Difference Between Roach And Waterbug

When it comes to insects, everyone seems to have a different term that they use for the various species. For example, someone who lives in Canada might refer to a cockroach as a “roach” and a person from the Southern United States might refer to it as a “waterbug”. Either way, this has left many people wondering what exactly the difference is between a cockroach and a waterbug.

What is a Cockroach?

The main objective of a cockroach, aside from trying to stay alive, is searching for any type of organic food source that they can consume for themselves or use to feed their babies. They are an incredibly adaptable species which is why it is essential that home owners consider hiring an exterminator in the event of a cockroach infestation. These particular bugs love living in moist areas that are warm and you would rarely find them in a cold habitat. During the day, cockroaches will hide in any crevice that you might have in your home and they are notoriously nocturnal. The three main concerns that home owners should have with a cockroach infestation is the fact that they can spread diseases to humans and trigger both asthma and allergies.

What is a Waterbug?

Unlike a cockroach, waterbugs are known to be active throughout the day and night. Much like their name suggests, they are a “subspecies” of insects that love spending time in the water and in fact, they live in it. Unlike cockroaches, who you might find around water but they never actually live in a lake, a pond, or an ocean. When you talk about waterbugs you might be referring to pond skimmers, certain types of spiders, and water scorpions that actually make their homes in the water. In comparison to other types of aquatic species, waterbugs don’t use their legs as their main method of transportation on the water, instead they use the tension on the surface of the water to move around.

Considering that cockroaches are a species that does not breed or live in water, it leaves many questions as to where people decided to give them the nickname “waterbug” when they’re brought up in every day conversation. You might see waterbugs at the cottage or even on the surface of your pool in your backyard. Whereas if you were to see a cockroach in a body of water there’s a good chance that it won’t be alive.

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