Sexual Reproduction Advantages and Disadvantages

The reproduction process is possibly the most important process to ever exist. This is how we create offspring, populate the world, and keep the race going. The most talked about type of reproduction is sexual reproduction. This is most likely because it’s the same way that me and you where made! Sexual reproduction involves a male and a female partner, and sexual intercourse must be had in order to procreate. While it has surely been a successful method for all of time, and the majority of creatures on earth use it, there are some downfalls to be considered.

Advantages of Sexual Reproduction

1. Diversifies The Population
Sexual reproduction has to involve two different creatures. This means that two different sets of genes come together to form one. For this reasons, everyone looks different and no two people are ever the exact same. This helps to keep the population diverse and thriving.

2. The Chance of Evolving
The only way that a species can evolve is through sexual reproduction. With each passing generation the genes become better suited to handle environmental and biological issues that would wipe out creatures that produces in other ways.

3. Brings Pleasure
The act of reproducing sexually brings pleasure to many different species that use it. The number one example being humans. Sex is a driving force for many people, and this is necessary to ensure that reproduction occurs at all costs.

4. A Continuing Existence
The over all biggest benefit of sexual reproduction is the continuation of the species. Extinction is something that has happened to thousands upon thousands of different types of creatures through out history, and once they are extinct, there is no coming back.

Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction

1. Gene Mutations
When you are dealing with two entirely different sets of genes coming together to form one new set, there are many complications that can arise. Disease, disabilities, and other illnesses are much more common in species that reproduce sexually rather than ones that do not.

2. Overpopulation
Since the act of sexual reproduction is enjoyable, there is a big problem of over population for many different types of species. The biggest problem with this, however, is in humans. Too many people are effecting the entire planet and dwindling our resources.

3. It Takes A Long Time
Since there is so much involved in the mixing of genes and DNA, the time it takes to conceive and give birth to offspring that are created with sexual reproduction is much longer than other types. This time could be detrimental, especially in the case of a disaster that leaves the population very low.

4. Finding A Mate
The biggest challenge when it comes to sexual reproduction is finding a suitable mate to reproduce with. This requires a lot of effort, and often the mobilization of a species. If a creature cannot find a mate, then they have absolutely no hope for offspring.

5. Extreme Effort
Offspring that are produced sexually require a large amount of parental effort from the day that they are conceived. The mother must carry the child and give birth. Then the two mates must come together to take care of their child until they are grown and independent enough to survive on their own.

Important Facts About Sexual Reproduction

  • The human reproductive system contains the largest and smallest cells in the entire body.
  • Male creatures have many more gametes than female creatures.
  • The act of sexual reproduction is the same for all species that use it.
  • Humans, dogs, dolphins, bears, pigs, and most all other mammals reproduce sexually.
  • The earliest form of contraception was used the Ancient Egyptians.
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