Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk Review

The contract that you will sign with your chosen mobile phone provider is among the most daunting factors in choosing a mobile phone. Signing across that common line could tie you up to a phone and that situation may last for up to 2 years. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk is an exemption to this. Here in this Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk review, you will learn everything about this phone. Read on and believe that this phone is a smart choice.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is the 1st Android smartphone that runs under the power of Verizon’s 3G system. Most features of this phone are comparable to other high end smartphones. This device runs Android 2.3 and measures 4.5 inches x 2.35 inches x .45 inches. It is slightly slimmer and its width is just perfect.

Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk?

As made for pre-paid services, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk is the ideal smartphone that you should choose if you are looking to switch to a better device from a standard and typical mobile phone. Since there’s no contract to be signed, you could move on and enjoy your new phone right away. On the other hand, because this phone prioritizes economy, this phone does not include numerous typical features which most Samsung phone units have.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk

Its screen display measures 3.5 inches with a slight curved surface. This will give you that ergonomic feeling that you will surely feel in your palms. Moreover, Galaxy Proclaim features a back-facing 3.0 megapixels camera. Its camera is highly versatile for a cost-effective smartphone. It has effects and modes which include cartoonize, action shot, continuous, single shot, panorama and a lot more. It is also capable of recording videos though they are not in HD.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk makes use of Android Gingerbread OS, an older edition of Android. It is a simplified and more power-efficient edition of Android. It is just good for this particular mobile phone because it works with a single-core processor and RAM of 512 megabytes. Using a simpler and more typical Android Gingerbread operating system lets the phone itself to work smoothly with no freezes or stutters. You may also set the phone’s layout according to your preferences so that you could have instant access to those apps that you frequently use.


This smartphone is powered and supported by its 1GHz processor. It tends to be slightly snappier while it runs numerous tasks at the same time. Samsung Proclaim comes with a great memory. It features a sufficient internal storage of 1GB.


The camera of this smartphone is good. It comes with a 3MP camera with 1.6x zoom. When it comes to video recording, the camera of this mobile phone is capable of recording videos with a resolution of 720×480 which is relatively higher than the camera resolutions of other mobile phone models.

Wireless Performance

Galaxy Proclaim comes with similar wireless components with other smartphones. It works well when it comes to surfing the web; the connection is fast and reliable.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk

There are various good things that you should learn about this great smartphone. The following are the major advantages of this mobile phone:
1. The quality of call is excellent for a cost-effective smartphone like this. It has a speakerphone, text to speech, voice recognition, multitasking and the like.
2. It comes with different options for text messaging which include the chat-style messaging along with a group of people and Swype software for fast texting.
3. It is quite stylish and it is cheaper so it’s truly the best choice for those who would like to experience having a smartphone.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk

Just like the other models of smartphones that you can find in the market today, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk also comes with downsides. Here are some of the complaints of those people who bought and used this smartphone already:
1. It does not have a front-facing camera. The absence of this feature means that you will not be able to use this phone for easy self-portraits and video calls.
2. Aside from front-facing camera, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk also doesn’t have a flash which means you have to use lighting of your own especially if the area where you want to take shots is slightly dim.
3. The battery of this phone is also weak. It only offers a maximum of 6 hours of calls & a couple of weeks of standby time. On the other hand, the battery of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk is removable so you can use a spare battery to prevent frequent charging. It is one thing that makes this phone as the number one choice for adventure lovers and those people who are always on the go.

All of these issues do not actually affect the overall performance of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It is a good deal for anyone who always wants to experience the best in an ergonomic smartphone.

The Final Verdict

This product is an affordable prepaid Android smartphone. While it does not have a front-facing camera, camera flash and superior battery life, its simplicity & lack of the mobile phone contract is suitable for 1st time smartphone users. With this phone, you can do a lot of things; you can actually multi-task by simply running various apps at the same time while monitoring the incoming updates and information with no interruption.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk comes with a notification panel that provides you the central core for all your incoming messages, alerts, voicemails, downloads and a lot more. You may also open and use the Task Manager with just a single touch, allowing you to switch from one to another app with ease. Save more on your data minutes through connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network wherever it is available. A million thanks to one-finger typing on Swype keyboard as even the clumsy typists will be able to compose 50 words for every minute. All of these facts will make you realize that choosing this smartphone could be the right choice for you.

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