose the Samsung E1170?

This is the perfect mobile phone for someone who is looking for a device that isn’t necessarily big on features, but is big on value. Although this phone isn’t going to dominate the market and will only be popular with a niche audience, there is no denying that it does have some attractive features to it – as long as you don’t want to send photos to anyone or access the mobile internet for some reason.

1. A fake incoming call feature allows users to be able to extract themselves from a long, ongoing conversation… or perhaps one that is not wanted in the first place.

2. The mobile tracker feature will let you be able to program your phone to send new SIM data to users of your choice so that a handset can be traced, although stealing a phone at this price point seems a little silly.

3. The black casing on the Samsung E1170 offers users a solid grip and the keypad is about as responsive as you’d expect and will stand up to regular use.

The battery on the E1170 is a 1000 mAh battery, so although it seems like the phone would be underpowered, it really isn’t because there isn’t any access to data. You can play the included game for hours on end and still be able to have a sustainable charge for the next day of use with this phone. It recharges in just a couple of hours as well, so even when the battery gets critically low, it won’t take you long to become mobile once again.
The buttons are also nicely placed and in the standard feature phone configuration that Samsung has created. Your call acceptance buttons are placed just about the keypad and the central navigation selection button is large enough to provide a good tactile experience. The keypad buttons are a little small, but the phone itself is a little small, so that is expected. Fingers might slide off the start or end buttons to the navigation buttons with the sloped design, but that’s a small complaint for a rather well designed little phone.

There Are No Entertainment Features on the Samsung E1170

The one place where people might be turned away from this value phone is in the fact that there is very little entertainment value installed on it. There’s one game, called Super Jewel Quest, that comes standard with the phone. You can potentially download other games from your mobile provider if they have made them available, but is not a guarantee. There is no ability for the Samsung E1170 to play any sort of media files.

Users will also find the suite of regular features that come with most cell phones today. A stopwatch, a flashlight, a currency converter, and a calculator are all pre-installed. The flashlight, however, just turns on the screen of the phone to provide some illumination. You’d get the same effect by accessing the menu screen and setting the phone up so it doesn’t turn off after a certain amount of time.

The Samsung E1170 Is a Humble Phone

If anything, the Samsung E1170 is a reminder of what cell phones used to be before smartphone technology was introduced to the world. If you’re on a budget, this phone will make the phone calls that you need or allow you to send some texts, but that’s about it. The 128×128 screen is fine enough for reading and sending texts, but the wall graphics are a little outdated and don’t look very good. It’s probably a good thing that this phone doesn’t include the ability to display photographs.

Budget phones need to have options stripped to make them budget friendly, so the obvious omission from this particular cell phone is a camera. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity included either, so users are unable to transfer any files to or from this phone. There’s just 16 MB of onboard memory included, so there isn’t a lot of space for any additional downloads or ringtones even if it were possible to receive them.

The one issue that users are going to find with the screen is that the Hz of the screen on this phone is painfully low. As users brows through the various menu options, there is definite blur in the movement of the screen transitions. It’s bothersome enough that multiple menu navigation makes users want to look away from the phone. The colors are a bit faded as well, but this really is the only one real setback that comes with owning this particular phone.

Is This the Right Mobile Phone For You?

From a value standpoint, the Samsung E1170 hits the mark pretty effectively. It’s priced in a very tempting range and offers a pretty sturdy operating experience that will serve most needs. Although there aren’t a lot of features included with this phone, the ones that are included are remarkably useful. The different ringtones are a little annoying, but those who need a mobile phone and are strapped for cash will find that the price is nice with this phone.

It isn’t going to provide a lot, but it will help you make calls and send texts to stay connected. The Samsung E1170 is a good work phone, perfect for the novice user, or someone that just wants an affordable emergency phone that can be tucked into a pocket when you’re in a hurry.

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