Samsung Ativ S Review

Some mobile devices blow you away with the amount of features that there able to provide. Other mobile phones look to provide users with the best possible experience at the lowest possible price. In between these two extremes are a series of smartphones that the average person is going to enjoy using because it provides an average experience. The Samsung Ativ S is one of those phones that takes the middle road.

In many ways, the Ativ S is Samsung’s answer for those who want to have a Windows operating system on a smart device. The style of the Samson phone is very similar to that of the Galaxy line, so we can provide some serious punches in specific areas, but there is also a feeling that a lot more could be done without driving up the cost.

What Makes the Samsung Ativ S an Attractive Phone?

This Samsung phone has a nice lightweight design that most users are going to find attractive. There’s no fatigue involved when you are using this phone to meet your mobile connection needs. With the windows operating system tiles on the home screen, getting to favorite apps or a picture that a user wants to share is often just one touch away. The combination of this ease-of-use and compact, lightweight technology definitely makes this an attractive smartphone option.

There’s also added microSD support so that expandable storage is possible. Once you boot up this phone for the first time, you can’t help but feel like you actually have a portable computer in your hands. The more you tend to use it, the better it tends to be from a user standpoint.

The visual aesthetics also make this an attractive phone. With a metallic look and a hairline finish, it makes the Windows phone look like it is a premium handset instead of one that has an average price.

The Samsung Ativ S Has a Nice Display

With a 4.8 inch display and was a total thickness of 8.7 mm, one could hardly label this smartphone as a hefty piece of technology. There aren’t a lot of bells or whistles because the focus has been to design a phone that makes connections faster and simpler. With Gorilla Glass and a 720p resolution complimenting the 306 PPI pixel density, colors shine on this display and give users and authentic graphic representation of what they are seeing.

These graphics in the multitask functions of the Samsung phone are supported by a 1.5 GHz dual core snapdragon processor. This gives the phone enough horsepower to get through pretty much any task that a Windows phone is going to encounter.

The one place of improvement for the display would be the inclusion of sensitive touch technology so that the Samsung Ativ S could be used in multiple environmental conditions. With that being said, most users are going to find that the overall design of this phone will stand up to their basic needs.

Some Improvements Could Be Made to the Ativ S

The one definite place of improvement for this Samsung smartphone is in the placement of the home button. It’s right next to the bottom of the display and can be triggered with a downward swipe of the thumb or finger pretty easily. If you’re playing a favorite game or using a video chat app to speak with someone, it isn’t uncommon to accidentally shutdown the app by going back to the home screen by bumping the button.

There’s also a general lack of customization that comes with this Samsung will device. Where other phones are allowing for color customization or other feature enhancements, the Ativ S gives you the generic option to change the appearance of your home screen and the tiles from the Windows operating system.

Some users might find the lack of LTE support to be troublesome. When it comes to call quality and data access, however, this smartphone is able to compete with most phones. It delivers a fair experience with a level of dependability that the average user is going to want to have with their phone in case an accidental drop happens.

Many users will also feel a little frustrated by the fact that most of the included apps that come out of the box with the Samsung Ativ S need to have full update in order to be properly used. If you’re stuck on a cellular data connection, this can easily use up 1 GB of data from your plan before you even get to use the phone.

What Is the Overall Impression of the Samsung Ativ S?

At this price point, the Samsung Ativ S is going to be a good phone that most people are going to enjoy using. The 8 MP primary camera is going to meet most needs in the 1.9 MP is nice to have for a basic video chat. Everything is decent enough and you can edit pictures within the operating system of phone, but you aren’t going to get high-powered solutions that premium products are able to offer. You can also record video in high definition that is easy enough to edit as well.

Most users are not going to regret deciding to purchase the Samsung Ativ S to meet their mobile connection needs. If you want a daily use phone that can meet some basic business needs while being available for all of your personal connection needs, including sharing photos and data on your favorite social networks, then this mobile phone should be one of the top choices to consider right now.

For users who want to have a premium experience without paying a premium price, however, there are upgrade versions of Samsung mobile phones that can better meet those needs. The Samsung Ativ S is primarily for those who are on a tight budget, want a reliable phone, and want some useable features that they can enjoy using on a regular basis.

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