Difference Between AA and AAA Batteries

In order to differentiate between batteries, they are filed in a designation according to letters. The AA battery and the AAA battery are both designed for different usages in different items and there a number of other crucial aspects where these two battery types are dissimilar from one other.

Size and Voltage

While AA and AAA batteries both provide the same exact amount of voltage to the person who is using them, the most important difference lies in how these batteries deliver the voltage. Obviously, the size of the batteries is different, as well. An AA battery is noticeable longer than a AAA battery.

The AA battery is also much wider than the AAA, making it impossible to be used in certain electronically powered items. The AA battery delivers a much more powerful current than the AAA. Due to the size difference between the two types of battery, a AAA battery holds a much smaller overall amount of material than the AA. The larger the appliance you are currently using, the larger the battery you are going to need.

Consumer Use

Another key area of dissimilarity between AA batteries and AAA batteries lies within the manner in which they are used by the consumer. An AAA battery is designed to be used in smaller items that require much less power that are typically portable. An alarm clock or a remote control would usually require AAA batteries.

On the other hand, AA batteries tend to be used in more high powered items that require a great deal of current. These batteries have been designed for usage in high powered items, such as electric flashlights and battery operated toys for children. Even though the AA and AAA battery both give off the same voltage, it is their size that determines how they are used.

Electricity Supply

Currents are measured by how the electricity is able to flow through the chosen conductor. The best comparison that can be drawn for the uninitiated is the ability of a pipe to allow a large amount of water to flow through it. If a current is large, this means the battery will need to allow a sizable amount of electricity to flow.

The larger the device, the more current it will need to function at its best. This is why AA is the battery of choice for those who are in need of power for their big ticket items. Voltage and current are the determining factors in this decision making process. Conversely, a person who is in need of a smaller battery to provide current for a tiny item will usually opt for the AAA. When deciding on the correct battery, knowing the voltage and current particulars of the item in question is of the utmost importance.

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