Difference Between WIN8 and WIN8 Pro

The Microsoft company keeps on evolving faster and faster and, quite honestly, it is hard to keep up with it and with everything that it throws out there in the market. For the average user, it is best now to just ask for help from experts in order to understanding what will be best for their needs.

From Windows 7 to Windows 8

After Windows 7, Windows 8 came into the market and ever since then, things got a little confusing with more and more products coming into the market. This, of course,, includes Windows 8 Pro. There is a difference between the normal windows 8 and the Windows 8 Pro, but it is very subtle.

Windows 8 was built as an improvement to all of the other windows out there, it even came with a new type of interface that, at first, caused a little bit of confusion to the user since it was pretty hard to understand at first sight, but it then became clear that it was pretty user friendly.

What Was Added?

Since it is just a general improvement with a few tweaks, Windows 8 was received with a smile by the customers, it did everything they wanted it to do and it worked wonders. The improvements in capacities of the new Windows as well as the improvement in the capacities of new computers really made everything go smoothly.

The Onset of the Pro Version

But then there was Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro was essentially the exact same thing as Windows 8, but it was designed and aimed for enthusiasts that really wanted to get a little bit of everything, and for small and medium businesses that needed to have a little bit more on their operative system so that they can improve communication and productivity.

Windows 8 Pro includes a few programs that aren’t included in Windows 8, as well as every feature that Windows 8 has. The new features essentially allow companies to share and to encrypt files so that they can protect their information from threats outside. Moreover, they will have the capacity to access a Microsoft server, and they will be able to pack it with their own information.

More Than Needed for the Average User

For the average user, the normal Windows 8 is more than enough, and the other features that are included in Windows 8 Pro are actually not included in the other versions of Windows 8 because they aren’t used by the average user at all, not because of any other reason.

The average user would not have the need to pay a lot of extra money just so that they can encrypt their files and share them in a server for themselves. The average user just needs to perform tasks that Windows 8 is more than capable of handling.

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