Samsung E1120 Review

The Samsung E1120 isn’t what you’d call a smartphone. Some might even struggle to call a feature phone. It works on the Edge network and give users some access to limited data, but overall, this phone is more for calling and texting above anything else. If you’re looking for a simple phone for basic connectivity, then you’ll want to give this phone a look since it’ll have a few additional features that will take the texting experience to slightly higher levels.

The price point of the Samsung E1120 is often its most attractive feature. Some phones that have budget-friendly prices wind up being made from cheap, fragile materials. Does the E1120 stand up to user tests? Or does it fail to make the grade?

What Do the Specs of the Samsung E1120 Look Like?

Overall the E1120 provides a small, compact user experience that many people are going to like. It’s only 4.7 inches in length, 1.7 inches wide, and just under 0.6 inches in thickness. It feels nice in the hand and provides a lightweight carrying experience that users are really going to love. The average battery life for the phone is 11 hours of standard talk time, but a minimum of 8 hours can usually be achieved, even when heavy texting use. The 800 mAh battery provides up to 3 weeks of standby time as well.

The phone is as lightweight as it is small. Weighing just 66g, it’s one of the lightest phones that you’re going to find on the market anywhere. The screen size is equally small, which isn’t surprising considering the small size of the phone, and measures just 1.5 inches in size. It offers a 128×128 experience for users with a pixel density of 119 PPI for some limited gaming solutions for those moments of free time that you may end up having.

The screen makes up just 16% of the overall phone size, which means the buttons of the phone are nice and large. It utilizes the T9 method of texting, which may or may not be an advantage depending on your personal perspective, but the finger placement on each number is nice and solid. The call acceptance and call ending buttons are in a good spot above the numbers and the navigation buttons are centrally located for user convenience.

Who Benefits From Owning the Samsung E1120?

The mobile phone is the epitome of a no frills phone. It is perfect for those who want to have a basic phone that can help them contact someone when there is a need. It works great as an emergency phone that you can throw into a vehicle, a first cell phone for the kids, or for someone who just wants a phone that is simple to use.

Users who are on a Pay As You Go type of plan are really going to love this phone. It provides a great value because the calls are crisp and clear, while the number buttons provide a nice tactile response when pressed. It’s simple and effective, but in return, it can be a little difficult to read the messages that are received because of the smaller screen size.

When you get into the menu features of the Samsung E1120, there are a few additional benefits that can be found as well. It offers a simple calendar for scheduling, an alarm clock, and has basic memo that will help you access the information you need.

There Are Some Disadvantages to the Samsung E1120

For users who want an experience that is similar to a smartphone, the E1120 is going to fall far short. First of all, there isn’t a rear camera that can be used on the phone. It’s just a standard phone that you’re going to take along with you. You can access a limited browser, access your voicemail, but you cannot assign specific ring tones to certain numbers like most other phones. From the average user’s perspective, the advanced features of a modern phone just aren’t there with this Samsung model.

There isn’t a way for users to expand the memory of the phone either. It lacks a mSD slot for storage options, but in Samsung’s view, it probably isn’t really needed considering the limitations of the phone. It doesn’t have an email client or even a 3.5mm headphone jack either. An ambient light sensor being included would have helped with the automatic screen brightness as well.

The most awkward component of the Samsung E1120 is the fact that the number assignments are inconsistent across the different menu functions within the phone. As you’re navigating about, sometimes the command to delete an item comes from the “3” key, while others require it to be the “4” key.

The bottom line is this: it has slow data, which means you will have slow mobile browsing and download speeds. It isn’t going to give you much data access. It will, however, give you smooth connections for talk and text that some users are going to want in a small, compact package that is highly affordable.

What Is the User Feedback On This Phone?

In examining authentic customer reviews online for the Samsung E1120, this phone has higher than average scores. There are some positive and negative reviews that can be found on a number of independent websites. Here is just a sampling of some of the customer reviews that sum up the experience of using this particular mobile phone.

What are the positive customer reviews of the E1120?

  • A good basic phone for making and receiving calls and texts.
  • Phone is nice and small and very simple.
  • I love the phone as its cheap and just what I need to receive and make phone calls – as well as texting. Easy to use.
  • Nothing to drain the battery. It’s just a phone.
  • The E1120 is cheap, small, and compact.
  • I have found nothing negative with the phone.

What are the negative customer reviews of the E1120?

  • I found the instructions weren’t very clear and there are not many sounds for calls.
  • It’s very easy to clear whole text when, in fact, you want to just correct something.
  • Quality is not great. Doesn’t feel or look very well made and seems flimsy.
  • Very few features and information booklet that was supplied is just a sheet of A4 and doesn’t really explain all the features.

The Samsung E1120 ranks the highest in value for the money. On a scale of 10, many consumer review websites give this phone an average score of 9. On the other end of the spectrum, the features scoring is about 50% less than the top scores for value. Ease of use, battery life, and the design of the phone are all comparatively scored.

The only reason why the features category scores as high as it does is because people who are satisfied with the basic talk and text functions of the phone rank it in the 9/10 or 10/10 range on their review. If those rankings are eliminated from the equation, the review average drops from a 5/10 to below 2.8/10, which provides evidence of just how basic this phone really happens to be.

The one thing that all users have stated about this phone is that it would score much higher if a camera had been included with it. For the price, however, that’s a sacrifice that some consumers are willing to make because they don’t take many mobile photographs anyway. It’s simple, does the job it needs to do, and does it without complaint.

What the Verdict on the Samsung E1120?

This is a solid, basic mobile phone if you just wish to make calls and texts. Because it doesn’t have a camera or other energy wasters, the battery life on the Samsung E1120 is pretty outstanding and texting is easy to do, but those are the two primary benefits. Users who want more than just a basic phone are not going to enjoy owning this one. It provides a lot of value for those with basic needs because it is highly affordable and has a long life span.

The proprietary operating system that Samsung has provided does its job. Navigating through the menus is a pretty basic experience and for the most part familiar, but there are a few inconsistencies that make actually using the menu functions a little difficult at times.

With three choices of wallpaper, but just one ring tone from which to choose, users have to weigh the Samsung E1120’s ease of use with its overall limitations. Providing basic functions for an incredibly affordable price, this mobile phone makes a good secondary phone as a backup if your primary phone has stopped functioning for some reason. That’s why someone with a need for no frills communication will love this lightweight little phone, but most other people will not.

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