Difference Between 3G and 4G Phones

With the explosion of smartphones onto the national consciousness, this turn of events has led to an increased discussion about the 3G phone, versus the benefits of a 4G phone. Since so many consumers are baffled by this topic, the time has come for a closer investigation into the differences between the two.

First and foremost, the G in 3G or 4G stands for generation of mobilized technology. 3G cellphones made their first appearance back in 2003 and are now incredibly varied, as a person is able to receive Internet speeds that start off at 400Kbps and can range up to ten times that amount.

3G and 4G Phones

While a 4G phone is typically built to be even faster than that the 3G phone, this is not always what ends up taking place. 4G phones are now much more popular than 3G and essentially everyone who has a phone either carries a 4G or wishes to find an upgrade.

4G phones are the device of choice for those who use their phones to download music, movies and other forms of media. 3G phones are not typically equipped to handle requests of this nature, which is why so many users have made the upgrade. However, 4G users must remain cognizant of their data limits, because it is much easier to go over what the carrier allows.

If you are concerned about purchasing a phone that will stand the test of time and be able to handle future innovations, 4G is the way to go. People who are less concerned with downloading media and viewing it on their smartphone may decide to save a few dollars and pick up a 3G cellphone instead.

Consumers who merely need a cellphone for voice and text usage should opt for the 3G model. Purchasing a 4G phone to handle these simple needs means spending additional money and cutting your phone’s battery life capabilities short. Buying a phone to operate on a high speed network when you do not actually need one is a gross misuse of resources.

Before obtaining a 4G phone, make sure the area where you work and reside is 4G compliant. Otherwise, you could be purchasing a phone that will not even function properly. Should you select a 4G phone anyway, battery life becomes a constant issue. The phone will continue to seek out a 4G connection, even when there is not one present, draining your battery power significantly.

Unless you are a person who regularly uses your phone for downloading music, watching movies and other data related pursuits, save your money and purchase a 4G phone. Those of you who wish to be prepared for the future should select a 4G phone, so that you are not forced to purchase a new phone every time technology advances.

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