Difference Between a Netbook and a Laptop

Ever since the computer was invented we have been evolving and working at incredibly quick rates, it was clearly the best type of technology that we could possibly come across. Ever since the computer was invented, it has been evolving on and on seemingly without any signs of slowing down.

The Onset of the Netbook

In the 1980’s, desktop computers started to be replaced by laptops. For the average user, laptops clearly had a lot more advantages, especially because of the portability. We are always on the move and we need devices to keep up with us. Then came in the netbook, a smaller version of the laptop that is used primarily for web browsing.

Rising to Popularity

Only a few years ago did the netbook start to become popular, but it had a reason to become popular: its smaller and lighter than the average laptop and it is better than a tablet when it comes to work matters. As such, people started to use netbooks more and more ever since 2008.


Usually a netbook weights around half of what a laptop weights and on top of that it fits into places that a laptop does not fit into. As such, people can use it with a little bit more comfort and in a lot more places than a laptop. It is easy to store, it gets the job done and it doesn’t weight a lot.

Operating System

More often than not, a netbook is loaded up with a very light operative system such as Windows XP or Linux. This is because netbooks are usually used to browse the web and to write up a document or two, they are not too strong when it comes to hardware and as such they can’t handle strong operative systems on them or other type of strong software such as heavy games.


Another great advantage that the netbook has over the laptop is the price. While the average laptop can be purchased at around $500, and the average Apple Macbook at $1200-$2500, the average netbook can be bought at the range of $150 to $600. Gaming laptops, however, can actually reach $10,000 but these are specifically built for professional gamers.


Considering the portability the usefulness and the price difference between netbooks and laptops, it is clear that the netbook is gaining a lot of popularity as well as the reasons for it. They are going to keep on growing in the future and getting more and more sales, but they aren’t taking these away from the laptop market.

The laptop market is not going to die to the netbook market, mainly because of the lack of power that a netbook has. These are just seen as an alternative, light way to browse the web on the move.

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