Difference Between DVR and TiVo

TiVo and DVR are both used to record live TV shows with the ability to watch them as replays after recording. These recording systems permit users to carry out multiple activities while recording e.g. actions can be paused, fast forwarded or rewind while watching and recording live TV shows. Over the years, the difference between Tivo and DVR has been a subject of debate. Although quite a number of people think that they both share the same similarity since they play the same role, yet TiVo still stands out to be the most preferred.


TiVo came into existence in the year 1999 as a recording device that grants users the ability to record and watch live TV shows at the same time, when connected to the television. TiVo was created to enable users download their favorite TV shows and not to worry over the use of a VCR.


On the other hand, DVR functions in the same way as TiVo, the only distinctive feature about it is that it is an inbuilt device that comes along with customers’ receiver. When you take critical analysis at the modus operandi of DVR you will discover that it is a remake of TiVo.


The number of shows on TV that can be recorded with TiVo and DVR is limited to their storage capacity as they both come with different sizes of hard drives. However, external storage devices can be employed to transfer recorded programs with TiVo. These programs can be watched on other devices like PCs and Mac. In addition to this feature, online recordings can be established with TiVo although, this feature is not accessible with all satellite and cable companies.

TiVo gives grants its users the ability to control live shows without having to disrupt their recording activity. It permits its users to carry out functions like rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing and showing instant replays of shows. Sport lovers appreciate this feature, it gives them the ability to re-watch scenes that were missed even at their own will without having to wait for a replay.

Recording Systems

Although both recording systems present users with the option to make selections from a catalog of movies, TiVo has a more enhanced feature that enables users to download any movie of their choice when they are connected to their Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts.

Both TiVo and the traditional DVR grant users the ability to listen and record their favorite music from any music channel they find themselves in. However, TiVo provides its users with a wider selection range to any music available on the user’s PC. With this unique feature, music can be streamed from any music program to TiVo.

Technological Advancements

Technologically speaking, TiVo has also made giant strides via the internet world. Users can now watch videos on YouTube and gain access to other media programs online from their mobile devices like Smartphones and iPads, thanks to the TiVo mobile app.

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