Difference Between T2i and T3i

The Canon T3i has already made waves in store shelves, even though the T2i had been announced a while prior. Not surprisingly, the different technological innovations between these cameras are minimal at first sight; they have similar sensors, autofocus systems and image processors. Although the T2i can still be found on many shelves at about $579 for just the body, it can tempting offering. But when you compare the T3i and the T2i, but is the T3i worth the high cost? For others it will be, and for some it may be seen as a waste of money. This article will explain the differences between both cameras.


Before you make a big issue about the differences between both cameras, it’s important to keep in mind that these cameras are identical when it comes operation, and there isn’t much difference in RAW image quality as well. It however comes down to the in-depth specifications and features that separate the two.

What Is New In The T3i?

Looking at them from the exterior side, the only notable difference is the LCD on the rear. The T3i comes with articulated LCD, which is quite similar to one on the Cano 60D. in order to accommodate the LCD, the camera body is a bit deeper, and the entire unit weighs just a hair more. The camera also feature a number of ergonomic changes, like the additional rubber padding at the bottom of the left side of the body to offer additional protection and comfort. The internal aspect does however have a number of notable differences such as:

  • Native wireless control for off camera. The T2i requires an accessory Canon ST-E2 module.
  • The T3i has a digital zoom of 1080p video that’s ideal for recording.
  • Can crop mats for taking shots in a variety of aspect ratios.
  • Comes with a camera guide with information about the LCD panel, which makes it easier to choose alternative setting, especially for beginners.
  • Video snapshots, ideally suited for video clips that are assembled in-camera in extended video.

Who Can Buy The T2i?

If you’ve previously used a 35mm camera and are just looking for a digital camera which allows you to do similar tasks, the T2i may just be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t come as an accident that the camera was the bestselling SLR for quite some time, well before the introduction of other better models. The innovative video features on the T3i won’t really be of much use to you if you’re only looking to take interesting photos, and the camera guide as well as the auto won’t be of much relevance to someone who already has a firm grasp on photographic theory.

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