Wind Turbines Advantages and Disadvantages

Energy is the biggest crisis that we will face as a planet in this lifetime, which is why there has been a very large focus in the alternative energy field. Wind turbines have been at the fore front of this research. Wind turbines are giant windmills that the wind moves, and they create energy that can be harnessed and used in a all sorts of ways. This is a great option because of the endless possibilities that they hold, but are they really as good as they seem?

The Advantages of Wind Turbines

1. It’s All Clean!
One of the best characteristics of wind turbines is the fact that they are completely clean energy. There are no pollutants put into the air, and no harm comes to the environment in any way from harnessing this energy source.

2. Constantly Replenishes
As long as we have an atmosphere, we will have wind. This is the driving force behind the energy that the wind turbines create. Wind is always blowing, which means that energy is always being created by the turbines. This makes it an invaluable source of energy for the planet.

3. An Additional Source of Earning
Farmers and other land owners who have large spaces of land, can have these wind turbines installed and also be payed for the energy that they create. This is a win win situation for everyone involved because clean energy is being created, land isn’t being taken up, and the farmers are being paid.

4. They Are Visually Appealing
With many other forms of alternative energy, such as solar power, the equipment that is needed to harness the energy is bulky and very unattractive. This is far from the case with wind turbines. Their sleek design is classic and yet very interesting. They look like giant, majestic pin wheels strewn all across the land. Many people find them to add a great deal of appeal to the land they are placed on.

5. They’re Cost Effective
Another great benefit of wind turbines is the fact that they are very cost effective, and the energy that is produced can go a long way. The turbines have the ability to provide power to multiple locations at a time, which is untrue for other forms of alternative energies. The equipment that is used is also fairly affordable for the benefits that they provide.

The Disadvantages of Wind Turbines

1. Weather is Unpredictable
In order for energy to be created, there must be wind. This isn’t always the case in many areas. It can be very hard to predict when there will be enough wind to produce power, and when there will not. This could cause outages and the need for back up sources of energy for people who rely on wind turbines to power their home or business.

2. Safety is Questionable
The turbines are built up very high, and the blades that are on them can be extremely heavy. This poses some serious safety concerns, especially when it comes to maintenance, severe storms, and very high winds. People who are working anywhere near the turbines could be in great danger if something where to malfunction of go wrong with one of the turbines.

3. Not Everywhere is Ideal
Wind energy can only be generated and harnessed in areas that have a pretty reliable stream of wind coming through. This takes out a lot of places, such as flat areas. They also need to be built relatively high up, like on a hill, in order to get enough wind to spin and create energy.

4. They Can Be Loud
While they may be beautiful, they do not always sound the same. Wind turbines produce a pretty loud noise, up to 60 decibels of sound, when they are going full speed. This noise can be heard for quite a ways around the turbine. This has become one of the biggest factors that cause people to opt for other types of energy.

Important Facts About Wind Turbines

  • In the past decade there has been a 25 percent increase in the use of wind turbines and wind energy across the globe.
  • The turbines are built as high as twenty stories high.
  • Wind power has been used for centuries in the form of windmills to crush grain and move water from place to place.
  • The turbines can move as fast as 200 miles per hour!
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