Disadvantages and Advantages of School Uniforms

In an effort to improve school performance and the over all atmosphere of the school, public school systems across the nation are beginning to implement mandatory school uniforms. In a recent study, it was found that over 20% of all public school systems in America have school uniforms, with this number on the rise, the question as to whether or not these are beneficial is coming up more and more. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of this argument.

Pros of School Uniforms

1. More Affordable
The cost of clothing your children in the latest, most popular, and trendy clothes can add up extremely quickly. School uniforms are very affordable for all parents.

2. Prevents Bullying
A large reason for bullying in schools is the way children dress. Children who cannot afford the most trendy or expensive clothing are often ostracized and made fun of. School uniforms help to stop this problem.

3. Helps With Safety
With all of the students that belong in the school dressed the same way, it is very easy to identify anyone who is not supposed to be there. This improves the overall safety of the school and students.

4. Increased School Pride
When everyone is dressed the same a sense of unity and togetherness is instilled. This improves the morale of the student body, which is good for everybody!

5. Easier Mornings
If the question of what to wear is completely eliminated, the mornings become much easier for parents as well as students. This would help to improve attendance and tardiness.

6. Eliminates Gang Issues
Certain colors, patterns, and types of clothing are representative of gang involvement, which invokes violence and further issues in the school. School uniforms eliminates the gang members ability to display their gang affiliation.

Cons of School Uniforms

1. Stifles Individuality
School uniform take away the students ability to express themselves through their clothing. This could cause resentment and a feeling of oppression among the student body.

2. Outer School Bullying
If only certain school have to wear uniforms, they will likely become the target for bullying by students from other schools. This could cause further problems outside of the school than they fix inside the school.

3. Lack Of Comfort
Uniforms are very formal and often extremely uncomfortable for the students. This can cause a large distraction and interfere with learning during the school day.

4. Hinders Self Choices
Giving students no options on what they where also translates into taking away their choice, and making it for them. This disrupts their ability to think for themselves and hinders their transition into the adult world.

5. Expensive
The uniforms that are required are often somewhat costly, and more than one is needed to be purchased to ensure that they are clean for each day. This can be a big problem for families who are experiencing financial problems.

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Important Facts About School Uniforms

  • Most schools require 13 items to be purchased for the uniform wardrobe.
  • 47% of high poverty schools require school uniforms.
  • The first public school in the United States to require school uniforms was in 1987 at Baltimore’s Cherry Hill Elementary.
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