Samsung B3410 Review

Some people want to have a mobile device that will connect them to an extensive data network so that they are always connected to the Internet. Others want to have a smartphone that is filled with modern features and are willing to pay any price for that. When the tactile experience is more important to a user than the overall functionality of a phone, the Samsung B3410 becomes a viable option. Built with the texter in mind, the full QWERTY keyboard that is reminiscent of a Blackberry device will make SMS texts easy.

The Samsung B3410 Is a Basic Slider Phone

The first thing to notice with the Samsung phone is the fact that it is unable to connect to a 3G network. This fact might turn some users away, but the design of the phone itself might actually bring them back. The Samsung B3410 offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive interface so that shoppers on a budget are going to feel like they’re getting a pretty good deal.

The aesthetics of the phone itself are actually quite nice. It has rounded corners and a streamlined look that give it a modern appeal. The flat back on the phone also makes it useful for those times when you need to set a phone down and talk to someone on the speakerphone. The primary feature of the design, however, is the sliding component of the phone which reveals the QWERTY keyboard.

The sliding mechanism on the phone is a little stiffer than one might expect. Although you don’t have to be a strong man in order to open up the phone, it does a surprising amount of effort and you almost feel like you’re going to break the phone and doing it. Because the keys of the phone are real, there’s also a particular stiffness to the texting motions that can bring about a high level of user fatigue. The mechanisms take a little getting used to it, but for those who like a physical keyboard and the tactile experiences that come with it, the B3410 will satisfy those needs quite nicely.

The B3410 Is a Generally Responsive Phone

With a 2.8 inch capacitive touchscreen, this entry-level phone gives you buttons of a nice size so that you can start in and calls with ease. It takes a little getting used to the back button, however, because it’s in a natural usage point where a menu button would be. Having the right controls for the phone be on the external casing is really nice to have, while the dedicated camera and record keys will be found to be useful for certain users.

Although there are smart components to the Samsung B3410, it isn’t really a smartphone by definition. It will access the Internet for you and display web pages on the small screen, but the widgets that are installed on your home screen aren’t actually apps that can be used. If you text the Facebook widget, for example, you will go to the mobile Facebook page instead of accessing the data through an app.

If you are used high-speed data connections, this Samsung phone is going to be providing you with some culture shock for a period of time. The 2G connections are good enough to access social networking or a web page in an emergency, but high-speed data transfer is not gonna happen.

The Samsung B3410 Is A Decent Multimedia Phone

Although data connections are relatively weak with this mobile phone, the B3410 is a reasonably good multimedia phone for those who like to take their tunes on the road. Not only is a music player included out-of-the-box, but so is an FM radio and there is expandable memory tanks to the microSD card slot. There isn’t any GPS or Wi-Fi connections, but the affordability of the phone tends to trump this fact. As long as you avoid any high data consumption tasks with the Samsung B3410, it’s going to provide the average person with a good experience.

With 30 MB of internal storage, you’re going to want to have the microSD expansion to make sure you can play your favorite playlist. It will play MP3 and MP4 files, however, and there is the option for pictures to be displayed in the JPEG format. A2DP Bluetooth is also available and the battery is both rechargeable and removable. It only way is 113.7 g, so you’re getting video and music playback with FM radio support in a relatively lightweight mobile device.

The operating system is a Samsung proprietary offering and its primary function is to help you get the most out of the 2 MP camera. With a screen resolution of 240p, the graphics on this phone are not going to overly impress you. For those who need a budget friendly phone and the option to MMS and email regularly, however, there are a lot of good things that can be found within this phone’s specs. There’s even a stopwatch feature that comes pre-installed.

Is This the Samsung B3410 the Right Phone For You?

The age on the Samsung B3410 is starting to show. When these components were first introduced, it was near state-of-the-art technology. With today’s innovations happening so fast, an entry-level smartphone is not going to cost a whole lot more while being able to provide many more features. The primary user who is going to enjoy this kind of phone is someone who does a lot of emailing or texting and wants to have the tactile sensations of a real keyboard.

Some might find that the physical keyboard is below average, but it just takes a little getting used to and it will become a very useful tool. There are phones in the Samsung line of products that offer a similar experience without the physical keyboard, like the Genoa, for those who want a similar phone as the B3410 without the slider hassle. Although the lack of 3G connectivity limits the market naturally, this Samsung device is still a decent phone that will meet the needs of those who use it.

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