Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S111

Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S 111 has been the stylish, simple to use and intuitive brand that Samsung takes pride. This understands and recognizes the commands in order to share and create the moments of life instantly. It has been packed with various incredible features that are not present among other brands and models of smartphones. Find out how you can maximize the benefits received from it through discovering some of the best phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S111.

1. Belkin Pocket Case

For only $24.99, you can now have this stylish smartphone case and wallet in one Belkin Pocket Case. This phone case has been featuring the highest quality stitch material that comes with fine pebble grain texture. It comes with a little tab situated at the back which serves as the lever for popping the Samsung Galaxy S III out of the pocket instantly. At the same time, there is a separated slot that can hold the bus pass or credit card.

This case also has a inner lining soft microfiber that can protect the Android phone from scratches. It comes with Red, White, Black, Paparazzi Pink and Brown colors.

2. Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx Series

In this case, you will find polycarbonate, TPU and rubber that keep the Samsung Galaxy S III protected. Its outermost layer has been composed of very soft rubber to absorb shock. Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx also comes with layer with impact-resistant polycarbonate. Aside from that, there is also first ever molded screen protector that has been compared to other film-like protectors that can be found elsewhere. It comes with various colors such as White/Charcoal, Pink/White, Cobalt, Black or White/Black.

3. Case-Mate Pop Case with Strand

Case-Mate pop case with strand has been the combination of soft rubber and lightweight plastic. It provides a great feeling while in your hand. It has been integrated with built-in stand that will flip out to prop up the Samsung Galaxy S III for media watching or video calls. The front lip has been designed to protect the Android smartphone from scratches whenever it is laid flat.

4. Cruzerlite Persona Case

If you want to express your patriotism, you can avail the Cruzerlite Persona Case. it comes with stripes and stars to meet Andy through a back panel shock absorbent for the Samsung Galaxy S III. This is composed of TPU plastic. It is a cheap, lightweight and sleek case without even adding bulk to the device. This phone case easily snaps off and on while it maintains complete access to the controls and patriots.

5. Gear4 Angry Birds

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, this is your chance to show it through this Gear4 Angry Birds phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S III. It is composed of strong plastic which is integrated to cover the sides and back of the Android smartphone in case there are some accidental scratches and bumps.

These are only some of the incredible and fantastic way of enjoying your new phone cases. When you really want something great for your Samsung Galaxy S III, these phone cases are the perfect choice.

What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Skyrocket

What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Skyrocket

AT&T came up with two similar names that usually confuse customers whenever they heard about it or every time they are trying to make comparisons between them. The word “skyrocket” was added at the end of Samsung Galaxy S2 which indicates that this means something. The truth is that the Skyrocket has quite difference from some Galaxy S2 variations.

The greatest distinction is that this skyrocket got bigger screen, faster processor and compatible with the brand new 4G LTE network of AT&T. Another distinction comes with the price tag. Skyrocket is actually $30 more expensive than Galaxy S2.

The Skyrocket shoulders have been slightly rounded opposing the Galaxy S2’s squarish corners. Aside from that, devices have been virtually identical when compared to Super AMOLED Plus display, Gingerbread variants of Android OS. These two devices must obtain the Ice Cream Sandwich update soon.

These are only some of the major distinction that can be seen from Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. To learn more of the minor differences, take note of the given details below to get enlightened:

Battery Performance

The capacity of the battery serves as the most precise indicator of the entire battery performance. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket got a higher capacity compared to the average 1, 750 mAh while Samsung Galaxy S2 did not posses this feature. Display has been usually the greatest drain on the battery of the phone while the bigger screen on Galaxy S2 Skyrocket drains the battery faster compared to Galaxy S2 display.


If ease of use and portability are both important, Galaxy S2 has been the ultimate choice between the two phones. Galaxy S2 is 12 percent lighter compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and this is even thinner. It comes with a common protective case and has the same thickness with any average phone.

