Difference Between Analog and Digital TV

Ever wonder what the real difference is between Analog and Digital TV? Well there is a big difference in quality between the two. For the first part of the TV life we had analog and that was fine for both TV watchers and also for television stations sending out the signals. The analog system is now being replaced by the newer digital TV. Six years ago you had to buy a new TV that would receive the new digital TV signals or just by a box that would convert the signal to a digital one.

Digital TV

The real reason the country converted to digital TV is that the picture quality is much more superior with digital TV. The digital programming also benefits the TV stations broadcasting. They can broadcast multiple shows from their TV stations. The picture quality is so much more superior in digital broadcasts.

The digital TV has a clearer picture and the sound production is crisper with less interruptions. Digital TV allows broadcasting stations to send out signals for more channels so customers get a better selection. The difference is like night and day with analog TV having big problems with blurry receptions along with white outs. Even the sound is poorer quality with analog TV which can produce sound that is cutting in and out.

The signals sent out with digital TV are more dependable in receiving the clear communication over an analog system which transmits signals at different frequencies giving a less than perfect picture. A digital picture is more exact as it uses a digital formula for transmission so you either see a perfect picture or nothing at all. The digital system allows for more content to be broadcast through the airwaves. All the advanced sound and picture quality can now be transmitted like HDTV. The signals sent out from the TV stations can carry more information to your TV because of the digital system programming.

Analog TV

The analog bandwidth signals were never made to send out the information like you have in our digital world today. Digital signals will enable you to get also better over the air quality TV. So you can do without the cable and satellite TV and still get a better picture than what you received with analog TV. Most newer TV’s have a built-in digital tuner so you don’t have to worry about getting the best TV quality available on the market today which is digital.

With the bigger size TV’s today you can enjoy movie theater sound and picture quality. The technology and science behind TV today makes it better quality and more exact so you’re getting some never before seen TV. We definitely live more in a world of computers and technology today. That is exactly what your TV is today, a bit of a computer giving you a higher quality viewing.

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