Difference Between iPhone5 and Galaxy S4

Apple and Samsung are constantly toe to toe when it comes to the competition on the area of mobile technology. One year Apple gets the lead and the next year Samsung gets the lead. Two of the major competitors in this race for the top spot are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.

Competition in the Marketplace

These two competitors are both incredibly popular and they are clearly at the top of the line when it comes to technology. They are, however, incredibly different and at the bottom line they are both amazing devices. In the end, it comes down to preference and not to quality of the device itself.

On one side we have the Android operative system, brought to us by Google. We are, of course, talking about Samsung Galaxy S4. The good part about Galaxy S4 is that it is available in pretty much every store you can find smartphones in, and on top of that it is extremely well rounded. There isn’t really something that you can point out and say that is terrible about the phone.

The Galaxy

The only thing one can point out about Galaxy S4 that is indeed behind the rest of the quality on the phone is the design itself and the display of some of the settings. It can get a little confusing to some users and that is just downright disappointing. The phone itself is fairly simple to use, but some things are hard to understand.

The iPhone

On the other hand we have iPhone 5. Apple introduced it into the market in 2013 and ever since then it has been a smashing hit among mobile technology lovers. The first thing done to it is that the processor was improved and the operative system was there to back it up. With iOS7, the iPhone 5 clearly carved its path in the market with excellency.

What Makes Each Better

The good thing about the iPhone 5 is that it was a great improvement when compared to the iPhone 4. It is twice as fast as the old model and on top of that the camera saw some significant improvements. Now, it is possible to shoot a 120fps slow motion video, which is just sweet.

But the iPhone 5 has also got some flaws. A lot of people find the design of the phone and its aesthetical display a little bit unfinished. Some people find the 4-inch screen too small, some people feel that the phone could be a lot better.

Bottom line, these are two amazing phones and they are the top of the line. They might have some flaws but if you think about it, these flaws are nothing when you see the advantages that they carry over the competition.

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