Difference Between i3 and i5 Processor

If you are looking at your computer and wondering what is happening inside of it, you are about to discover an incredible world that is almost unbelievable. Understanding how things happen in your computer is incredible and it just looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie if you look into it.

The Role of the Processor

One of the things that is working wonders on your computer is the processor. Your processor is there to help you with pretty much everything that you do. It is going to help your computer run faster, it is going to help you multitask in your computer and it is even going to help you when your computer seems to be freezing.

It can be a little hard to explain the difference between an i3 and an i5 processor, since these involved the definitions of a few aspects of the technology involved in them and they have a few components in them that are connect between one another and that, together, work to make your PC the best one possible, as well as in the efficiency of the processor itself.

More Cores for a i5 Processor

The factors included are the number of cores that the processor has, the clock speed, the technologies incorporated into the processors and the size of cache. It is hard to tell if a processor is good based on one of these aspects only, since they can or cannot be decisive.

One of the most important factors, however, is the number of cores that a processor has. Currently, the i3 processors all have two cores (they are dual-core processors) and this means that they can handle a fair amount of stuff going on in your computer, but the i5 processors all have four cores, which gives them twice the capacity of the i3 processors.

Does The Number of Cores Make a Difference?

As such, the i3 processor is usually decent when it comes to multitask on your computer. This means that if you want to listen to music while playing a game, while defragmenting your computer, while having 15 tabs of comics on your browser opened, you are probably going to have a bad time while you are getting all of that done on your computer.

This doesn’t mean that an i5 processor can handle all that (please don’t do all that at the same time), but it most certainly can handle it a lot better than the i3 processor. More often than not, the i3 processor is enough for most computer users, but for the advanced users that want to play some games and that want to see some videos in high quality, the i5 processor is the way to go.

The i5 processor is going to render higher video quality, it is going to have a better video card and the bigger number of cores is going to aid in multitasking.

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