Camera Quality

The two phones got above average camera qualities. The primary cameras were both about 8 MP which has been the minimum level essential to capture higher quality of images. Such phones could even record HD videos, which has been the high-end model standard.


Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Skyrocket have the same sensor features. They both have GPS, gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer. They both have the same blue tooth version of 3.0+HS and charging connection of microUSB. When it comes to interface, they both use microUSB but with Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, there is HDMI available.


Galaxy S2 display has been 0.2 inch smaller compared to Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. However, it has sharper screen. Samsung Galaxy S2 got pixel density that has been measured in pixels in each inch of display. This is actually 5 percent higher compared to the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket display.

By simply learning the slight differences of these two innovative smartphones, it will be easier for you to make decisions whenever you want to buy any of them. It serves as your ultimate guide in choosing the best Samsung Galaxy model for you.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Reverb Have a Front Facing Camera

Does the Samsung Galaxy Reverb Have a Front Facing Camera

Many consumers in the market nowadays are interested to purchase the new Samsung galaxy reverb which is one of the latest devices that were created by Samsung. The stated product has more surprises to provide to those individuals who are interested to enjoy the benefits of the latest innovations in the modern technology nowadays. The stated device has so many excellent features that will never fail the expectations of the consumers when it comes to the things that are commonly present in modern devices that are powered by the android technology.

Some consumers are interested to purchase the new android device from Samsung because of the excellent performance of its updated set of features that are incomparable to what the other brands of android devices have. This product is well supported with a very efficient set of cameras that the consumers can use to take wonderful pictures in several places. However, the staffs of Samsung didn’t mention in the promotion of this product if it has a front facing camera in its design as one of the best android devices in the market nowadays. Now here is the question, is the Samsung galaxy reverb has a front facing camera?

Samsung Galaxy Reverb Specs

This device is one of the best accomplishments of Samsung galaxy at the present time. This android device is equipped with a very reliable five megapixel rear camera which can be used to take clear and high quality pictures in several places. The pictures that this camera can capture are one hundred percent free from imperfections and other issues that may disappoint those individuals who very interested to collect the pictures of the most precious moments in their lives. Clear display and high definition photos are not impossible to achieve with the help of the excellent rear camera of this high quality android device from Samsung.

Now it’s time to answer the question. Is Samsung galaxy reverb equipped with a front facing camera or not? The answer to that question is yes. It is because this android device by Samsung has a very reliable 1.0 mega pixel front facing camera. The feature can be used by a person when short distance picture taking process is meant to be performed alone. This feature will be the best tool for those consumers of the device that was stated who love to enjoy the idea of “selfie” during their break hours and holiday vacations.

The Samsung galaxy reverb will be the best answer to the needs of those individuals who are searching for more useful and innovative android devices in the market nowadays. The presence of front facing camera in its features makes it one of the best Samsung android devices to purchase at the present time. This android device is very affordable yet its features are at the best level. It’s an android device which can never be compared to the other brands of smartphones that are available in different parts of the globe nowadays. Try it now and be one of the lucky users of such product.

Samsung Galaxy TabTM 2 7.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tabtm 2 7.0 Review

The demand of the people for modern technology is continually increasing. Modern technology is relatively part of the lives of the people. Through the modern technology, many people able to obtain many gadgets that they can use to meet their needs and purposes. People use gadgets and other devices for entertainment, playing games and for communication purposes. Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7 is one of the famous devices and gadgets that many people prefer to use. This type and model of Samsung product is one of the most effective products produced by Galaxy.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

Many people can buy and use Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7 to be able to optimize their communication aspect and to attain entertainment. The product is relatively a must have item for those people who love high technology. Buying Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7 is indeed a good choice. Those people who are also looking for best gifts to buy can choose this item as their present to their loved ones. The product also includes many features that can relatively meet the demand of the people for high quality and high performance Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7.

Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7 is a product of the continuous innovation of Samsung to all their products. The measurement thickness of the Samsung product is 10.5mm. The lineage of this Samsung product is very clear to ensure its function and satisfy the need of the people for better resolution and performance of the product. The storage capacity of the product is also great compared to other type of gadgets and tablets. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7 is also good to ensure that users of this product can obtain great experience using the device. Features and design of the product are intended to be able to satisfy the demand of the people.

Product Features

• LED flash
• Video player
• Better photo viewing
• VGA camera
• 1024×600 PLS TFT Display of Samsung Galaxy Tab TM 2.7
• Ambient sensor
• Allotted microSD slot
• 3 Megapixel


The design and features of the Samsung product are relatively excellent for better performance of the item. To buy this item is indeed a good choice to make by many people who love gadgets and advanced technology. The performance and battery life of the product are proven effective and better than other gadgets. The cost of the product is relatively reasonable if you will consider its good and high performance that can definitely make many high tech lovers happy.


The only downtime that you may see to the product is that it does not contain LED flash. But it is just a very minimal downtime because the manufacturer of the item assures all users that the item has a very good camera performance even though it has no LED Flash with its rear camera.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The product obtained both positive and negative feedbacks from many people who bought and used this item.

Samsung i827 Galaxy Appeal Specs

Samsung i827 Galaxy Appeal Specs

Technology has been the greatest invention of man throughout the ages. It has been the most important thing that makes everything easy as of today. There are lots of gadgets and other electronic devices that aid man in their daily struggle. Cellular phones were a very popular means of communication and informing people of certain community.

Samsung phones come from different units and styles. Each contains features that are especially designed to suit the needs of the person who will be using it. One should know about the specification of Samsung galaxy appeal I827 so that they will be able to made use of it to the fullest. It is their knowledge about the phone that is giving the owner all the access to its programs and application that will be helpful in their daily activities. Samsung phones are not just an efficient means to communicate with other people because of other features that will really satisfy their needs which are related to its use.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

There have been a numerous number of cellular phones in the commercial market as of today. Each carries their brand that makes them being known. It is their trademark that is being patronized by the public or the customers all because of the quality and good service that it has been giving to them. Samsung phones are being known by the public for being one of the most efficient brands that really satisfy their needs.

The network connection of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 comes from 2G Networks with 850, 900, 1800, 1900 global system for mobile communications. 3G Network of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 has 850, 1900, 2100 high speed downlink packet access that will really satisfy the phone users. The subscriber identity module card slot of the phone is intended for Mini-Sims. The product has been announced by the company in the year 2012 month of May. Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 was released last June 2012. The body of this phone unit has a dimension of 112X57.7X14.2 or 4.41 X2.27 X 0.56 inches and the weight of 114.2 grams or 4.02 ounce. The keyboard is made as QWERTY design which seems to have been the same as the keyboard for computer. Each letter occupies one block in the keyboard of the phone.

Product Features

• Adobe Falsh
• Adreno 200
• Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon
• Accelerator Sensor


The Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 includes many features to optimize the capacity of users to experience good quality phones that they can use to their daily life routine. The sound, visual and date capacity of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 are excellent and suitable to the different needs of the people. The design and features of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 are intended to provide comfort and excellent phone performance to all the people who might want to use Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827.


One has nothing to worry regarding their documents, contacts and of photos to be stored since there is a card slot that is up to 32 gigabytes. It is very ideal because of the WLAN connection; WI-FI 802.11 and WI-FI hotspot. To ensure that the owner will be able to receive and transfer files from one phone to another there is a Bluetooth application included in its features.

The camera of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 has 3.15 Mega Pixel. The camera resolution is very ideal for taking pictures and special moments. Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 is an android OS with Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon. It allows every phone user to established internet connection and browse different websites. Silver is the only available color of Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827 that has an MP3 and MP4 players. With its Lithium battery, it is able to last for about 12.5 days when at standby mode and 7 hours if used for talking, taking pictures and texting and anything that is relating to its use.